Donald Trump identified a huge, long running vulnerability in U.S. national security.  The border was breached hundreds, if not thousands, of times daily, year after year. Illegal immigration has affected the country in many aspects, from the economy, to social welfare, to culture and language. Mr. Trump found this issue resonated with voters .The nationalistic agenda that he promotes, floats on the same river as the security of local communities and the whole  country.  This issue largely carried him to the White House  His failure there  will take votes from him in his difficult attempt toward a second term.  His negotiating weakness,–ironic from the author of “The Art of the Deal–might even result in a lame duck presidency.

Give Them the Keys to the House

The Democrats entice economic migrants to circumvent the legal immigration system, because almost all of the migrants vote for Democrats in  American elections where they aren’t legally allowed to vote anyway.  This is a travesty.  Republicans also contribute to this institutionally promoted flouting of the laws of this sovereign nation, to bolster the supply of cheap labor This is also why the national Chamber of Commerce endorses immigration reform and opposes any border barriers. The political donations of the Koch’s ensure  paradoxical support of this illegal behavior in congress, where laws are made. Duplicitous demagogues abound in the U.S .Congress. Then, after another  hard day of selling out their constituents, they  go home to their house fortresses surrounded by tall, sturdy walls,  placed there in case anyone gets past the  gates and guards.

The law-breaker vagabonds are feted by the globalist liberals of the media. They tell us that most of them just want a better life, just like you and me. The notorious MS– 13 gang members, to them, are  just typical teenagers, like those in your kids’ school.  That just might be the case, because you’re paying for their housing, schooling and other government benefits. The purveyors of false narratives ignore, or discount, and the many cases of crimes including murders, perpetrated by these paragons of virtue .The most basic, common sense argument to this  nonsense is irrefutable.   If Just one illegal alien harms just one citizen, then that is one too many. Reports of atrocities illustrate the dangerous, unwanted price to the safety of the people, while the hidden costs to the economy  and society beg to be  noticed. Citizens pay for these criminals’ healthcare, the schooling of their kids, their food and shelter, along with various other benefits. They compete with citizens, taking their jobs and government benefits, after never contributing anything.  There are many criminals among the illegal caravans. Terrorists declared intentions to hide among them, and many have been arrested there.

He Is a Fighter in the Gauntlet

President Trump has opposition like no president before him.  The Anti-trump and Never-Trump factions, aided and abetted by the news and entertainment media, along with academia, activist court judges, the Deep State, and obviously, Democrat politicians, have relentlessly criticized and harassed him and everyone around him since he announced his  presidential aspirations. He is a fighter in the gauntlet. A Person in such a dangerous area benefits from powerful and loyal friends. President Trump didn’t surround himself very many. Instead, he surrounded himself with enemies.This is thoroughly evident in nearly every policy and has come to the forefront in this case. He wasn’t  trying to carry out the old adage “Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer”. The outsider trusted  members of the affiliation he vowed to destroy –- what he calls “the swamp”. Meanwhile he angered some of his former political allies, and some of them might have worked  to prevent him from succeeding.  His daughter Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner, are the liberal Democrats in the Republican president’s inner circle.  They are the source of  policies appealing to  Democrats, and headlines of family strife over policies,  appealing  even more to the Democrats. It’s no coincidence that they diverted the wall project.    Deep Stater John Kelley did his part as well, covertly lowering the president’s funding requests.  His friends and family sabotaged his wall efforts as much as he did.

The details of the debacle are reported in the article How the Border Wall, Trump’s Signature Campaign Promise, Turned Into a National Emergency, by Michael C. Bender, the Wall Street Journal, February 15, 2019.

The Son-in-law:

In the first weeks of the Trump administration, Mr. Kushner raised tensions inside the West Wing when he entertained suggestions by Democratic lawmakers to secure wall money in exchange for supporting protections for immigrants protected under the Obama administration’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, known as DACA.

Mr. Kushner and Robert Lighthizer, the U.S. trade representative, also left some West Wing aides with the impression that the president should put the wall on hold while renegotiating the North American Free Trade Agreement.

Jared Kushner, the president’s son-in-law, pushed for a broader deal with Democrats to provide protections for some immigrants living in the U.S. without permission, while Vice President Mike Pence sought to limit the scope of the negotiations. Mr. Kushner cautioned the president about issuing a national emergency order; Mick Mulvaney, newly installed as acting chief of staff, pressed for it.

The Deep State Operative:

In March, Congress completed a $1.3 trillion spending package, but included just $1.6 billion for a border barrier, with most of the money intended to replace existing fencing. It banned the money from being spent on concrete slabs or any other of the wall prototypes the White House was considering.

Upset there wasn’t more money for the wall, Mr. Trump threatened to veto it. At an emergency meeting at the White House with his staff and Republican leaders, Mr. Trump learned that the spending bill incorporated all of the border wall money that was requested in the White House budget proposal.

“Who the f— put that in my request?” Mr. Trump shouted.

Mr. Trump directed his fury at Marc Short, then his legislative affairs director, while John Kelly, the former chief of staff was silent. Mr. Kelly was the Department of Homeland Security secretary when the agency made the request for border funds the year before.

 Squandered Opportunity

The Republicans had a president with a majority in both houses of Congress  Still the wall was never a priority to the Never-Trump leadership in  the House of Representatives and the Senate. The President tried alone to obtain wall funding and was rebuked by obstructionist Democrats bolstered by malfeasant Republicans. Then he abandoned the goal, and consequently his political base of support. Then he only retried when his trusted pundits warned him  that the realignment of the House of Representatives would quash any opportunities, and disenchant his voters.  Getting the deal done before the new congress convened was the last chance, perhaps ever, to secure the border, and fulfill his biggest campaign promise. Mr. Trump then pushed the  issue with the brinksmanship of two government shutdowns, to  no avail. The Democrats just waited out the standoff, as  a sports team runs down the clock at the end of a game, and let their news media friends blame the president when some people suffered from the resultant disruptions.  His strategy was desperate and doomed.

The Blame Game

The self-lauded  deal maker, lowered his request for wall funding to miniscule amounts, not even enough to make “Welcome” signs to everyone. His “big beautiful wall”  was changed  into a decoration. Democrats had all of the leverage in the situation, and refused him on everything. Then  the lauded titan of commerce agreed to a bill specifically allowing democratic controlled  jurisdictions to veto any barrier, as if he and  his advisors hadn’t even looked at the bill at all.  It also included gurantees against deportation for almost any illegal immigrant already in the country or embarking toward the border, a sort of chain-migration expansion.  This is so egregious that the only conclusion is that he really didn’t want the wall after all. Maybe he never did. It was all just an election gambit. The businessman wanted to inflate the labor pool for the great american economy, just as  the Koch’s and  the Chamber of Commerce.  He hoped citizens would blame the globalist judges when they vetoed border barriers. He would then claim he tried as much as anyone could, was stymied by Never-Trump Republicans and obstructionist Democrats in  the Congress , and they by activist judges in the courts.  He will  make this claim over and over. Don’t let them lie to you. This is all his fault. fault.

Photograph: President-elect Donald Trump walks to take his seat for the inaugural swearing-in ceremony at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C., Friday, January 20, 2017. (Official White House Photo/ Shealah Craighead)

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