Women and Men Together

A few weeks ago, on October 8, 2018, as president Trump presided over the ceremonial swearing of Judge Kavanaugh to the United States Supreme Court, approximately 400 people gathered in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Talk show host Gina Loudon said to the women in the audience:

“Ladies, stand if you love men.”

Every single female stood and applauded. A standing ovation.

I must admit , as a man, I was quite surprised.

Actually, this rebuke of the weaponized intersectional coalition #metoo campaign, is ubiquitous although ignored by the MSM.

Intelligent women everywhere quickly realized the partisan motives behind the callous disregard for both the accuser and the accused, emanating from overreaching Democrats and their MSM stooges. While the DNC-media monopoly complained of some setback for women’s rights by republicans, what really happened is the liberal activists carried their usual self-destruction. Their “any means necessary” approach always kills the very goals and platforms they commandeer and abuse. The problem for the rest of us, is it takes time for them to make themselves a non- factor, and in the interim they inflict long term damage to our culture, government, and society.

Photograph : Kavanaugh Supreme Court Senate  Protests.: Chicksontheright

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