The people running the government and those tasked with telling us what our leaders are up to cry that we, the public, don’t readily believe them.  They’re the experts, working in our best interests,  they shout while insisting we must defer to their judgment.  

Why don’t we believe them?  There are two reasons that they refuse to acknowledge.  First, they have been proven to have lied to us so often that we can’t keep track of them all.  Misrepresentations, deceptions, barely Plausible Deniability, and bald-faced lies are an everyday occurrence—frankly, an every utterance occurrence—in the modern news environment.  We will emphasize a second aspect of our justifiable distrust.

When people behave as if they have something to hide, it’s usually because they are guilty of a crime. When they’ve been revealed to commit crimes many times before, their credibility is even worse. The Democrats and Globalists in government behave in this manner, and they wonder why we don’t believe them. I call their dilemma the O.J. Simpson Problem.

The OJ Simpson Problem


Many of us know the story of Orenthal James Simpson, better recognized as O.J. Simpson. He was one of the greatest running backs ever to play professional football. He enjoyed a lucrative second career as a successful and gregarious actor until the 1994 brutal murder of his wife and her friend and the ensuing trial.    When Mr. Simpson was charged with the murders, he took police on a slow car chase in a spectacle appearing on every news station.  The lineup of police cars following that Ford Bronco, with Mr. Simpson and his friend Al Cowlings driving down the freeway, was quite an event. The accusations that Mr. Simpson murdered his wife and her friend remain controversial to this day, despite his acquittal, and the Bronco chase is equally contentious. Some people believed him innocent of the crimes, assumed the grief-stricken man was confused, and that he feared racially biased unfair prosecution.   The rest of us didn’t want to believe this brilliant  NFL running back and affable celebrity was capable of such heinous brutality.   Reasonable people  did realize that driving off in the Bronco was NOT the behavior of an innocent man— It was the behavior of a guilty man.  


Recent election shenanigans provide a view of the suspicious behaviors of politicians and media members, making them unreliable.


The media promulgated a campaign trick from the Democratic party nominee in 2016. Hillary Clinton’s false claim of her opponent’s alleged “Russian Collusion” was officially disproved after skeptics were called apologists of a foreign enemy. The news organizations kept their Pulitzer Prizes from their contributions to the deception. 

Election 2020 

What happened in the 2020 election is a broad topic and has been exhaustively explained in many forums so we will mention just a few aspects.

  • Joe Biden received 81 Million votes, making him more successful in his election than even the first African-Americn president, Barack Obama. Joe Biden never had a large and enthusiastic voter base.  Attendance to his events demonstrated that.   He barely had a few cars for his few rallies.
  • There were odd abnormalities on the election night, including vote totals inexplicably lowering instead of increasing as more votes were counted. 
  • Boxes of votes were brought into a Detroit vote tabulation while the count paused, and we were told it hadn’t happened.  When security camera evidence revealed that the excuse to temporarily stop counting the votes and, most importantly,  send witnesses away—a plumbing issue —was revealed false, we were told it was normal.
  • Swing state voting machines involved in anomalies were not allowed to be impounded despite laws explicitly allowing examination of them.  Lawsuits to allow this minimal precaution were rejected.  

If the ballots were counted fairly and accurately, why not allow the post-mortem?

We were told in Time magazine that Democrats indeed did rig the election, and they were proud of it.  They saved Democracy, they claimed, by defeating their opponent.  They boasted that they had lied all along and that we should thank them. How Brazen.

Ok, so maybe you assumed as I did that there was a  chance that media indoctrination pushed clueless Joe Biden over the top in 2020.  Well, the midterm elections of 20222  are even harder to believe.

