What Do You Want From Me?

What do you want from me? If you are not a member of an intersectional priority group, or just do not accept the Woke worldview, then you might be asking yourself the same question. The answer is not pleasant.

It seems the social justice warriors are dissatisfied with everyone and everything. They derisively call you a “normie”, for your common sense. They only amount to, at most, eight percent of the population. You and the rest of the ninety-two percent of non-woke people, are their sworn enemies. They are convinced that you are to blame for all of their troubles. The world is a zero-sum-game to them, so anything you have precludes them from having it. They are entitled to have you give them their living. When you want to keep what is yours, and expect them to be responsible for themselves, you, somehow, keep them from success. They blame you for many things. In their perspective, your money prevents them from having money. You refuse to provide their healthcare. You take their ethnic identity from them, when you adopt their fashions. You prevent them from feeling equal in race or sexual identity. You celebrate entertainments that aren’t about rearranging society on their terms. You succeeded where they failed, from your work ethic, not as they claim from your ancestry.

They view everything that their arbitrary identity groups didn’t create as illegitimate. Therefore, as far as they are concerned, all religion, morality, traditions, entertainments, businesses, rules, and laws, do not apply to them.


The collection of movies and shows, familiar to everyone, has formed a shared reference of stories and characters. It helps us communicate with each other, and adds to our sense of community. The Wokers are dedicated to remaking our common heritage in their image. They want to take it away, and replace it with their creation. It is not a longing to join the group. It is warfare to take over the group. Intersectionalists are offended by our common culture. They refuse to acknowledge historical facts and accept fictional stories as a demonstration of a previous time period. Nothing is classic or valuable to them, when it was created without their participation. They view entertainment as a tool to indoctrinate people to their ideology and the behavior they demand. Anything contrary is a threat to their cynical commandeering of entertainment.

No Classics and No Originals

They demand that every entertainment conform to their worldview. If anything is not in their line, then they insist it be changed, or banned and restricted into unavailability, before eventually arranging its expulsion from history. There are many victims of of this tyranny. There are movies and shows in the crossfire, as well as the stars of both prior classics and guilty pleasures.

Gone with the wind

It is critically acclaimed as one of the very best movies of all-time. Although many of the protagonists oppose slavery, and the institution is depicted as the reprehensible shame it was, modern liberals are offended.

James Bond

The famous spy from Ian Fleming’s novels of the 1950’s and 1960’s, and then the films since the 1960’s, was– and is –a man of his time, and also timeless. Commander Bond has fought many bizarre villains, but none of the “Bond Villains” heretofore have been as strange and insanely dangerous, as the woke squads attacking him today. Feminists dislike his dominant male traits. They have often called him a male chauvinist. A lot of his contemporaries could have been described the same way. The character has been played by many actors over the years. Since he is a white cis-gender male, some woke whiners demand that the whole ethos of the character be changed through the casting of the role. They have called for an actor of African ancestry play the role. P. Diddy has volunteered himself.
However, Idris Elba is most often mentioned in this discussion. There have even been hollers to make the womanizer into a transgender individual. Those outlandish proposals engaged enough social media ‘influencers’, that the producers had to discuss them. Although the producers and Mr. Elba repeatedly quash those ridiculous demands, the social justice warriors refuse to let them die. Any of the new directions would have been impractical for a movie franchise business with twenty-five productions and a popular image earning large product placement and related advertising profits. In the end, the studio obviously chose to abide the spy maxim from the title of Live and Let Die.

Action Series

When classic action franchises are remade, often they change characters. Previous lawful characters often return in the new versions as villains. The old character is defamed while the new star is elevated in status. This is a common occurrence.

John Wayne

John Wayne was a popular star of the American Western movie genre. Many consider his movies representative of Americana. Last year, someone promoted an interview of him, from the 1970’s including racial comments. The interview was widely disseminated when it was published half-a-century ago. It wasn’t an issue then. The Hate Groupies intentionally made it modern social media fodder to besmirch his stellar reputation. In so doing, the woke outrage mob defamed both the romanticized version of the American west, with its metaphor of the nation and values often attributed to it in American history, as well as a respected, cis-gender white man, not alive to defend his honor.


the chimeric woke refuse to accept reality, so they are only comfortable in a fantasy world of their own making. Even there, their tribal obsessions intrude. Superheroes are not immune to the onslaught. They now appear in the pompously re-designated ” graphic novels”. The villains they thwarted have mutated into the modern millennial comics illustrators. Their generation’s disdain of any rules, makes even natural laws malleable. DC Comics all-star team of superheroes somehow changed the space-time continuum of their universe, not once but twice, rendering the first several decades of their stories a sort of false history and nonexistent, so they could just start over. The parallels to the comics producers’ worldview is too prominent to ignore. This is the same thing as woke revisionist history. They can change and eliminate the fictional backstories created by their predecessors, and their dream is to make an obliterate-and-replace strike on the history of the real world.


