Kanye West, currently  Ye West, is a self-made multimillionaire and one of the most successful rappers and black businessmen in the world. He has been revered and reviled, and he’s gone through extreme highs and lows in his tumultuous life.   The divorced ex-husband of Kim Kardashian, and entrepreneur, had many followers on social media. You might have no fondness for rap music, but his cultural influence is writ large.  When Kanye West speaks, people listen.   His more recent controversies involving Donald Trump and Jewry made headlines, and it’s worth evaluating his contributions to American culture and his role in society. Many biographies of this prolific celebrity group his activirites into categoreis to more easily mange the narration. However that obscures the frenetic nature of his activity ranging from random cleverness to frenzy to delirium. It also obscures the confluences and patterns exacerbating his deep and long term struggles, and the ways those manifest in his outrageous behaviors.

Awards, Tragedy, and  Outbursts


Kanye’s early adult career was a mix of sudden riches, immaturity, and profound tragedy.  West’s early acting out occurred on Music awards shows.   When he didn’t approve of someone else winning over him or someone else he preferred, he walked onto the stage to interrupt the musicians’ moment, replacing their winner’s speech with a diatribe of his impromptu emoting and accusing the voters of racism. This wasn’t a one-off occurrence; it was a serial nightmare for the music industry.  The 2004 American Music Awards had him walking out during the ceremony when he didn’t win Best New Artist of the Year. The  2006 MTV  Europe Video Music Awards were his opportunity to rant that he didn’t win the award there either.  Britney Spears was chosen as the introductory act of the 2007 MTV Video Music Awards, and KW was not pleased, especially when he received none of the five awards he had been nominated for.  No one could predict what was to occur to him and his family in two months.

November 10, 2007

Kanye shared his newfound wealth with his family.  He generously gifted his mother with payment for cosmetic surgery, Liposuction.  Unfortunately, her surgeon botched it so horribly that she died.  This was the first major trauma that would affect him later. What a tremendous tragedy to deal with from a young adult age and on the cusp of stratospheric achievement.


 The 2008 MTV Video Music Awards provided audiences a respite from Kanye drama.

When awards season 2009 rolled around, Kanye was rested and ready to create a new controversy. 

Kanye West, Taylor Swift. Singer Kanye West takes the microphone from singer Taylor Swift as she accepts the “Best Female Video” award during the MTV Video Music Awards on in New York MTV Video Music Awards Show, New York, USA – 13 Sep 2009 JASON DECROW/AP/SHUTTERSTOCK/Via Rolling Stone Magazine

LEAVE IT TO Kanye West to produce one of the most infamous moments in VMAs history before the 2009 show was even an hour old.

Kanye West Storms the VMAs Stage During Taylor Swift’s Speech, Daniel Kreps, Rolling Stone Magazine, September 14, 2009

Mr. West the music critic determined that Beyonce’ deserved the award for Best Female Video. A stomping Kanye marched upon the stage to interrupt Taylor Swift’s victory speech—until event security personnel forcibly escorted him from the premises.  Ironically perhaps to Kanye, Beyoncé won the biggest award of the night, Best Video of the Year.  Ms. Beyoncé graciously invited Ms. Swift to finnish her speech.  The event went “viral,” similar to the Oscars’ “Slap” incident with memes everywhere, but the defiant rapper only doubled down, refusing responsibility or to apologize.  A year later he apologized in the way self-important celebrities handle it—tweeting and interviews.  He did call Taylor Swift, though, to personally apologize, as a normal person might.  Genuine contrition was great on him, but he later tried to trivialize the strife he had created, and the incident wass only the begginning of his troubling her.


Kanye took his act to a different awards extravaganza in 2015, interrupting Beck’s  Album of the  Year speech during the Grammy Awards. That was only a prelude to his entwining of the music industry and politics.  He won the Michael Jackson Vanguard award at The 2016 MTV Video Music Awards. He meandered in a disjointed stream of consciousness, announced that he was stoned and his 2020 presidential campaign that was probbably concieved under the same infleunce as his speech. That candidacy went up in smoke when he gathered very few votes in 2020.  The 2016 MTV Video Music Awards showcased West in his preferred format, where he made it up as he went along.  This manifested in apologia, and extolling the virtues of his latest creative choices and stars of different fields of endeavor.