Election 2022

The Arizona election had the woman responsible for the vote counting, Katie Hobbs, as a contestant. (You might as well call  people running for public office in America contestants because once-treasured elections  have become less serious than a game show these days.)   She refused to recuse herself. and was involved in the counting of the ballots in her own race.  In what sort of country is that even allowed?   It gets worse. The Elections officials had a map on their office wall representing voter traffic, supposedly to distribute resources efficiently.  There were many malfunctions on Election Day that resulted in many citizens being unable to vote, and not coincidently, almost all occurred in areas where Republicans  had in earlier elections voted in the majority, matching the estimates from those maps the election officials had on their wall.  Those maps were, in effect, the battle plan of war. Enemy strongholds were downed. The defeated but determined Kari Lake and her team, compiled lots of evidence that proved enough fraud was perpetrated to flip the election result, but the dishonorable judges of the courts rejected each lawsuit immediately.  We should mention that the election certification was moved ahead just enough to beat the legal appeal deadlines.  No malfeasance there, they told us.   Pennsylvanians elected a mentally crippled individual, and Nevada haad shady voting. There were many irregularities and no one was allowed to investigate or mention doubt.

Why refuse to investigate the plethora of evidence of fraud when there were enough cases to flip the result, and why hurry the certification? Was Arizona going to secede from the union with a less expedient inauguration? Or was the inauguration only the installation of an unduly elected election criminal? (2020 presidential election)

CoViD Pandemic 

We lived through the CoViD pandemic and the edicts it spawned.  Government officials changed their stories so often that their claims often changed to older stories.   You’ve heard them each too many times.  

  • The primary narratives were of the spread of the disease and its severity. The Birx overcount was only admitted long after the damage was done.  She had medical providers classify deaths as CoViD if the person had it, along with the actual cause of death.  An example of the policy was that motorcycle collision deaths were officially categorized as CoViD deaths.    Thus the death toll from CoVviD was highly exaggerated.   If the statistics indicated that the pandemic response was justified, why inflate the results? Or were the statistics disproving the necessity of the prescribed vaccines and lockdowns? Govrrnments had to frighten people into having them take the suspicious concoctions they called the CoViD vaccines, and to stay away from people.

Bank Robbers Wear Face Masks, but Government Criminals Were Unmasked Too Late

  • Youre too faniliar with these fables also: Masks prevent infection, and you musk mask-up…masks don’t work and never have, don’t mask up…. Masks work, but medical providers needed them, and supplies were limited, so they fibbed to save the inventory… Mask-up to participate in the world. …Masks aren’t enough; take an untested but approved vaccine to save yourself and everyone else from infection…It doesn’t stop infection, but makes the infection that the vaccination makes you more susceptible to get, slightly less severe…Get the ineffective vaccine and force kids with almost no chance of getting the illness, or a severe case of the illness, to take it…The multitude of unexplained sudden deaths soon after vaccination in otherwise healthy people is just a coincidence.
  • The preposterous explanation that the disease didn’t t emanate from the Wuhan Lab insults everyone, especially when the Chinese government refused investigators and destroyed records.
  • Racial issue protesters were encouraged to gather in the streets near each other while everyone else was required to stay alone in their residence or stay three yards away from the nearest person.
  • Since vaccinated people are proven to get the new disease variants and have more severe illnesses and deaths, much more than unvaccinated people; the media doesn’t mention the “Pandemic of the Unvaccinated” every day as they had.

Anyone expressing any concerns was immediately censored and publicly shunned and shamed. If “Science” was followed, then why was scrutiny, the foundation of scientific endeavor, prevented? Was it a threat to the collusion of Big Pharma and Big Government nationally and globally?

Oh, and there’s the ultimate CoViD  deceit:  “Two Weeks to Stop the Spread.”  It took the first two weeks to get people used to complying with illegal, illogical, and cruel demands from dictators.