Vigilante lawman Batman has appeared in several incarnations since his debut in 1939, some somber and others ludicrous. The stories’ essential themes were never in doubt. He was the benevolent hero, and the bizarre villains were diabolical, malevolent, criminal, madmen or madwomen. That triggered the antihero and crime apologists. The latest Batman graphic novel featured a somehow villainous Batman jailed in a Gotham City where the villains are the heroes.


Superman debuted in a comic in 1938, and has appeared in shows and films thereafter. Many could recite that superman stood for “truth, justice, and the American way”. All of those ideals conflict with liberal wokeism. It is not a surprise then, that this character, created to promote American patriotism, since controlled by the next generation of of comics illustrators, has disavowed his American citizenship to become a “Citizen of the World”. In recent incarnations, he became conceited and abusive , and had to be killed to save the world. This was not enough of liberal millennial dreamland. His death spawned a group of offspring, resulting from the “recycling” of his remains.


Captain America, another comics to films patriotic superhero, had his own self-reckoning at the hands of Joseph Mengele’s ideological descendants. He denounced his American citizenship. He then became, as someone described it, Captain of nothing. The Democratic National Committee could not have scripted it closer to their platform.

Spiderman eventually was melded with something to make him have impulses to villainy. Criminals have a superhero role model to rationalize their irresponsible and malevolent life choices.

Lack of Originality

While some of those iterations appeal, fleetingly, to new audiences, the franchises’ staying power is decimated. The catastrophic decline of once idolized franchises is inflicted from the next generation that has disdain for what they were given. As they systematically dismantle those, they offer only pathetic nominees to fill the void. The larger population and economic inflation makes the performance of those vehicles surpass the moneymaking of their predecessors. It is just a distortion of scale. The general public does not have anywhere even close to the affinity they had for the earlier icons, their stories, and the values presented.

The “Trigger Zone” Enforcers

Despite the institutional and cultural resistance to entertainment traditions, some get past the gates. No “Trigger Zone” violator is allowed to go free. The revenge coalition has its team in place. There is an elite unit of the Woke Police to corral the escapees. They operate from their encampments in social media and news organizations. They promote boycotts. Bully trolls incite outrage mobs. Their news media giddily piles on to the charades. Professional critics and online amateurs rate with poor reviews, even before a movie or show is released and even available to them. Performers are shamed by their virtue-signaling peers. Sponsors are threatened with boycotts. The public is warned of possible violence in theaters, and that they might be harassed and assaulted, while being called racist or whatever is convenient. There is no peaceful enjoyment in Woke World.

Remaking the Audience

They demand remakes with intersectional group actors, or script changes to promote liberal issues. The films and shows have already been made, so why change them? The reason is they want to influence people on a different level. Visceral manipulation is their diabolical goal. When a person watches a character in a movie or show, the person has feelings about them. Those feelings might be positive or negative, and are involved with the person’s previous life experiences and their own interpretations of them. The movie or show offers many aspects eliciting feelings. They might involve the physical appearance of the performer, or the personality of the character the actor played. Maybe the person identifies with them in some way. The story might have some significance to them. There are many aspects involved. The manipulators attempt to transfer those feelings to someone or something else. Race is a possible goal of the manipulation. If the feelings were toward a Caucasian character then the remake might want them for a minority character. If negative feelings were for a minority character, the remake might want them for a Caucasian character. The switching is utilized to battle paradigms of all sorts. It is the insidious, hidden weapon, of the liberal entertainment media.

