The British public voted to leave the European Union in an election with the most voter involvement in their history.  Their decision was heralded as an example of the nationalist trend opposing globalism.  This new revolution was a large factor in the U.S. MAGA phenomenon, and elected Donald Trump president. Many look at these two countries together, as the vanguard of a worldwide revolution of sovereign nations, reasserting their rights and reaffirming their identities, in a competitive and violent world.

Revolutionaries and The Status Quo

European Union supported David Cameron had to resign when the people at spoke. The “Brexiteers”,  persons wanting Britain to leave the European Union)   rejected Prime  Minister Cameron’s globalist worldview.  Somehow one of the “Remainers”(persons wanting Britain to stay, to remain, in the European Union)  Theresa May  was able to coalesce an alliance, and was elected with her new-found support of Brexit.  Despite Ms. May’s affirmations, her inactions actions reveal her as a saboteur. She  is just another politician, saying one thing, and doing the opposite. Politics is the same everywhere.

The Details

The European Union was ostensibly just an economic alliance of Europeans, to counter the overwhelming dominance Of the USA.  Before were not  aware of the requirements hidden in its labyrinthine legal charter. The member nations fell ever more intertwined within its rules and regulations. They found  foreigners were making their decisions  and dictating to their citizens. Some countries extricated themselves somewhat. Others feared leaving it., fearful  scenarios were offered whenever the choice to leave was considered.

Large bureaucracies are difficult to dismantle, and that keeps them together long after they manifest themselves as a hindrance. Institutional Resistance, people saving their careers, demagogues, and ideologues, form a formidable adversary.  It takes a long time to escape bureaucratic jungles. Political reformers have a difficult enemy. The news media, over populated with globalists, and dependant upon them, often side with the bureaucrats, and sway the general public.  The British Broadcasting Corporation(BBC)  is even more dependent than most; they  receive  most of their budget from the British government. The prolonged route to freedom has taken its toll. The globalist politicians and their news media surrogates, have had too much time to sway the sheeple. Opponents in their legislature forced the release of an advisor to the prime minister,with dire economic forecasts based on nothing legitimately estimable. This further emboldened politicians and protesters to stop the exit. Negotiations with obstinate European union leaders, trying to remain a large contributing member, and the falsely committed prime minister,ended in futility.  Even a  good faith effort would have been doomed, as various traps make a fair deal impractical.

Carrying on

Any deal has to obtain the approval of the British Legislature, and the European overlords refuse to ease any restrictions to allow a tenable agreement. Brexit leader Nigel Farage called the first offer “like signing up for prison”. It would have kept their country under the authority of the European Union lawmakers. He has since left the wayward political party  formerly leading Brexiteers , and  formed his own new Brexit political party.  The first deal was worse than no deal at all, to many Britons.  That is the other option, what they call a “No Deal Brexit”  where they could leave  the European Union with no prior arrangements.  The British public has already been scared off with unsubstantiated, apocalyptic threats, from economic naysayers.  the previously negotiated deals have been voted down,  and time is running out toward the imposed deadline. Many are demanding referendum, a revote, on Brexit, that could take two years.  The margin of victory  in the first election was not insurmountable. . Factoring possible voter fraud in with those convinced to rescind the policy, it could easily get defeated  in a repeal..  There will be no Brexit.


Photograph: 2016 EU Referendum Ballot Paper

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