The awards marauder West tormented Taylor Swift with his song “Famous,” dropping her name with an insult. This publicity stunt dragged along over a few years with controversy over their discussion of the song, and she released a song of her own, insulting him.

The Socio-Political Realm and His  Imaginary Domains


Mike Myers and Kanye West, during A Concert for Hurrican Relief, September 2, 2005/Herber Brown 3/YouTube

It might appear that West only became politically outspoken in the Trump era, but that went back further than that.  In 2005,  He criticized then-president George W. Bush. He said, “George Bush doesn’t care about black people”, and accused the administration of discrimination in the emergency effort of the Hurricane Katrina disaster.  Later he toned down his diatribe to   “I would tell George Bush, in my moment of frustration, that I didn’t have the grounds to call him a racist.” Years later, in 2018, “ West told reporters that a “welfare mentality” led him to accuse Bush of racism: claiming :” I was very emotional, and I was programmed to think from a victimized mentality. A welfare mentality.”

Matt Lauer Reports, November 8, 2010/The Grio/YouTube

Bush reflected upon that accusation in his memoir and justifiably took umbrage to the attack, and ranked the incident among the very worst moments of his presidency, which says a lot considering he was accused of everything from utter incompetence in the 9-11 terrorist attacks to war crimes over the invasion of Iraq.  Bush was not the best president, but he was anything other than a racist.  This controversy made KW anathema to conservatives. 

Kanye didn’t slink away from politics. He donated to Barrack Obama’s campaign in 2012.  Kanye told his specious theory involving antisemitic tropes where he weaved together the Bushes, oil industry money, and Jewry.  Probably to diminish some of the damage, Kanye appeared in an interview in 2015, where he proclaimed an extreme appreciation and respect of Jewish culture and people, called philosemitism—, the polar opposite of antisemitism.  Unfortunately, scholars tell us that both of those opposing extremes share common stereotypes and therefore lead toward racist attitudes.  This interview included him espousing the money avarice trope.  Although he might have been honestly ignorant of the charge of those theories, many took it as antisemitic.  

He also donated to Hillary Clinton’s campaign that year before turning to Trump years later.  


Kanye West married the celebrity Kim Kardashian and instantly combined the worlds of music stardom and the famous because they’re rich and famous, in both of which extravagance and eccentric behavior enthrall the have-nots and the empty-headed among the celebrity-obsessed. 


After nominating himself for president in 2015 and promoting a new music album, stress-induced events overtook him.   The presidential announcement under these circumstances indicates Kanye was self-medicating away severe emotional traumas.   

The Kardashian-West family was the victim of violent crime On October 3, 2016, when Kim Kardashian West was mugged in Paris, France, while Kanye was Stateside.   Kanye was continents away and obviously has no blame for what happened to his wife, but as a religious man in a  tradition of the man identifying their role as protector of his wife, this is a huge blow to the ego and sense of responsibility married men feel. This was the second major trauma that would work on Kanye’s psyche.  A retrospective analysis must conclude that The trail of his dysfunction certainly jumps off from there.  

West’s insecurity extended to his appearance. He even had the same operation that killed his mother, liposuction, mentioned earlier. It didn’t kill him, as it did his mother, but he did suffer severe long-term health degradations from the useless and unnecessary surgery. He was prescribed opioid painkillers and became addicted to them. He was already self-medicating, another victim of the oft-denied gateway drug trap.

 When West unleashed his album “Life of Pablo” with the publicity surrounding it,  he implied he had been clinically depressed and was prescribed the medication Lexipro. The album wasn’t all that was unleashed.   On November 20, 2016, Kanye rambled in a rant in which he begged fellow rapper JayZ not to have Kanye killed.  That was perceived as paranoid since no evidence has corroborated his claim of a murder plot featuring him as the victim.  On November 21, 2016, his celebrity personal fitness trainer, Harley Pasternack, had Kanye committed to the psychiatric ward of UCLA Medical Center. He didn’t want to go, and it required hours of convincing him.   The events of that day have been scrutinized, along with the motives of those involved.  Only the people there are sure what happened, and they disagreed years later. ( Since West speaks later of his personal conflicts with Jews it is worth mentioning that Pasternak is Jewish. )  Hospital Psychiatrists diagnosed him as having Bipolar Disorder.  Over the years Kanye has vacillated over whether this was the most accurate diagnosis.  He told Trump it wasn’t in 2018, accepted it in 2019, and in 2022 rejected the diagnosis with “ (He)was mentally misdiagnosed” and was suffering from the exhaustion from schemers surrounding him and trying to make him keep his philosophies to himself.  Kanye was released from the hospital after a week and a half, on November 30, 2016.

