The Congressional testimony of Robert Mueller, on his special counsel report, told the public much about the investigation, and also about the people promoting it.  We discovered the desperation and wonton disregard for human dignity and the fear of tables soon to turn the other direction.

The Paragon

Robert Mueller was a war hero, as well as the F.B.I. director during a the 9-11 terrorist attacks, the  most calamitous tragedy on American land, since the country’s founding.  He was also a prolific federal prosecutor.  His history of ethical and moral impropriety were suppressed in the fawning  get-Trump media.  His aggressive tactics were well known at the time of his selection as the special counsel, and probably was more of a factor than his designation as a “lifelong Republican”.  The conductors driving the impeachment locomotive, claimed they wanted a bipartisan investigation, but that was arguably never their intent.

The office of the  special counsel investigation into Russian efforts to disrupt  the 2016 U.S. presidential election, ended with Robert Mueller’s public  farewell announcement of the filing of his office’s report and the dissolution of that  office and it’s  staff.   They found  “no collusion” as president Trump has incessantly emphasized at his every opportunity.    Democrats in congress and Anti-Never-Trump world were thoroughly dissatisfied with that verdict.  They clung to  the allegations of possible criminal obstruction, to keep their fantasy alive.  As was mentioned during the testimony, prosecutors never exonerate anyone of a crime, and putting the lack thereof is never done.  As was also mentioned, Donald Trump is the first person in the history of American jurisprudence to be judged by the standard of prosecutorial exoneration.  Robert Mueller expressed his intention to retire from public comment on the matter, after providing a hint to congress that they must impeach the president.  The junta of Democrats in congress required him to testify to the House of Representatives and the Senate.  Many regretted that, after an embarrassing performance.  Conservatives declared “Impeachment is Dead!”;while some liberals were determined to carry on nevertheless.  It was mentioned that a statute of limitations on the alleged obstruction of justice, in the investigation of a crime that was proven nonexistent, could prevent prosecution.  They told us, if Trump wins, then he would be in office,  and not prosecutable.  They want him out of office anyway, so it’s a double motivator to them.


Many details were revealed or explained during the seven hours and thirty-five minute day of grueling testimony from the adulated bureaucrat.

  1. Robert Mueller was not present during almost all of the interrogations conducted in the investigation on his watch.
  2. Robert Mueller had a lawyer next to him during his testimony, because that lawyer handled all of the day to day operations of the special counsel investigation.
  3. Robert Mueller did not write his farewell speech, announcing the completion of the report of the office of the special counsel and highlighting the conclusions he felt were most relevant.

These revelations flew over most people’s heads as they listened to the testimony.  They were not emphasized in the news media analyses.  As usual, the most important and glaringly obvious facts escaped the American people.  I am here to tell you the  significance  of what you missed, since the  liberal media mavens mysteriously didn’t mention them to you.

Robert Mueller was not present during the interrogations, did not handle the day to day operations of the special counsel investigation, needed  someone else to brief him–or rather direct him– in real time as to his testimony, and was woefully “unfamiliar” with almost everything in the report, because he was only a figurehead.    Other people were running the entire thing, probably the reckless Andrew Weismann, whose infamous reputation preceded him and endeared him to the democrats.

The acquisition of the special counsel team deserves special consideration.

The Team

Robert Mueller was hired to investigate the most politically polarizing investigation, since perhaps the Watergate scandal.  His Republicanism was vaunted as an avenue to bipartisan support of whatever conclusions might have been determined.  He testified that  he was keenly aware of the ramifications, and that  he conducted everything in his purview with the utmost integrity.  The appearance of malfeasance would be unacceptable, when investigating foreign  sourced disruption and, well,  American malfeasance.  Nevertheless he appointed what Trump called the team of “Angry Democrats”  (That designation applied to everyone in Anti-Never-Trump land already, and does today, too.)

“We strove to hire those individuals that could do the job. I have been in this business for almost 25 years, and in those 25 years I have not had occasion once to ask somebody about their political affiliation. It is not done. What I care about is the capability of the individual to do the job and do the job quickly and seriously and with integrity.”–Robert Mueller

In those same 25 years he never had an investigation of the political system, involving political opponents.  Obviously people’s politics matters in that investigation. The country’s political system is based on fair elections.   He mentioned, when queried, his attempts to avoid the appearance of impropriety, motivated to have the public accept the final determinations of a final report certain to anger many people.  Yet in the most politically polarized investigation since the Watergate scandal,  with the most at stake, he hired publicly known and avowed supporters– having made large contributions–to the opponent of the people and campaign they investigated.  When confronted with Peter Strzok’s vow to prevent a Trump presidency, and several staff members’ disdain of both Trump and Trump supporters,  while they were  leading the  investigation down  suspicious avenues, the alleged special counsel himself had no concern. Strzok had done much to irreparably steer the investigation during his tenure. The persecution was no issue to the prosecution team.   Robert Mueller tacitly, if not purposefully, approved the deputizing of a mob of Democrat hit men , when he hired his team.

Declined Condition

Perhaps the worst part of the national Robert Mueller Day, was his condition.  He requested everything to be repeated, and wanted citations.  He wanted to find the specific item, before answering.  Perhaps, he might have a hearing problem, as many older folks have.  One of the  congresspersons  did talk too fast.  In most cases, though, those were not the likely reasons for the delays.  Robert Mueller was reputed to be  very alert throughout his career.  That would imply he was stalling during this testimony, when each questioner’s time was limited, so as to avoid having to answer them.  Unfortunately, that is not what appeared to happen there.  In previous years, he might have obfuscated more adeptly.   Tragically, he appeared unable to function.   It is an all too familiar predicament  in the aging population.

If you have ever cared for, or just cared about, a family member or friend suffering from an age related degenerative condition, then you appreciated the agony of Robert Mueller. 

You would have recognized his valiant attempts to cover his difficulty.  You would have discerned the uncertainty where he never would have had any doubts.  You would have diagnosed his  physical infirmity as he entered and exited the rooms.  You would have  identified  his debility  in his  failures  to keep up with the discussions. You would have not been misdirected when he tried to charm his way out of unusual behavior.  You would have understood that he did not write his farewell speech, or provide reporters any  opportunity to demand clarification,  because he was not able–and he knew it. People in such a condition are aware, even if  admitting it to themself  is too much, that they are not what they had always been.

Most of all, you would have been furious at those callous personages,  putting him in that situation, knowing full well that his diminishment would become his legacy.  Everything he had achieved would become secondary to the enfeebled remnant of a once vigorous person.  He expressed in no uncertain terms that he wanted to not testify.  He emphasized it when he said he would add nothing that was not in the report.  He was not very involved in the investigation or the final report, and he was not going to be able to bluff his way through.  That did not stop the desperate democrats.  The party of feelings over facts, demonstrated in excruciating exhibition, during the spectacle, they care about neither.

There were many areas  he appropriately refused to discuss. Ongoing investigations and court cases could have been effected.  Other areas he avoided, because he knew he and his team are guilty.  Any of his statements could be  against him and his persecution team.  

Respect for  human dignity is separate from holding  Robert Mueller accountable for his present and past  malefactions.  It also, is no excuse for those cruel manipulators of the crusade to overturn the votes of the citizens of this country.

Photograph: C-SPAN



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