You Are Redeemable

The Celebrity Death Penalty has many wrongful convictions.

The same people demanding that no one is responsible for their past behavior, ethical or criminal, and that everyone is redeemable if they are sincerely contrite and repentant, are the same fascists wielding the “death penalty “ in retribution of every violation of political correct orthodoxy. There are many such cases among celebrities, in the court of public opinion.

Two recent victims of their own oblivious comments were Roseanne and Megyn Kelly. Both made stupid comments. Both tearfully apologized. Both were fired immediately. Neither was given any chance to make it up to the offended

Red-Faced Roseanne

The return of Roseanne’s show was a gamble. She was always controversial, often destructively to her own career. Her employers couldn’t have expected a respectful star. Also, her anti-Hillary and Pro-Trump reputation represented a two sided issue. As ratings proved, the new show’s popularity was significantly from the underrepresented conservative audience the network had insulted when they cancelled “Last Man Standing.” The liberal management barely tolerated giving any non liberal perspective any humanizing publicity. When Roseanne inexplicably racially insulted an Obama administration official, she had much to answer. The terrible comments were s big problem. She, apologized and offered a lame excuse. Then, reportedly, she tried to consult with the network bosses. She offered to go on an apology tour and whatever else they deemed necessary. None of that mattered as they had already decided. They immediately cancelled the ratings blockbuster, killing the joyous reunion of the cast, crew, and audience of the popular show. When the network realized the folly of their woke decision, they offered a new version of a show. based on and revolving around its star, without that star. That oxymoron will get cancelled this season.

Megyn’s Makeup Mistake

Megyn Kelly has been controversial for many reasons. Firstly, she was a woman on FNC, the news station so antithetical to the MSM. Secondly, she was largely promoted by Bill O’Reilly, formerly the face of the conservative Cable News ratings leader, Thirdly, she was prominently involved in the investigation and scandal of harassment involving its cofounder Roger Ailes, and its aforementioned star.
Then, came her battle with Donald Trump. She became a Never-Trumper within a mostly Pro-Trump commentator lineup. This occasionally caused public disagreements. She became uncomfortable and insecure in her position and shopped her resume’ to capitalize on her sudden popularity. She landed deep in enemy territory, with an extravagant salary. Gossip ensued regarding her unpopularity with staff at both networks. Prime time show failures and low ratings in daytime were a problem for an expensive, controversial , alleged diva. She was controversial in an industry thriving on and incessantly inciting controversy. but she was a conservative in the land of the liberals. There were many calls to divest from her, to just forfeit the salary and investments, and reaffirm their homogenous liberalism. So when she ignorantly defended an activity commonly perceived as racist, that was the end for her. Many were surprised she didn’t appreciate the insult of the costumes. She is not alone in having that gap in African American history. Anecdotally, a college friend dressed as Jimmy Hendrix with the offensive makeup. I was surprised then. So there are educated people among the less racially enlightened. They could talk about it during African American history month.

Liberal Role Models

Many liberals call for redemption. It’s a kindness issue. We should forgive people and allow them to return to society after they relent and repent. Convicts return to society. NFL players beat their girlfriends, wives, and acquaintances, among other crimes, and are welcomed often with no punishment. Celebrities commit too many crimes of morality and law, to list, and spew the most ridiculous of statements. Yet that’s no problem. NYT columnist Sarah Yeong gets away with virulently racist vitriol, because those statements were from a few years ago. Many others get away with just an apology.

Crony Morality

So why is it , that only when a conservative makes an indefensible comment, the “death penalty” is immediately imposed. Why don’t they get the same opportunities to apologize and make amends, granted to their liberal counterparts? The reasons are liberal fascism and woke ideology.

Modern liberals refuse to allow any dissent, mainly because they view themselves as the arbiters of morality. Just listen to them talk about what’s moral and what’s amoral. An intrinsic arrogance helps them deal with the hollowness of their arguments. As far as liberals today are concerned, anyone showing people contrary opinions, has to be banned, lest the liberal hegemony is threatened.

Woke ideology, manifested in the fraudulent intersectional coalition doctrine, bestows sanctity upon political correctness in all its forms. Some political correctness is actually a good way to promote civility and respect for human dignity. Unfortunately, the Woke-ing Dead demand every extreme nuance of racial and gender victimhood is sacrosanct. Offend them, however accidentally, and you are forever banished to the hated class. There is no redemption for you, just for them.

Where are we as a society when knowingly abusing yourself or other people gets you deserving of help and caring, but unintentionally offending people gets you shunned and banished forever? This intolerance will have serious consequences for our culture and society. These social morays will eventually lead to increased violent antisocial behaviors, including suicides. When people are suddenly thrown away with no chance to come back, they are likely to become emotionally distraught, and later, angry. These People, formerly contributing to the society, will often fulfill the self fulfilling prophesy thrust upon them. It’s another example of The progressivist disdain for people, while they claim to be the caring ones. They have no interest their fellow humans, unless it gives them an opportunity for some hypocritical virtue signaling. They are not moralists. They are craven opportunists.

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