This is an open letter to Wikipedia Co-founder Jimmy Wales, in reply to his annual begging for donations.

I have found some value from Wikipedia, but cannot, in good conscience contribute.  

Your content is biased.

You allowed one of your top tier editors to state that Trump supporters are too stupid to be allowed to participate in Wikipedia, on his Wikipedia page!

You ignored the vile photograph to be displayed in searches for Melania Trump, even after reported.

You allowed an article to call the California Republican Party Nazis.

Your articles on various journalists, contain defamatory inaccuracies, aka lies, and you never correct them.

You havre made ZERO proclamations or effort toward fair and unbiased articles, the cornerstone of any encyclopedia.  

Your articles are no longer reliable, so we have to go to other sources.

When you get your values together, maybe then you could legitimately expect funding. Until then, your pleas are just an insult to reasonable people.

The resolution to your problems might be a corporate buyout.  Free market concerns might force you to fulfill your ostensible purposes.

Photograph: Jimmy Wales, Co-founder of Wikipedia / Wikimedia Foundation

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