He later mentioned he had been suicidal during those times.

2018 and 2022

2018 was a busy year for West that foreshadowed his 2022 presidential run. Among his follies, Kanye Omari West joined fellow pretentious celebrity musicians Cher and Madonna, having his name legally changed to “YE.” He explained that he believed West was a slave name and that YE means “you” in the bible. So YE is the same as you? No, he’s not even close.

He told his business staff over the years that he admired Hitler and wanted to name his latest music album after him. That was only revealed when West ramped up his anti-jewish rhetoric.


Kanye West, Jim Brown, and then-president Donald Trump, during what has been called the surreal meeting in the Oval Office of the White House, October 11, 2018/C-SPAN/YouTube

West tweeted appreciation of Trump, leading to an outlandish publicity event visit to  Trump’s Oval Office in 2018. Kanye’s bizarre rants mused the celebrity-awed press as he swirled hollow wisdom in a mud storm of inanity, leaving Trump nonplussed.  West maintained his support of Trump until announcing his own Kanye  2020  campaign for president, on the Independence Day holiday, no less.  The campaign ended less than two weeks later.  This was a superficial ploy though. The same businessman West four years later claimed to respect and “call him a friend”, while he simuktaneously describedd him as what he called, another racist old person. Another presidential campaign would precipitate another bizarre rendezvous with Trump in Mar-A-Lago during late 2022.

During his presidential campaign, he told an audience that he wanted to abort his child as his father had tried to have him aborted. Ms. Kardashian-West refused.  That pronouncement must mess up his daughter for the rest of her life.  Supposedly, that is why Kim Kardashian divorced him. The divorce was legally finalized in November of 2022. This self-boasting paragon of Christian virtue admits to having had threesomes with strangers during his divorce. Is that devout Christian behavior?

Teaming with Candace Owens to Trigger Liberals

He came to appreciate the writings of liberal-turned-conservative flamethrower Candace Owens, who herself had suffered a horrible racist taunting incident which she eventually forgave with extraordinary grace years before she saw the light and switched sides in the socio-political culture wars. The media treatment of Trump over his response to the Charlottesville incident resulted in her epiphany of what the Democrats are. He tweeted responses to her on October 30, 2018. 

Kanye West (Banned) Twitter, April 21, 2018, Daily Mail
Kanye West (Banned 2022) Twitter, April 21, 2018, Daily Mail
Candace Owens, April 21, 2018, Twitter, Daily Mail

It seemed that KW had also seen through the elaborate ruse of leftist race-baiting and victimization and realized he had been had, along with an entire race of people.  Liberals had extended the malevolence of slavery in a new form, and these new radicals stood up to challenge the orthodoxy.   Ms. Owens had been a longtime admirer of West, and his music had inspired her, so she was deeply moved.  Their friendship developed into a controversial juggernaut.   This eventually led to a May 1, 2018, appearance on TMZ, where West dismissed Slavery as “a choice”, noting that African-Americans stayed subjugated in slavery for four hundred years and that they should’ve rebelled enough to free themselves.  This obviously incited many African-Americans to recoil, and he was chastised severely.  While he immediately stood firm in his statements, he eventually apologized and claimed he was manipulated. The unnamed victimizers included Ms. Owens. She suffered humiliation because her hero felt she abused him and she lacked support from conservatives after Ye’s turnaround.   These ranged from feuding with pundit Tami Lauren to vigorous attacks from never-Trumpers.

Candace Owens and YE wearing his controversial designed fashion, Yeezy Paris Fashion Week Show , October 3,2022,

The pair reunited to trigger liberals a second time in 2022 when they wore shirts with the saying “White Lives Matter” during Paris fashion week and Ye posted to his social media accounts that BLM was a fraud.  While it’s a fact that “White Lives Matter” is just as “Black Lives Matter,” and indeed “All Lives Matter,” many take that as disrespecting the  BLM movement.  BLM is a fraud, so they’re right on that too.  Unfortunately, the shirt and social media trolling reek of self-promotion and were merely publicity stunts rather than proclamations of profundity.

