Amazon became a juggernaut, through innovation and a customer-centric business model. Jeff Bezos predicted the viability and capabilities of e-commerce before most people guessed it was even possible to have a business exceeding any mail-order catalogs and traditional stores. Their ability to offer what they call “earth’s biggest selection” with low prices, from something named after the world’s longest river, is incredible. So what are some criticisms and are the Democrats the people to complain to the popular business?

Is it because they pay no federal taxes on large sales profits? No that is Congresspersons wanting funding for their pork-barrel initiatives.

Is it because they are decimating industries with their model that traditional stores are not able to compete? No, that’s every traditional store that competes against them.

Is it because they are an international economic force? No, that’s China’s Alibaba business.

Is it because they allegedly pay many of their employees low wages? No,That’s the Prime Day strikers.

Is it because they reportedly foster personally aggressive competition and brutal criticism in their staff meetings with Trump- style management? No, that’s the employees reportedly crying at their desks, every day.

Is it because the same person also owns a leading biased news organization? No, that’s Trump.

Is it because they tried to make the best deal for them –- as all for-profit organizations must –- when they offered the New York city area a boost in employment? No, that’s AOC.

The Democrats and their sympathizers have a problem with Amazon’s success. What is it then, that the Democrats and their allies , have against Amazon?

Their problem is Amazon makes a profit, improves the lives of their employees and customers,and makes a profit after expenses. Those are all things the government does not offer. It also proves capitalism is able to work to everyone’s benefit. The Democratic-Socialists want to redistribute the money in the country . They want to decide where your money goes, instead of you. They’re just sure you deserve the money less than their chosen groups.

Photograph:  Jeff Bezos, Amazon C.E.O.

Jeff Bezos/Wikimedia Commons



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