Activist Celebletes Squander Their Opportunities to Contribute

Pro Sports Teams Refuse to Meet with the President

Championship teams from the major sports have traditionally visited the White House and met the president.  Since many have disapproved of, and  feuded with, president Donald Trump,  they refused the invitation for the photo opportunity.  They claim principled indignation,  but they are disingenuous.  After all, if you have a cause, why wouldn’t you take the chance to meet with the one person most able to facilitate  your ostensible  agenda,  even if the chance is only small and you only have a short visit with the boss  of the government and the leader of the free world?  So, when these immature young men and women tell you they represent a community, recognize they care only about themselves.


  1. Touche. These atheletes are so blinded by their overinflated egos that they are unable to see the ignorance of their actions or non-actions in this case. Without dialogue there is never the possibility for compromise or change.


    1. They flatter themselves as cultural leaders. They don’t know what real leadership is. Kanye West dicsusses the conerns important to him, with the president, and effectively lobbies for policy to better the lives of people, with an emphasis on the Arican-American community. Meanwhile, the same media sycophants fawning over self-indulgent professional athletes, tries to marginalize him through blatantly racist and derisive diatribes.


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