The Mania Media Tour

Tucker Carlson Tonight, Fox News

Tucker CarlsonTonight, October 6-7,2022, Fox News/Fox32/YouTube

When Ye offered to make himself available for an interview, Fox News jumped to capitalize on the ratings bonanza that ensues from the inevitable controversial statements and his millions of followers.   The interview was a marquee event on the top-rated show on cable news, “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”  Mr. Carlson, considered by many the most respected and beloved commenter in populist conservatism, doesn’t do a lot of confrontational interviews anymore; Invited opponents fear debating him and most Democrats refuse to watch Fox News. While we might’ve expected a soft interview with the rapper making religious affirmations, this spectacle was fatuously credulous.  The host became the most obsequious sycophant imaginable, allowing Kanye to ramble incoherently, often bordering on offensive statements. While allowing censored people to speak freely is a respectable motive, that enablement hour was ridiculous.

Vice Magazine obtained out-takes, which were extreme, with West spewing racist and antisemitic comments that Fox News viewers and any other decent people would’ve reviled.  Mr. Carlson hadn’t mentioned West since Kanye ran further and further afoul of common decency, similarly to when he gushed over Football legend Brett Farve until the NFL Quarterback was credibly accused of major ethical violations. Kanye was starting on a headlong slide of interview events.

“Death Con 3”: Reverse Roseanne

Roseanne Barr was quickly canceled from the triumphant return of her successful, eponymous and successful series, Roseanne, and from her career, after a racist tweet offended African-Americans in 2018. She blamed her transgression on ignorance, the prescription insomnia medication Ambien, and late-night tweeting. The series was revived and retitled The Conners without its namesake character, and her. Four years later, Kanye West was canceled from many business ventures, and his fortune was decimated after his late-night tweet offended Jewish -Americans. He also has a history of insomnia. These two racist twitter incidents are mirror images of each other.

Kanye West, October 9, 2022/Twitter/Forbes/Via The NY Post

Piers Morgan: Uncensored, Talk TV

Pers Morgan Uncensored, TalkTv, October 16, 2022 /YouTube

“Piers Morgan: Uncensored” appears on Talk TV in The United Kingdom, Sky News in Australia, and on the subscription service Fox Nation in the USA, all owned by News Corp., the owner of Fox News.  Mr. Morgan generally is able to talk to almost anyone congenially, but on this night he was noticeably aggravated after two hours of Kanye pontificating.  This host embarked on a rescue mission, trying in vain to get Kanye to admit he had been wrong, but Kanye was having none of It. The interview was further evidence of why YE is disingenuous and not well. He just plays a game trying to outsmart the interviewers and the audience. He doesn’t fool me. Why doesn’t YE not fool me? Sometimes people, when they give several interviews in different places, might mix up the names or places of the people there within the current moment. He called Morgan Chris, mistaking him for Chris Cuomo with whom he also had a contentious interview. Most people, when corrected, catch it themselves and don’t keep repeating the error. He kept calling him the wrong name. Apparently, the difference between a British accent, and a New York Italian accent, didn’t help him distinguish them. He also did his backhanded compliments often. Just as he had called Trump, his friend, while calling Trump racist, softening it groupingt him with everyone Trump’s age, in the previous interview. He did similarly in this interview.

When West calls himself a Jew, he takes on a false race theory, claiming non-black Jews are illegitimate. The Black Hebrews have made those statements often.  Members of that group went viral in the Covington Catholic incident when their hectoring initiated the nasty harassment of the high schoolers. After that, you conclude, yeah, sure, those are the guys you want as greeters to your next fundraiser, eh?  Certainly never.  What a hateful and vicious gang of scoundrels they are.

West apologized at the end of the interview for having people’s feelings hurt but never apologized for what he actually said. His argument is that the overgeneralization of racism against Black people is what he has done to Jews. That doesn’t justify it. He also did his little trick of offering future interviews because he carries a a big ratings bonanza. Kind of a bribe isn’t it?

Does anyone else notice that he’s not able to focus? He was irritated when Morgan kept directing the interview, as is the tendency of time-constrained interviewers. West rambles as he goes on a free-flowing stream-of-consciousness rant. He jumps from topic to topic, unable to control it. People with dementia and mental illness have that trait of his.

