If Russia tried to help Trump defeat Hillary, then it only really proves her incompetence and what a terrible president she would have been. Her claims the Russian elections weren’t legitimate angered Putin. So, she antagonized a globally aggressive, former KGB officer and president of a major country with threatening military might, making him angry enough to take action against the United States.

She Dared Him

Putin wanted to disrupt the Anerican election, both because he could and to show Hillary his elections were as good or better than her’s. He didn’t care about Trump, he just wanted to punish Hillary and prevent dealing with her.

A president has to prevent problems from our country’s adversaries and enemies, even more than promote alliances with our country’s friends. She wasn’t even in office before causing the biggest publicly known attack on the American electoral system, and yet her supporters somehow blame the other person in the race. We are fortunate she couldn’t cause more problems.


Photograph:  Meeting with U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton; Vladimir Putin had a brief meeting with Hillary Clinton who headed the U.S. delegation to the A.P.E.C. summit. September 8, 2012  Vladivostoc.


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