Donald Trump entered into international politics the same way he won the 2016  presidential election.  He is a bull in a china shop.  A brash and brusque, loud and proud American.  That is just the sort of behavior  that appalls the conceit filled leaders of the jealous world.  Trump is a nationalist, a leader an reactionary increasing trend in both the U.S.A. and other nations threatened by globalist prostelizers..  Trump is unpredictable and  unmanageable.  He flaunts political incorrectness at home and abroad. 

The American news media hated him before his election and misrepresented his every statement and action.  The worldwide news media came to the same conclusion and approach after they got to listen to his inauguration speech.  Nothing so brightly revealed the contrast  than the BBC  World News coverage of the U.S. presidential inauguration.  They spent the entire day praising the “peaceful transfer of political power”, a phrase oft uttered by every anchor on their broadcast  It was as unbiased and journalistically professional as ever, from the paragon BBC team.  Then Trump spoke.  As is his custom, that’s when many  reporters begin to despise him.   “America First” , his campaign motto did not go over very well overseas.  Nations accustomed to American acquiescence , compounded by Barack Obama apology tours and his paradoxical “lead from behind” which of course is not a thing, in international diplomacy.  After his clarion calls, previously flattering photographs, of the president were replaced with  unflattering and darkly lit pictures with ominous overtones.  Panelist discussions pivoted from generalities to how the aggressive, selfish, ungrateful leader of a country abandoning loyal allies, would soon wreak havoc   This attitude was already familiar to viewers of most  American sourced news reports.

One issue insperperable from the Trump Effect, is  the battle between globalism and nationalism.  Trump is something of an anomaly, a publicly professed Nationalist—that’s concerning the sovereignty of a country to run as it pleases, not the media lie of racism that the mainstream media shamelessly tries to promote. The aforementioned mainstream media consists largely, by their own admission, of those supporting Globalism—one International ruling entity, among other liberal policies.  Many politicians share that globalist goal.  Europe and North America, and religious organizations purporting largely controlled by such misguided leftists. You doubt? Perhaps a United Nations vote is in order. 

  • Former British Prime Mister Theresa May? Yes.
  • German prime minister Angela Merkel,?  Ja. (Yes).
  • French president Emanuel  Macron?  Oui. (Yes).
  • Canadian prime minister Pierre Trudeau? Eh, yeah. (Yes).
  • The Vatican,Pope Francis? Sī. (Yes).
  • U.S. president Donald Trump?  No.

When the world leaders first gathered,, the new member did not disappoint those looking for drama.  And so it went, and so it goes.  

Has the newcomer Donald Trump brazened out , in the world of nations?   Well let’s take a quick jaunt around the world.  No worries, the  carbon footprint left behind will be minuscule, next to that from virtue- signaling  celebrity environmental advocates and their private flights.

The United Kingdom

First stop, the United Kingdom.  British citizens, fed up with their own laws overruled by   foreign   bureaucrats,  voted  to leave the European Union.  “Remainer” Prime Minister David Cameron resigned, as the vote was considered a rebuke of his leadership, and a new government had to be coalesced.  Enter Ms. Theresa May, a “remainer” claiming the mantle of Brexit.  Among the problems from the E.U. was the results of its Open Borders policy and its demand of its member nations to take many migrants, regardless of the countries’ ability, or willingness to welcome them.  Many were not able to be vetted, and criminals and jihadists were among them.  The country had drastically shifted in Demographics in recent years.   A large amount of Muslim immigrants shifted the demographics of the country.  London has a Muslim mayor and the most popular boy’s name  in that city is Mohammed.   The change in ethnic identity, unfortunately , was correlated with a significant rise in violent crime and jihadi terrorist attacks within the country.  Mass murders via stabbings and ramming vehicles into pedestrians have become hard to prevent.  Prime Minister  May did not approve of Trump when they met, and could not hide her disdain very well.  She had problems of her own though, as she was never able to broker a Brexit deal acceptable to the U.K. parliament, and she was sacked.  Her successor, Boris Johnson, is a nationalist Brexiteer, and admirer of Trumpian diplomacy.

“Imagine Donald Trump doing Brexit,” Johnson said in a leaked audio obtained by BuzzFeed News last year. “He’d go in bloody hard. There’d be all sorts of breakdowns, all sorts of chaos. Everyone would think he’d gone mad. But actually you might get somewhere.”

Boris Johnson,
Boris Johnson’s Long Journey from Trump Hater To Best Friend,
Alex Morales and Alex Wingrove,
August 24, 2019


Second  Stop, passengers, is Germany, where the face of the European Union and in many ways its leader,,  German Chancellor,Angela Merkel rules over a country rife with dissension over the open borders policy she imposed on her country, and extolled to the E.U.   The daughter of a minister, her heart bleeds for the migrants of the world.  Though terrorists and other violent criminals infiltrated from geographic localities where background checks were not feasible, she insisted on settling them in her country.  This policy, resulted in murders of German citizens from, you guessed it, muslim jihadi terrorists and violent criminals.  She has been severely criticized and blamed for making her citizens insecure both within and without of their country, and destabilizing their society.  She recently suffered convulsions in public, on multiple occasions.  Perhaps the stress of such profound failure and irresponsibility to so may of the people of her country was overbearing to her.  It wa enough to decimate her political support to where she barely formed a coalition government and is preparing to leave office.