He’s very insecure. That is obvious in every photograph and video of him taken when he isn’t performing in concert or blabbing to the media. His his demenaor, his faccial expressions, are the tell of a man thoroughly unsure of himself and perhaps that he is easily manipulated. Most people with a lot of money don’t have to tell you how much money they have all the time. He rambles from brilliant ideas that aren’t fully formed, to crazy and ignorant, immature, nonsense. He hints that he is the reincarnation of Jesus  Christ., while he claims humility . He is no leader. He wants to be president. He wants power. He’s an attention whore. He does not deserve the tragedy and trauma in his personal life, but that does not make him a worthwhile public figure.

Chris Cuomo, News Nation

Cuomo, News Nation, October 17, 2022/News Nation/YouTube

Former CNN host Chris Cuomo tried to talk sense to Kanye West while allowing the rambling rapper another platform to try and explain himself.  West took his usual offended attitude when the host attempted to speak at all. The interview was in the familiar pattern of all YE diatribe events.  He complained of people wronging him, blaming groups of people, and claiming he was persecuted because he differed from the crowd.  He likes to take over the platforms, misunderstanding that interviews are not in a press release from.  He’s not the star of an infomercial on commercial news networks, even if that’s his belief.  The man has obvious control issues,  usually a result of lacking control in previous situations in one’s life.  Does his having been a billionaire validate his worldview?  Not when it relates to his racial stereotyping and far-out-there theories.

Malicious Dinner Prank on Trump

A few days before the 2022 thanksgiving holiday, West’s presidential campaign team, consisting of onetime Trump campaign aide Karen Giorno, Milo Yanopolis, and Nick Fuentes dined with Trump in his Mar a Lago resort in a surprisingly successful publicity gambit, weakening Trump’s reputation.  Giorno had been a leader in Trump’s successful 2016 presidential campaign and became a gun-fro-hire, leading the failed congressional campaigns of the controversial  Laura Loomer.  Yanapolis was a rising star in right-wing conservative debate, a sort of more colorful yet eccentric crusader to the same young audience Charlie Kirk would later attempt to reach.   Eventually, though Steve Bannon fired him from Breitbart News over Yaanopolis supporting White Nationalists or Nazis.  Instead of laying low and rehabilitating his reputation to make another climb, Mr. Yanopaolis, a young gay man, proclaimed that sexual relationships of older gay men with young gay boys was a wonderful mentoring that every gay boy deserved.  Also known as “grooming,” that philosophy basically made him anathema among decent conservatives, and liberals abhorred him because he was right-wing.  He frequented the outposts of the banned, where one might find the likes of the Proud Boys Founder Gavin McInness —people unfairly jettisoned because principled opposition to cancel culture wasn’t fortified back in the time of their transgressions against the latest decreed morés.  Nick Fuentes founded an organization he named America First, after the Trump policy of simply  “putting America First,” a core basis of the MAGA movement.  His group’s loyalty to classical American values endeared him to strident conservatives, but unfortunately, they didn’t recognize his deeper agenda. While one should avoid the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) smear of calling every non-democrat an anti-semite, Fuentes and his followers, many called Groypers, walk the line of anti-semitism and regularly— vociferously and unapologetically– trips over that dividing line.  His enemies have collected many examples of that. 

A compilation of Nick Fuentes’s Hatefulness.

Thus, Trump having dinner with him and West, when West was fresh off of a Hateful racist interview tour, brought doubts upon Trump’s judgment.  Trump himself is obviously, not antisemitic.  His daughter Ivanka converted to Judaism and is married to a Jewish man, Jared Kushner, one of Trump’s most trusted aides.  And Trump famously fulfilled the long overdue promise of moving the American embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.  It does though make the MAGA nation wonder if Trump is too easily attracted to schmoozers and flatterers.  The former president’s judgement is in doubt, as is his ability to appeal to a majority instead of his most ardent admirers. The America First pioneeer Michelle Malkin rallied agaisnt globalism and Republican sellouts long before Trump coopted the phrase “America First.” She took a hard fall in her career, and arguably her recent retirement from public advocacy is in direct consequence of her supporting the nationalistic aspects of Fuentes’ “Groypers” while trying to minimize their racist elements. She’s always been truer to MAGA than Trump ever was, and now she’s done. Doesn’t bode well for former Democrat Trump when he asoociates himself with Fuentes, Yanopolis etc. Getting manipilated so easily certainly wasnt a confidence booster to anyone wondering if Trump’s forced time-out from the political wars had dulled him.

