We are told President Donald Trump is a racist every day, in many reports and punditry. Is it true? Well, let’s go to the very start. of the narrative. He announced his first campaign for U.S. president, in Trump tower, in 2015. Immediately, the reports were that he hated all Mexicans and Mexican-Americans, and basically everyone else.

When people make accusations, characterizing statements, it is always best to check for yourself. Never just take a summary or soundbite alone. Never take a news report or pundit version when you have the original available. Watch for yourself, then compare and contrast with the news reports from that very day. The narrative has not changed.

I defy you to find genuine racism there. If you try this, you will never trust the New York Times political reporters, or the other MSM. Never.


  1. Calling him a bigot has been a false narrative from the start, perpetuated by the left, because they had to come up with something to stop his momentum.

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