Recent reports might convince some people that Joe Biden has rebounded from news media scrutiny, after the new Ukranian administration exonerated him, and his son, of illegalities, and while he tops the group of Democrat presidential wannabes. Those people shouldn’t be so sure, so soon.

The government of Ukraine had a regime change. Its new leadership is liberal and favors the democrats in their relationship with the U.S.A. That is the opposite of the previous admiistration’s strategy. The Bidens did what they did. New friends in the foriegn government are only frustrating political adveraries. That government has a comedian, a sitcom star there, as its leader. His having won their elections, perhaps is befitting for these rediculous political times, but their support of the Bidens should be taken less seriously than anything from his comedy career.

The polls have him leading, early, among a group with much less name recognition. The same pollsters infamously missed the 2016 election entirely. Besides, they will only allow him to get just so far, until thery rise up, just as Saddam Hussein’s elite guard after the American military invasion, to terrorize to the end.

Joe Biden for President 2020 was Dead On Arrival. There’s no reviving it.

Illustration: Democrat Debates, New York Magazine

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