“…forwarded him some intel that Karen gave to us about how we were going to have the Trump meeting, how to read his body language and the kinds of things that maybe we should avoid, or things we might want to say,” said Fuentes.”

West had sent a message to a lawyer of both Trump and West, intended for Fuentes, with details of the plan that upset Trump, according to Fuentes, during the Alex Jones Info Wars Interview, as recounted in The Post Millenial.

This really was a bomb exploded in Trumpworld. Even Candace Owens took further abuse as a result of West’s actions, feeling it necessary to defwnd herself in a long twitter plea to Trumpers. Trump’s closest advisers were blamed for allowing such a misstep so early in the 2024 presidential campaign, and the situation might have defeated Trump early. The pranksters went on to post self-congratulatory videos, boast in interviews, and otherwise bask in the success of their mischief.  The wacky situation, Ms. Giorno explained, was cooked up in the imagination of Yanapolis as as a way to troll Trump and prove Ye 24 is to be taken seriously.  Perhaps too seriously, since Ye fired Ya from the campaign a week later, albeit with a hefty severance in the form of an expensive bill for services rendered. Not to worry, Ye often tells us how much money he has, so even with half of his former wealth, he can afford it.  

Crazy Circus Campaign Tour

November and December, 2022

Tim Pool IRL, Alex Jones Infowars, Gavin McInness Get Off My Lawn

The pranking trio capitalized on their publicity stunt with social media posts and a series of interviews one might call the Crazy Circus Campaign Tour.   Risk-taking inteviewers turned assessors, with similar intentions to Piers Morgan, invited Kanye to clarify his controversial statements and ended up with the same angst and frustration. 

Timcast IRL, November 29, 2022, Timcast/YouTube

Tim Pool disagreed with West’s assertion that Jews were the source of YE’s problems in life, so YE stormed off.  During a follow-up debrief with his audience, Pool speculated that West’s leaving in a huff might’ve been preplanned and also theatrically ruminated on quitting his career after the hate sent him after he dared to confront West.

Tim Pool/YouTube

Then Alex Jones decided West was too extreme… Imagine that.    Leaving no avenue to offend aside, West posted to social media to defend his indefensible rants, doubling down and increasing the level of vitriol.  Finally, after an enforced week’s time-out from Twitter expired, West shared a symbol susposedly representing an extrasterrestrial worshippoing cult, that includded a swastika in a Star of David, and therefore offended people. Thus, quickly, Kanye was gone-ye from Twitter. The wandering Mr. West attempted more pretense of his imagined Jewish heritage, giving an interview to adoring paparazzi after visiting a   Messianic Jewish congregation sometimes called Jews for Christ. He maintains there that Christianity: Good; Judaism: Bad. Even as he claims he’s Jewish. Sound familiar?  That’s his recent theme.  He  starts with business people in the music industry and extrapolates to all Jews quicker than you can say: “Racist.”

Kanye and Fuentes slithered lower downhill  on their way to their ultimate self-destruction.   He took an interview with Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes, another maligned and banned-everywhere right-wing comedian and commenter. McInnes framed the discussion as did the other hosts, as trying to reign in he extremism and rehabilitate West’s self-damaged reputation, and endured the same frustrations. West wore thes same mask he wore during the Alex Jones interview and he figuratively took off the mask with McInness.  Ye implored: “Jewish people, forgive Hitler today.” 

What Is His Problem with People?

An argument is that young Kanye was insecure from a young age. Perhaps an American kid living in China was lonely, and the cultural differences could have been disconcerting, but that’s hard to determine from afar. Many creatives are variable in temperament. Then you throw sudden fame and riches into a premature person’s life, which complicates their life’s checks and balances. Trauma destroys many people, and a struggling person has a worse battle when troubled.

