Your country is overrun with invaders.  They have changed the place.  Their first action in your land is to violate its laws by illegal entry, and many of your elected lawmakers encourage them and give them sanctuary.  You want to defeat this existential threat, among the many and this increasingly dangerous world.  You elect your champion to win the battles that no one else was willing to fight for you. He draws a ” line in the sand”quote, a “red line “. His predecessors’  lines were in temporary ink. This guy says what he means, and means what he says. He touts his new slogan “promises made promises kept. ” He deploys the military to defend its own country, instead of other nations that resent us. .The most dominant nation in the world asserts its rights.

Then, push comes to shove, and your team hits a wall, the border wall. Here’s what you got from the theatrical battle royale.  Anti-Trumpers stab you from the front. Never-Trumpers stab you in the back. Trump stands by your side, shoving you’ve front, back, and sideways, and then stabs you while he steps himself. When the scrum disperses, you have time to ponder, as you heal the wounds from the attack and the betrayal. You have a better vantage of your political surroundings and resolve to triumph over all of them, because the only alternative is forfeiting your national home.

Donald Trump is the megaphone of the silent majority He is the first to admit that he is just its representative. The outsider in the oval office has bemused “I guess I am a politician now.”  His actions just verified that. M.A.G.A. is bigger then it’s spokesperson. You, M.A.G.A.supporters, are M.A.G.A. You are the leaders of sovereign America and the guardians of its longevity.

Illustration:  James Weston/ Shutterstock



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