We reject

  • troublemakers with anarchy and chaos as their objective
  •  agenda promoting false narratives of the obviously biased, media, exemplified on the incredibly credulous evening news and other manifestations of the  mainstream news organizations, where all things liberal progressive are promoted to the exclusion, or derision,  of contesting perspectives and events contrary to the preordained narratives
  •  edicts from arrogant, hypocritical, fantasyland  celebs
  •  baiting from pandering, pundit sycophants
  •  misleading and perpetuating accusations, aspersions, and  rally cries,  from coercive, bureaucrats, politicians, and former identity-group “leaders” desperate they’ have been left behind
  •  societal steering from activist jurists
  • social engineering from the false authorities of academia
  • ridicule and threats,  from social media bully trolls
  • peer pressure from misguided acquaintances , friends, and family members

Illustration:  Group of people screaming in megaphones at scared guy.

Pathdoc / Shutterstock




  1. And once again the lib dems have behaved poorly last week re: Kavanaugh hearings. When will they learn that this is the United States of America where free speech and one’s opinions can and should be exercised without harassment? It would not surprise me at all if they are alienating and losing thwir base. Also, how about a “little” respect for our procedures and liberties (allowing citizens in the chamber) during the Kavanaugh vote. They are a disgrace!


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