The Mueller investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election veered off into collusion and obstruction accusations, all proven false. After years of ruthlessly harassing everyone ever involved with the president, even tangentially, and spending $35-40 million dollars, the Mueller report verified what everyone already knew. There was no collusion from anyone in the Trump campaign, most notably the president. The costs of the assaults on so many people are awful for them, and continue for some. Robert Mueller has a history of an egregious disregard of ethics and common decency, as well as indifference to morality. He remained true to form, as Michael Goodwin warned.

Another reason to be suspicious of Mueller is that he pops up just as Barr’s probe of the origins of the Russia probe is taking shape. Barr has called the probe anything but ordinary, saying that “spying on a political campaign is a big deal” and that he wants to get his arms around the reasons for it.

He has questioned the role of the intelligence agencies and the FBI, and mentioned the period between Election Day in 2016 and Inauguration Day in 2017, saying “some very strange developments” took place then.

Among them, he said, was the January 2017 briefing Comey gave to the president-elect about the Russian dossier and “the leaking of information subsequent to that meeting.”

Another element to consider is Trump’s declassification order covering investigation documents. Mueller is a career deep-stater and can’t be pleased about the decision to make them public. By coming out now, he gives Dems fresh talking points at a time when Trump ­increasingly looks like a strong bet for re-election.

The anti-Trump and Never-Trump team hired a ruthless hitman and came up empty. So, in announcing his failure to overturn the elected government, Robert Mueller manipulated the law to hurtle the country into a dead-end impeachment. The Democrat controlled House of Representatives will vote to impeach, and the Republican controlled Senate will vote it down. Meanwhile, nothing much gets done, according to the government status-quo. It is even worse than that, though.

Tucker Carlson offered this astute analysis.

It was apparently Trump’s response when he first learned there was going to be a special counsel investigation into Russia. “Oh God,” he said, “This is terrible. This is the end of my presidency. I’m effed.”

Well, as it turns out, Trump was wrong on the specifics. He didn’t get indicted. Mueller didn’t drive him from office. It wasn’t the end of his presidency, strictly speaking. But as usual, Trump’s instincts were clearer. In fact, they were dead-on. In the ways that matter most, the Russia hoax did end his presidency, in some sense. It’s certainly sabotaged it.

Mueller’s investigation ended critical momentum from the 2016 election almost immediately. It’s the momentum that every incoming president uses to get your program enacted, to make good on the promises you just made to voters. Trump didn’t have that, thanks to Russia.

Lawmakers, including a shamefully large number of Republicans who we really should name (but we’re out of time but we will at some point) were all much happier to talk about Russia than about changing the status quo in Washington — something they were benefiting from, but which Trump ran against.

And so they did talk about Russia endlessly. The result? An election that should have realigned our political process and changed this country had almost no effect. Two years later, virtually nothing has changed. 

He mentions the crucial issues that went unaddressed, and summarizes.

Two years later, virtually nothing has changed.The Russia investigation didn’t destroy Trump, but it did a lot to destroy this country.

Trump’s interactions with world leaders, as well as his negotiations with congress were hindered. The cloud over his presidency, and the implication he could be taken from office, made him less impressive, despite the bluster. He negotiates with dangerous totalitarians, including Kim of North Korea, Putin of Russia, and Xi of China, as well as Middle Eastern terrorist sponsors the Iranians and the Palestinians. We need any president to be able to project authority, and the democrats knocked him down to impotence. The Anti-Never-Trump coalition wanted him to fail miserably, to ease their goal of replacing the elected leadership with someone less threatening to them. They didn’t care about you or the country.

Sharyl Attkisson reported this missed opportunity.

It was no secret in the intel community that Flynn, former director of the Defense Intelligence Agency under President Obama, was not only aware of long-standing intel agency surveillance excesses, but was also planning to clean house. In the end, Flynn was unable to do the job because he got wrapped up in the Trump-Russia allegations. Funny, that.

Trump’s first term ended before the inauguration. Pat Buchanan laid out the timetable of Trump’s remaining term. Further investigations of nothing are already underway. The real conspiracy, involving the Obamaites and the Deep Staters might be revealed, if evidence doesn’t mysteriously go missing, and if the agencies have to cease their stonewalling. Unfortunately, the national agenda has come to a halt. Trump has boosted the economy, and placed Supreme Court Justices. If Trump wins reelection with the trifecta of Presidency, and pro-Trump Republican control of both the House of Representatives and the Senate, then maybe he could perform with a vengeance. As Trump stated:

“hope it is my greatest accomplishment.”

to expose the Deep State and the treasonous politicians and their media helpers. That is the State of The Union.

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