Agonizing Powerlessness and Insecurity

Kanye had two major incidents when he was unable to protect the most important women in his life.  First his mother, and later, his wife.   He gave his mother a gift that his family could never have afforded before he became rich. He paid for her to have cosmetic surgery, and her surgeon botched it; tragically,  she died.   His then-wife Kim Kardashian was mugged while she was in Paris  France,  and he was in the United States. He mentioned how “helpless” and impotent he felt that he couldn’t help her.   Such continual trauma would affect a man’s feelings of masculinity and prey on his ego, compounding over time into psychological stress, that an already insecure man takes worse.   These near traumas probably influenced his controversial behaviors and might have steered him to exhaustion. He suffered. Those that suffer deserve empathy, though that doesnt mitigate responsiblity for their actions. This is the trail of Kanye West’s dysfuction, whether its’ a medical illness only medical professionals should deetrmine. What is clear is that Kany West is and has throughout his public life, been an insatiable attention whore. He needs ever increasing amounts of the responses he has to people talkiing of his exploits. Admiration or reviling are both fueling him now.

What West is offering is attempting to trick everyone constantly. He changes his positions whenever that suits his objective of the spotlight. Unfortunately, as he meanders along, he doesnt keep track what he says or had said years earlier. He appears to have dysfunctions, but his scheming woud be improbable if he were entirely unaware of reality. His is just distorted. The interviews and unsolicited statements over the years have been quite similar to his recent noises. He’s just apparent these days. He insists on extrapolating Jewish and Caucasian people, but does he care that the most antisemitism is from African-Americans? Obviously, No one should assume. any African -American is racist, but there is a conflict. Ironically Jews were disproportionately involved in fighting for African-American civil rights, and hatred from descendants is what they get as thanks.

Kanye is Not Alone in his Prejudice or Racist Attitudes Toward Jews

West’s comments regarding the imaginary Jewish cabal of world domination that antisemites have purveyed for centuries since Biblical Times aren’t new among African-American celebrities. Michael Jackson even sang them long before YE. People have grouped West’s statements with those of other stars and two other African-American celebrities., Kyrie Irving and Dave Chapelle.

 Basketballer Kyrie Irving had endorsed a movie espousing the Black Hebrews claim which contains inciting racist tropes.  Irving famously refused the Coronavirus vaccines and the media was quick to condemn any misstep.  Kyrie  has a history of going his own direction, and disregarding his effect on other people.  Cleveland Cavaliers  fans blame his inability to continue in a  supporting role of Lebron James  as ending hopes a of dynasty in the beleaguered sports town.  Irving left the team because he felt unappreciated.  His Vax stance was brave and principled and will receive no criticism here.  Whatever Irving believes vis a vis Jews and  African-Americans is either ignorance or prejudice,  not on the same level as West.  The punishment   from the NBA required a long list  of penitence that was uncalled for and only reinforces the paranoid theories they intend to squelch.

Comedian  Dave Chapelle is no stranger to controversy and being attacked unfairly.  His comments regarding gender-dysphoria activists were met with demands to banish him from public life, to the extreme that someone tried to murder him onstage.  The liberal media downplayed the incident because they support the QWERTY army, but the attack was quite alarming and frightening to performers.  When he was scheduled for Saturday Night Live, people wondered how that would go over. His monologue gave ecveryone much to consider. He defended West from cancel culture, a fight he lives daily, while mentioning that West is not well.  The difference from other people on the topic was that he presented with delicate precision and made clear that he had no racist intent.  This is a reference to the entire monologue and not just one part of his speech.  Frankly, he was identifying reasonable observations in a reasonable manner without overgeneralizing.  It was entirely non-racist. Criticism was unjustified in his case. 

No one should be “Cancelled” or Debanked. Hateful rhetoric is best refuted when it is out in the open and refutable. That is what Free Speech is. Freedom of Speech only matters most when it’s speech that you dislike. That’s the rule. When a Kanye West seeks attention, IGNORE them. Eventually, they’ll stop when they don’t get a response. Provocateurs have no interest when they cannot get a rise from people. That’s the best way to deal with them.

Desperate Conservatives

Conservatives are outnumbered in the cultural centers, so it always appears that the world is against them. Most celebrities are liberal or keep quiet, creating the illusion of a liberal majority.in society. Non-liberals constantly wish for a champion. They aren’t very discerning of whom they bestow such status. Making a few common sense statements doesn’t make anyone a conservative hero, but anyone offering any praise is exalted as evidence of their qualifications. Conservatives need to stop being needy and just live as we are: the sane people leading the world through the dark, crazed liberal extremist world. We will overcome it ourselves.

Photograph: Kanye West and Nick Fuentes traveled to Mar-A-Lago to visit former president Donald Trump, November 26, 2022/The Daily Mail

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