If you look to the side, you’ll notice the weekly national celebration of  French President Emanuel Macron and his economic policies.  The globalist news media calls these the “Yellow Vest Protests.”  You might recognize them from the colloquial designation: “Riots.”  Mr. Macron was proud of his  country’s Open Borders.  Muslim migrants, with those pesky jihadis, have killed many, in high profile terrorist attacks.  The Charlie Hebdo murder rampage was the first of many, and there was another just last week.  Meanwhile, as in the U.K., the most popular boy’s name in Paris is Mohammed.   The news media made much of the cordial relationship of Macron and Trump, emphasizing the betrayal when Macron invited the Iranian negotiator to the recent meeting, in failed coercive stunt to flummox the U..S. president.   Trump, , unusually gracious, managed the situation while yielding nothing.  Macron, it should be mentioned is now has the lowest approval rating in the history of France.  Trump might call that “Not winning.”

Italy and the Vatican


Italy is an exception to the globalist majority in Europe.  Their immigration policy is designed to protect its citizens.  It is not a popular policy in the news media, but their leaders care about their citizens, and not platitudes from those not having to deal with the ramifications.

The Vatican

he Vatican is a sovereignty within Italy.  The Pope takes a very different approach to migration and the Globalist and Nationalist struggles.  He has forced himself into political discussions astray from the church.  While liberal Catholics might appreciate liberalism from anyone, other Catholics might not approve of such politicking.  Most other folks disapproved when Poe Francis instead on defending illegal immigrants’ right to invade another country—that is what it is— they commit a crime when they do not abide the established rules.  It should be noted that the Pope lives in a palace, surrounded by towering security gates and armed guards, with a secured “pope mobile”, to protect him from the throngs of his admirers.   Those walls,  better than any Trump will ever build along the United States Borders,  are not able to insulate him from the ongoing  clergy child abuse scandal that has diminished the stature of the church as an organization.  Churches are the moral basis of many aspects of culture.  The Catholic Church  contributes greatly to people’s  lives.  Although so many priests and parishioners have lived  generously and responsibly, that tragedy, and his involvement in shielding abusers, has invalidated even his presumptive advocacy role.  He best tend to his own family, before telling others how to run theirs.


Returning to North America, let’s talk to our Northern neighbors.  Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau is the son of a previous Canadian prime minister.  His model appearance has made him something of a celebrity style politician.   He sought to  Dis his counterpart, from  his pulpit in the shadow of  his  country’s huge southern neighbor.  When Trump touted a blockade of migrants from those areas where vetting was infeasible or there was no proof of people’s identity, Mr. Trudeau took to the grandstanding stage.  There, he mad a big production of hugging a migrant child and personally welcoming any comers to the Great White North (No, race-baiting Wokers, that’s not a racial slogan— it’s a nickname of the country of Canada).  That public announcement turned around on him when internal dissent coerced him to quietly rescind his largesse.   Mr. Trudeau was popularly known to espouse every liberal social agenda.  Unfortunately, Cancel Culture caught up to him.  The wokeman was discovered to have worn “blackface as a costume at least twice, as well as politically incorrect dealings with women in government.  He is in trouble in the impending Canadian election.  People have difficulty obtaining votes after they are “canceled.”

Communist Countries


Vladimir Putin is a popular topic in American reportage.  They talk often of his domineering control in his communist nation.  Trump has been tougher on him than even his predecessor.

The Great Wall of China

Although that name represents  another Trump  dream, this is just a discussion of his relationship with its government’s  leader. The “great leader”, as Trump calls Chinese Premier  Li  Keqiang, is in the midst of a trade battle, in which both China and the United States have much at stake.  Meanwhile, Hongkongers protest the possibility of extradition to China, sadly a glowing endorsement, and the world is judging how China handles the situation.

The “Little Rocket Man”

Kim  Jong-un, is  the Supreme Leader of North Korea. His official title comes off as if he named it himself.  He appears aimless, and Trump deals with him.  We certainly are safer with Trump talking to him, than any of Trump’s critics.

End Game So Soon?

Since we have returned from our world tour, let’s tally the results of Trump’s international foes.

  • Theresa May—Resigned in failure.   Replaced by an admirer of Trump’s style
  • Angela Merkel—leaving in failure.
  • Emanuel Macron—the least popular President in French history
  • Pope Francis—Struggling to salvage the legitimacy of the Papacy that he squandered.  Lives within a country with Trump Style  nationalist leaders.
  • Pierre Trudeau—Disgraced and soon dismissed.
  • Vladimir Putin,  Li  Keqiang, and Kim Jong-un—Dealing with the self proclaimed “Stable Genius.”

Does Not Back Down; Doubles Down

While the others fall, Trump stands.  He has tougher opposition from Hillary’s friends in the State Department, Congress, and the bureaucracy, then on the world stage.  Somehow, he is going to survive after them too.  The United States’ sovereignty and security depend on his  resilience.

Photograph : G7 Summit,; Charlevoix, Canada; June 09, 2019 : Theresa May, Emanuel Macron, Shinzo Abe, Donald Trump.

Jesco Denzel /Angela Merkel bundeskanzlerin / Instagram

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