We were warned by the government , and we expected. foreign governments to try to effect the outcome of the midterm elections. Therefore, beware fake news stories, and don’t be surprised when they’re revealed.

Prime Time Stories

Despite the media’s narrative and hysteria, actions of Russians didn’t sway voters. They did rile some people further than the acrimonious race had already. Since many governments, including ours, have expansive programs to try to put preferred politicians in leadership in other countries, it should come as no surprise when they are caught in those conspiracies.

American political parties, being led by politicians, have no compunction about obtaining votes unethically. The new progressivist Dens call this “by any means necessary.” Misrepresentations are now less common than blatant lies. “News” media organization promulgate the DNC party line at every opportunity, and when there is no opportunity, they create an excuse to further their shared agenda. Some republicans are throwing these same tactics back at them.

Runaways Going For a Walk

The migrant caravan comes just in time for the election. What a coincidence! There are no coincidences in the modern world, where everything is a political instrument. The Trump administration suffered a public relations debacle, carrying out the policy previously established in the Bush administration and executed by the Obama administration. Somehow, the media ignored the much larger group of families the Obama team separated. The Trump government could never detain as many, but the media refused to acknowledge this, nor the inherent flouting of our sovereignty by those coming illegally. They even spread false pictures, such as the evocative Pro Publica crying children and the now famous Time magazine cover. Many were troubled listening to those children crying and pleading for their parents. The featured victim had spouted the phone number of her American aunt. Pro Publica found the aunt and, as it turns out, the aunt refused to come for the child because the aunt is in the country illegally herself! The aunt also told her Pro Publica friends that the girl’s mother had been returned after multiple attempted illegal entries. The photographer of the Time Magazine photo publicly admitted the crying girl was never separated from her mother, and her mother admitted the girl was just tired after being subjected to a long, perilous hike and missing her dinner. Another publication found the mother!s husband, the girl’s father. He told an interviewer of the mother taking the child to America without him, and he claimed they had no marital problems. He worried about them during the treacherous journey. The Time magazine editor also publicly admitted the deception, and then proceeded to excuse it as he deemed it a noble cause.

They believe, as so many globalists, that the United States of America should become the first country, in the history of the world, to have no borders. They expect that the country has unlimited resources, and rife newcomers are all friendly and none of them are criminals, terrorists, or foreign agents. Their reasoning ignores the obvious facts. A country without secure borders is no country at all. That is exactly what the globalists want, and it is the real reason they attempt to eliminate the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE) The USA is prosperous but resources are limited. Among the “huddled masses” of illegal immigrants, many criminals, terrorists, and foreign agents have been discovered. The media marginalizes these and largely ignores the brutal murders and violent crimes perpetrated by these new “undocumented” residents. They’re “undocumented”, because they aren’t legal citizens and they haven’t yet fabricated false identities. The American people chose a president to protect their security with no apologies. We are not apologizing to the elitists in the media or anywhere, for self defense. It is our right as individuals, and it is our existential demand as a sovereign nation.

Fake News Cycle

There is much tumult toward the midterm elections , maybe even worse than the relentless, Trump inspired news cycles. Some of this is surely intended to exacerbate the American political divide. There are some awfully bizarre personalities publicly featured lately. They aren’t the only problem. Fake news is often a possible explanation for some of the bizarre behavior displayed. Be wary, now more than ever.

Political Cinema

Antifan Intimidated?

There was an incident during an Antifa occupation, when the widow of a police officer killed in the 9-11 attacks was harassed with rude insults from a young Antifa punk. Many cheered when her son chased the delinquent. It was appealing because we all know the fraud behind Antifa and the true nature of the Antifan. However, it looks staged. The woman appeared as though she was expecting the comments and had her answer ready. Her big smile in a threatening encounter was another giveaway. The chase video appeared realistic but was predicated on the previous harassment. It was entertaining fiction. There is no proof that the confrontations actually happened. They were just a cellphone studios production.


There was a video of people paying members of the Honduran mob preparing to invade the United States after overrunning the meager defenses of Guatemala and Mexico. Representative Matt Gaetz and other people questioned if these were payments from liberal American organizations. The DNC and liberal benefactor George Soros were often mentioned. The accusers backed down after a New York Times “Fact Check” reported that local Guatemalans were supporting the migrants with the paltry sum of $26. A few facts are gleenable from these divergent narratives. Firstly, no one denied the payments occurred as shown in the video. Secondly, $26 is a lot of money to someone earning only $6 a day. That’s basically a weeks pay. Thirdly, the people making the payments could have been Americans or proxies for Americans. They could have been operatives representing American liberal organizations, or foreign agents attempting to effect the midterm elections with encouragement of the eventual crisis. George Soros isn’t the only progressivist funding the promotion of globalism, and different organizations could have been involved. Finally, there is no indisputable proof that this wasn’t as it appeared. “But the New York Times said so”, you might exclaim. Well, the New York Times abandoned truth telling and factual reporting of politics a long time ago. Certainly since 2016, it’s news section is identical to its editorial section, and both are comprised of mostly fiction stories.

“They’re not welcome here”–Maxine Waters

The vitriol from Democratic Party leaders is appalling. Scream Mean Maxine Waters, Not Me Corey Booker, Nancy Temporary Pelosi, Hillary Don of the Clinton Mafia Clinton, Go Lower Eric Holder, Oh No Hawaii Hirono, and others, have publicly and explicitly called for people to harass non liberal government officials and politicians everywhere.

Most Americans are appalled by the in-your-face Democrats. The Dems were an advertisement to vote republican. the RNC video “ The Left Is Crazytown” turned the alleged and denied John Kelly statement around and displayed the shamelessness if the Democrats. . It was killing the Democrats in polls. So then there’s the group of protesters chasing Nancy Pelosi, yelling profane insults and chanting “Socialism Sucks.” When this viral video appeared people might have concluded the Dens weren’t the only ones, and the republicans were actually worse. After all the Dems from the Supreme Court nomination elevator standoff were pleading and crying, and the republicans were spewing profanity. So the Dem deficit suddenly goes away. However, this video is suspect.

Conservatives mostly respect civility, whereas American history is replete with liberal incitement of anarchy as a political strategy. There is a probability this was a planned false flag production. Maybe it was as it appeared, maybe it was something different.

Expecting the Worst

Many sheeple were conditioned from the false media narrative of the Charlottesville incident as somehow representative of some conflated racist conspiracy among all non- liberals, where Antifa was glorified because an idiot among idiots, perpetrated a vehicular killing. The same people refused to call the Supreme Court protesters a mob as they exhibited classic mob behavior. “They’re just angry”, they told us. The least incredulity reveals a very different narrative than exclaimed the news shows.

Look Out, Here It Comes!

When new wild news occurs, as it inevitably will, this election season, you must remain cognizant. Not everything is as it appears.

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