The controversial 2016 US presidential election is quite the moneymaker for many of those involved in conspiring to prevent  a Donald Trump presidency.  Their publicity tours  offer new opportunities for them  to revisit the events.    There is much to discuss, as new details are revealed publicly.

The Anti-Trump and Never-Trump conspirators discussed the 25th Ammendment to the U.S. Constitution, when it was they  not able to deal with reality.  Their person did not win  the election, even as the previous administration sent  government  agents–- including some of them– to stop her opponent. Their crimes were among the most heinous abuses of government authority in  American electoral history.

Fill Your Canteen Under a Waterfall

Gathering evidence of  the Democrat conspiracy is easy.  There are so many indicators  its like filling your canteen under a waterfall. Here are just some of them: The F.B.I F.I.S.A. Court frauds; The dossier, and its dissemination; Peter Stzork; the different investigative standards for Hillary and Trump; The”Insurance policy “; Pres. Obama was “very interested “and wanted reports; The memo from Obama’s cabinet meeting, post-dated after Trump’s inauguration, that The Obama administration did nothing illegal in its investigation  of the Trump campaign; The Mueller conflicts of interest; the F.B.I’s Tom Brady Cellphone Plan; and so many others.

Trump was preoccupied with the presumption  of his innocence, because the MSM reported the allegations  relentlessly,  It was surely a consideration whenever he dealt with national and foreign leaders, disrupting his  bargaining position.  This was detrimental, not just him and his reputation, but to national interests. When the  country’s leader is mired in controversy and threatened,, his  counterparts can afford to discount him, and thusly the people in the country they represent.  The time and inconvenience of administration members replying to investigators, was taken from fulfilling the their elected mandate. If the president weren’t angry about it, then that  would’ve been a concern.

The M.S.M. always call Comey, McCabe, Mueller, Rosenstein, “lifelong Republicans “and mention they  were members of the Bush administration, to imply impartiality– and that there must be something about Trump that repulsed even  them–that people should take a warning from them .It’s quite the opposite the opposite. Many  Republicans and the  Bushes  not impartial. Let’s take a closer look at these two groups.

Trump rightfully emphasized the  issue of the  destructive Bush dynasty throughout the campaign. He chastised George H.W. Bush  Senior (Sr.) and George W. Bush(Jr.) both individually and collectively. He labeled Jeb Bush “Low Energy” and effectively eliminated him from the race. (The country owes Mr. Trump gratitude for preventing another Bush presidency, almost as much as preventing another Clinton in the White House.) This obviously didn’t endear him to the Bush family. The Bushes  are proud of their gentility and personal modesty; Trump is often crass and boastful. The Bushes are dangerous political adversaries. Sr. Bush arranged Jr. Bush’s nomination over the most able Republican group in history.  Everyone of those statesmen were immensely more qualified than the sports team owner.  Bush Sr. was the director of the C.I.A., arguably the covert base of the Deep State. Bush Jr. was a proponent of open borders and the policy once called “making the world safe for democracy “, now called “nation building “and “endless wars”. Trump wants to extricate the country from that role, to reallocate the citizens’ money to aid the citizens and their own country. Bush Jr. is very friendly with the Obamas. It is not too far-fetched that he might cooperate with Obama in a Never-Trump-Anti-Trump conspiracy.

The phenomenon of the so-called “Trump Effect” disrupted the Republican party. The old leaders, and  their failures, were rejected when a vastly different option inspired their disaffected constituency.  The  agenda of the new Republican  leader, after  having previously  considered  running for the  Democratic  party’s presidential nomination is a threat to their political survival.

The outsider came into the Lions den  and found his head in a lion’s mouth. He escaped, only to be chased by others. The Democrats accused other people of crimes they had not committed.  Meanwhile, the actual criminals absconded. The attempt to overturn the election goes until the next one. Reckoning will come eventually. Legitimate history, not the M.S.M. version of these events,will not be kind to  them.

Photograph:  Yosemite Falls Detail.

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