Halloween Is a Metaphor of the Modern Democratic Party

The Halloween tradition of “Trick or Treat” is a yearly re-enactment of modern Democrat policy. What happens during the candy carnival? Kids and immature young adults, occasionally supervised by older adults, frolic in scary costumes, soliciting “treats” (candy) they didn’t pay for, and threatening. “tricks” (vandalism or other trouble), to those daring to not comply with their demands.

Government entitlement programs are promoted by Democrat leaders and cherished by their reliant constituents. The recipients often descend to a chronic need of these payments , similar to sugary candy to those with blood sugar problems. They become irritable when deprived of the donation. When they aren’t given the handouts, they call the givers “selfish”, and claim they prevent them from earning for themselves. Often, they resort to threatening violence or perpetrating violence, in individual muggings or group riots. Meanwhile their benefactors, the tax payers paying for all things government, have to budget and often are deprived of their material aspirations. Former president Lyndon Johnson called it “The Great Society”, and generations of Democrats have extolled it ever since then.

The Wokeing Dead

There are zombies in our midst. If you weren’t paying attention these last few years, then you missed a revolution long engineered in various American institutions. The indoctrination stations, formerly called schools and universities, have given the future away to a death march.

It’s a scary looking group. The lost stares, behind the tattooed and pierced faces and bodies, perturb as intended.

[Advice to millennials and wannabes: No one takes you seriously if you have a stud on your face or your body, or in your mouth, and tattoos just indicate you are a loser. Any successful people wearing “Body Art” succeeded in spite of, not because of, the mostly permanent scars of their tragic fashion mistake. ]

In their Goth garb, they resemble members of the Cure and Marilyn Manson musical groups; or characters from “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”. Hipsters from the gentrified ‘hood take up the rear.

They call themselves “woke”, while they are never aware of what is really happening around them. Their siren’s call has zombified them.

They live their religion of Intersectionality. Anyone dissenting must be destroyed. Some relent, and others are forcibly taken through peer pressure or violence. Their trolls have outsized influence on public discourse. The media fixates on their illogical ramblings as if they were prophets.

They are the vampire problem. They suck the blood, and therefore the life or the “lifeblood”, from the cultural foundations of centuries of western civilization, the moral pillars of every survivable culture, society, and economy. Since they are Globalists, they kill the world along with the country.

They shun the light of day., fear mirrors, and fear religious symbols, because when they are exposed to sunlight, their reflection, or monotheistic religion, they die. They fear having their behaviors and actions shown. When people put the mirror to them, they flee to their “safe spaces”. When a light is shone upon their dark, agenda furthering conspiracies, they sprint away. Their reflection might not appear, just as the Deep State, and the actual motivations and purposes of their coconspirators in the Liberatti , avoid exposure. They adamantly refuse to accept it, when their hypocrisy is proven. If they are shown, then they turn to dust. These are the modern Democrats.

Photograph: October 3, Day 17 of Occupy Wall Street: photos of the zombie march and life around Liberty Park .; October 03, 2011

David Shankbone / Wikimedia Commons

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