The Educational System

Educational systems are the means whereby the knowledge of a society is passed to each new generation. The Woke Committee tries to turn schools into Indoctrination Stations. They have been successful there. The upshot is that kids are not really educated or prepared for life. Intersectionalists deem facts to be biased. The Wokers, therefore, have no basis in reality. They are so far in denial, that they are insane. They demand to change every curriculum to match their distorted worldview and to move the society in their direction. There is plenty of evidence of the destruction of the educational system at every level . Their Revisionist history replaces facts and actual occurrences with wishes. Thy encourage the illness of Gender Dysphoria, often in very young children. They equate American freedom with imperialist oppression, while they tout globalist totalitarianism as humanitarianism. Their management has changed the values of many academics. Questioning authority, and contrasting theories, once intrinsic to adolescence, is replaced by “Safe Spaces” devoid of challenge. Will anyone save the kids from the ruthless adults? There are few tough enough there. Dissenting faculty are harassed and assaulted. What are kids really learning there? It is not what we expect or they deserve.


The freedom of speech is a treasured value in the U.S.A., since even before the founding of the country. Refugees from countries where they do not have it, will tell you. Many citizens of Communist and Theocratic countries are murdered just because they disagree with a government policy, or an individual politician or cleric.

Debate is a basis of elections and generally furthers any democracy or republic. The democratic republic of the U.S.A. survives upheaval this way. The Woke Committee despises this country, blaming it for their problems, and they want to thwart anything perpetuating it. They also fear opposing opinions, and oppress dissent, because those threaten their hegemony.

The Digital World makes it easy to suppress different world views. The vast majority of the leaders and employees of the major technology companies are Wokers, and they happen to control the gatekeepers of information, to censor what they choose. Shadow-banning, Deboosting, Deplatforming, and even Debanking are irrefutably proven to be commonplace. They allow the surreptitious homogenizing of social media, and consequently, of the general public discussions. News reporters promoting their agendas shove false narratives upon a mostly gullible public. This is compounded as many of the same people are involved in both the news media and social media.


Discrimination was often an insurmountable obstacle for many minority people. Some of their descendants claim themselves as collectors of a debt. When they do not have the required skills, and do not try to obtain them, they blame society. Then they demand quality standards to be lowered. This foils everyone. The employee suffers, never attaining the skills necessary to advance, if their incompetence does not end their employment. They also are not able to get hired by another employer, as they offer insufficient value. The businesses suffer as the quality of their products inevitably falls. The country suffers, as foreign competitors, not hindered by such constraints, offer better quality products with lower prices. The world suffers, as the results of the best competing economically, is not allowed . In a way, the world is lessened. It all is just another example of The Woke Committee, willing to sacrifice everyone and everything, to promote their ideological war against common sense, reality, and reason.

Government and Law

Since the United States formed its government to suppress the “marginalized groups”, according to intersectionalist dictums, then its laws are also purposed to oppress them. When members of minority groups choose to commit crimes, then, it is not their fault. The Woke Committee claims it is not the criminals’ responsibility to “pay their debt to society”. The society, according to them, owes the criminals a debt from putting them in circumstances tempting them to commit those crimes. A corollary to them is that Caucasians only enforce the laws to oppress the members of the minority groups. That is their claim. This leads to many paradoxical travesties. Law enforcement officers risk their lives every day and night, to protect every law abiding citizen, yet they are too often vilified instead of respected. Illegal migrants are given resources taken from citizens. Instead of expecting personal responsibility for the public actions we take, we are implored to prioritize prison reform. Those convicted of aggressively harming others in society, are given back their right to vote, thus partly making decisions for those they disregarded enough to abuse them. That is intersectionalist supremacy in public policy.

Asked and Answered

What does the Woke Committee want from me, and you? They want everything you have. They take what you do not give to them. They want your culture, your history, and your heritage, to destroy them and stat over with their own agglomeration. They despise everything about you. You represent, to them, a history full of only oppression. That hurts them, and there is only one way for them to feel at peace. Ultimately, they want you gone.

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  1. You are so right. I have just gotten into what I see as a battle against this ideology. Most people do not get what it is. We have seen it all before…. Wokeism is one of the most dangerous ideologies imaginable. It shares the same foundations as the very evilest ideologies of the 20th century.


    And it is a pick and mix from those ideologies:


    The video and essay linked to are both quite long, but only by seeing the detail will you understand the scale of the threat Wokeism poses. We are sleepwalking into a very bad place.

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