J6 Forever

The Capitol Breach incident on January 6, 2021, which Democrats and Trump haters named the “Capitol Riot”, has been replayed daily, along with hyperventilating hyperbole from the chattering media. The January 6 Commission comprised of inglorious uniparty members was a show trial embarrassing its memebers and the government itself. That government refused to release 14,000 hours of security camera evidence, claiming that it would reveal where the cameras were and endanger people, as criminals would somehow avoid those surveillance cameras. They did, though, release a few minutes to include violence that had occurred. Those few minutes, combined with exterior views from media organizations, left an impression of chaos and violence solely from Trump supporters. A group of crazed marauders stalking and terrifying while desecrating the hallowed seat of government.

It turns out the story they told us doesn’t match the facts on the ground that day. A change in leadership of the House of Representatives meant that republican Kevin McCarthy was able to alllow media access to these recordings. The revelations astound. Every angle of the narrative from the front to the back was misrepresented over more than two years. The face of the siege, nicknamed the QAnon Shaman or QShaman, is named Jacob Chansley. The Navy veteran was originally depicted as a violent and dangerous wildman, but full coverage traced his travels through the chamber. He was unarmed; several capitol police officers were armed and escorted him as his tour guides , even trying to open locked doors, and never appearing threatened in any way shape or form. He prayed a prayer of thanks in appreciation of their assistance. Other scenes had officers opening doors and allowing people to enter, exactly as they would on a daily tour. The vast majority of people that day only wandered around. The prosecution’s charges in the cases manifested that the defendants’ only crime was trespassing in a building they pay for, where people whose salaries they pay to represent them in their government happen to pretend to work on their behalf. The only people murdered that day were protesters, none of whom were a legitimate threat, but the media and even Lyin’ Joe Biden repeated the lie that five police officers were killed; No police officers were killed in and around the capitol that day.

Why would they keep up the falsity? Might they require these lies to support a house of cards?

Several news organizations tried to obtain access to these recordings, and the government refused. Defense attorneys were denied access to these and missed the exculpatory aspects when advising their clients. Those omissions from the government are unconstitutional and entirely illegal. Many of the accused remain in prison, awaiting trial to this day. So much for the Sixth Amendment Rights of the Accused.

If the events were as the government prosecutors and agencies–and the compliant media claimed, wouldn’t the camera evidence further prove it? Or would such evidence reveal their Big Lie?

The  Illegal Migrant Border Crisis

Illegal immigration has expanded exponentially since Joe Biden was installed as president. His administration told us there was no crisis.  There are overwhelming groups of migrants that the administration doesn’t want people to notice.  The government, with your money, charters buses and airplanes to ship migrants throughout the country.   They didn’t tell anyone until the NY Post recorded video evidence of the flights. Governors from Texas and Florida gave migrants a one-way ticket to sanctuary cities, where ironically, they weren’t wanted.  The migrants were expelled as quickly as the liberal virtue-signaling townspeople could give them the bum’s rush. Why would the government move migrants into the country secretly if this was legal and the public supported it? Or were they aware no one would approve?

Your Common Sense Is Their Enemy

The last three elections, the ongoing pandemic, political persecutions, and the border crisis offer a few case studies, among multitudes, of the earned lack of credibility of the Democrat ruling cabal. We offered rhetorical questions because you knew the answers all along. It is now apparent why they behave so suspiciously. They’re up to evil. They refuse explanation or verification because they don’t want you to know what they’re up to. No one would let them get away with it if they found out.

If you weren’t already, now you’re onto their game. Prepare yourself for what they are going to throw your way. The next step in their strategy is to eliminate dissenters.  Independence tends to grow out of control. Democrats and globalists cannot survive that.  Anyone daring to make their own conclusions is, to them, unpatriotic and dangerous to everyone.  Well, we who dare are dangerous, but only to the corrupt special interests trying to pervert society and take control over every aspect of everyone else’s lives.  Game on.

FEATURED PHOTOGRAPH: Al Cowlings driving his friend O.J. Simpson in his Ford Bronco with police chasing them, June 17, 1994. / Larry Ho / Los Angeles Times / Via USA Today


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