I am awake, and standing defiantly against the false narratives and destructions, of antisocial agendas.  The purpose of this site is to offer observations and perspective, helping people to become vested in saving what is important in  life and the world.


Welcome.  Glad you are here. This is a comment site featuring cultural, social and political issues.

I’m Sam, your host.  I should explain a little about myself and why I founded this site.  


First, I chose the Triangle Icon  to represent triangulation.  The color gradient represents the conventional Liberal-Democrat Blue and Conservative-Republican Red, with a combination in the middle, as the political spectrum.  Since there is bias everywhere, triangulation is a necessary skill in divining facts.   Fortunately for you, I am most adept and peerless.

Exposing the Puppet-masters

When I was very young, my parents took me to a puppet show.  I, as most tykes, was too young to be aware that live characters weren’t real.  Puppets are just small to the youngest. I was eager to attend the performance of pals from the land of make believe. The performance was enthralling, juvenile entertainment.  That is, until I noticed something amiss.  I rambunctiously, stormed down to reveal that it was all a fake.  There were strings and this man was presenting a ruse. I had to expose it. I grabbed at the puppets, surely much to the chagrin of the poor entertainer, as my aghast parents hustled me away in a parental arrest. My parents never took me  to another children’s event after that.   Even then, I had no  leniency nor acceptance of frauds ,and felt a responsibility to call them out. This is an intrinsic  characteristic. 

Like most people, societal issues and politics were low priorities in my life.  I kept up with events and voted in elections.  I trusted the mainstream media version of our world.  I was quite content in that state of affairs.  Then, the 2016 conversion of the mainstream media occurred.  Donald Trump was running to become president of the United Staes of America, and the  news media decided to become activists.  I had recently subscribed to the New York Times, appreciating its literary style and the breadth of their coverage. Articles from their leading politicalr correspondent Maggie Haberman,  and the other politicos from the “newspaper of record,” would make false claims.  I would say to myself: “I watched that speech and that is not what was said,”‘ or “I know for a fact that is not true,” and wondered why they were misreporting. Every day I found myself fact-checking every article. Eventually I cancelled that subscription. I looked to my previous go-to  news organization, USA Today, and the misrepresentations occurred there.  The newscasts were equally false. . I  found no respite in any mainstream media.  I realized these were no accidents.  This was disconcerting to me.  Around this juncture, I found a Micheal Goodwin essay explaining how, and why, the newspaper where he began his career, had changed.  I  followed him on social media,  and before long, I had a group of prophets offering wisdom.  This gave me comfort in intelligent people stating what I already believed and adding corollaries , while the ubiquitous activists were trying  to make it appear as though everyone was on their team in a game they played. I noticed that the media was convincing many other people I talked with personally, and people in public.  This bothered me, just as did the puppet show.  I knew better and many people didn’t.  I had to fight to save  the truth.   It was, and always is,  my deep conviction.  I pondered how I might make  this happen. Idecided the best way was to apply my talents and skills.  I am a keen observer, and I find patterns of relationships uniquely, because I view the world from a different angle. This  helps  me to get through obfuscations and get to the salient and truest   aspects of issues and situations.  I had always enjoyed the endeavors of the  wordsmith.    Hence, I created this collection of essays, multimedia, and social media content.  


You’ll discover a few themes here. 

  • I have tried to determine exactly where I am politically.  I confounded the Pew survey on new political groups.  I only identify myself as an Independent Non-liberal.   
  • “Why?” is the most important question to  answer.  The remainder fills in when you have it.
  •  I have no loyalty to any political party, and am convinced the two party system is an anachronism harming the American electorate.   
  • The biggest reason people are sheep, or sheeple, is because no-one goes directly to the source.  When you rely on other people to summarize, you put yourself under their mercy. Many of them are malevolent. 
  • I try to make this entertaining with my own flair, and this often includes references to pop culture.  I choose links within articles carefully, and you’ll find some flourishes occasionally.  Songwriters are the modern poets and most of my essays include song lyrics consistent with the topic.
  • A society’s culture is primary to its politics
  • Celebrity talent does not extrapolate. Most of them do not deserve any attention away from their specific area of expertise..

There Is a Place For You Here

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Sam A. Miller,

Founder,  Think For Yourself Blog