Joe Biden was popular among Democrats, and considered their best chance to defeat Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election. Since he was Barrack Obama’s vice-president, some considered him an extension of the administration, and the person best able to reclaim its legacy. Polls comsistently had him with a large lead over the other wannabes in the Democratic group.

His troubles began even before his delayed announcement that he decided to run for the Democrats’ nomination. A woaman publicly accused him of sexually harrassing her. Then other women came forward to exclaim they, too, had suffered from his way too touchy-feely demeanor. Her name was Lucy Flores, and she was a leader of a Political Action Group supporting Bernie Sanders’ 2016 presidential campaign. These incidents, somehow, were entirely ignored by the inquisitive scribes of journalism’s front lines, for many years. Feminists had never complained about their friendly “Uncle Joe”, then suddenly “Creepy Joe” stories appeared in every major news publication and were the topic dujour on every news broadcast. Nightly pundit theater also was fascinated with these “new revelations.” It would appear her very close afiliation with a competitor might imply a motive for dishonesty from her. Well, those news hawks, always ready find non-existent Trump adminsitration malfeasance, told us, typically, to “believe all women.” They didnt get the memo that the #MeToo movement has been outed as an organized and reckless smear campaign, more interested in promoting so called “marginalized” identity politics groups, than in sexual harrassment. Why, might this happen? Just look at the other non-coincidences.

During the Obama adminsitrartion, the president delegated dealings with the government of Ukraine, to his vice-president. Somehow, our ethical government leaders missed the fact that the vice-president’s son was employed by a firm doing business there, and that he was involved in illegal activities. A Ukranian prosecuror had caught these crimes and pursued conviction of young Biden. There were no calls for Vice-president Biden to recuse himself. Mr. Biden wanted to protect his son, and he just happenned to have the leverage of the entire government, of the most poweful nation in the world, behind him. Amazingly, he boasted of forcing cabinet level changes in a foriegn government, because he didn’t like the guy. Surely, his son’s impending criminal conviction had nothing to do with Biden’s international extortion? This would also seem to interest reporters dedicated to exposing crimes in the top levels of government. that event, too, never was reported much, if at all, even after an expected presidential campaigner told of this as a demonstration of his bravado. The non-coincidences do not end there.

Barrack Obama has often praised Joe Biden as his trusted and loyal friend, with many years of political experience guiding the less experienced president. Mr. Obama advised his friend to not run for the Democrats’ 2016 nomination. Mr. Biden had suffered family tragedy and mourning is not the best condition in a hard campaign. Mr. Obama also calculated that Mrs. Clinton had a better chance of winning the presidential election, and thus ensuring the Obama legacy wouldn’t get dismantled as promised by Mr. Trump. Although both issues were surely a concern for Mr. Obama, the leader of the political party had serious personal interests there. This was largely ignored by the “Fourth Estate” guradians of the galaxy, until The New York Times brought this front and center as Mr. Biden annonced his 2020 campaign. Then, as night follows day, the news purveyors told of Mr. Obama’s long term strategizing to convince his friend to stay out of Hillary’s way in 2016. The history compounded when the situation repeated itself this year, with Mr. Obama complimenting his friend, but refusing to endorse him early in the game. Ever the political organizer, he wants anyone to defeat Trump, and to reclaim the Obama legacy. That’s his priority. The liberal news media promoted this as further evidence of campaign Biden in trouble from the get-go. This is a non-coincidence.

While the liberal news media was casting doubt and aspersions on Joe Biden, other people benefitted from a different portrayal. Allegations against Bernie Sanders’ wife, as well as abuse of his 2016 campaign staff were not of interest to the journalistic night watchpersons. Reuters withheld reports troubling to Betomania. Perverse statements from other 20020 Democrats were not newsworthy to the sensationalists, many of them still refusing to deny the never proven Trump Dossier. This is also a non-coincidence.

The double standard of suddenly reporting and promoting allegations against Joe Biden, while ignoring and marginalizing the serious isssues of his competitors, is obviously no coincidence. The purpose is obvious. Joe Biden is not the far end liberal they admire. He is not a member of the groups they call most “oppressed” in society. In the new Democrat hierarchy, an old White cis-gender man is the worst person in the world, and must be stopped “by any means necessary.” The activism motivated liberal news media is Joe Biden’s insurmountable obstacle. They will attack his campaign with everything they have, until it is ended. Ironically, this is them defeating themselves, in predictable new Democrat style. The air is too thin in the woke-osphere. They are not able to realize that they defeat themselves when they prioritize their impracitcal and fact denying ideology over the common ground.

Illustration: Democrat Circular Firing Squad.; Lee Waters; “When a party loses a major election, it turns on itself; Democratic Firing Squad, Robert Platt Bell, Living Stingy.


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