The agenda tyrants  insist that everything is politics, and demand that no one is immune.   The rest of us remain vigilant, while meeting the world as it comes.  The new young liberals, often represented by the the Three Stooges—er, “The Squad” refuse to allow even that simple freedom.  There are many instances of this.  The” Environment in Crisis” narrative is among them.

The environment provides the elements necessary for life.  The air we breathe and the water wet drink sustain us., and in some ways become part of us.  The health of our environment effects the health of every human on the Earth. The beauty found in nature is related to the health of the environment, and not just hippies and “tree-huggers” appreciate the splendor.  God may have created the universe including this planet, however, it is the people and  animals living here  that are effected .    Throughout much of mankind’s history, scientists looked to manipulate the abundance of nature to make lives better, or to increase business profits.  Farming, minerals, manufacturing of goods from them—all advanced societies. This was progress.  Later in history, people discovered unintended downsides.  Pollution spewed into the air and oceans, and  lingered.  Then it increased.  Scientists correlated pollution with infirmities and damage to nature.  Scientists, naturists, and physicians were talking about concerns of the planet.  Some were practical, and others were wildly alarmist, but it was scientists debating those concerns.    The science of the environment eventually came to the attention of the political world, and that’s when the real danger began.

Science and Politics

Science is an exploration of hypotheses, where consensus  becomes accepted as fact. unless someone disproves it and enough scientists are convinced to form a new consensus.  The air and the oceans are very large and experiments only lead to extrapolations  concerning the  planet.  There are transient effects of pollution and there are cyclical patterns in nature.  Some offset, and others  combine to make a larger effect.  Differentiating them is often difficult.  Explaining these complex occurrences In ways people understand, is important.   Environmental activist, Barry Commoner explained these in his The Closing Circle and The Politics of Energy.  He elucidated  he effects of environmental policies on the health and welfare of people, postulating that fossil fuels are both not necessary in the long term, and are replaceable. It is a very commonsense conclusion that eliminating fossil fuels is worthwhile and necessary, eventually.  Coincidentally, Mr. Commoner was an avowed Socialist. His concern, though, was the environment.

Business  finances and apathy continued to leave the pollution and depletion of natural resources unabated.  This was not the top concern of everyday people.  Years became decades, and this lasted fifty years.  Then, politicians lathed onto the issue.  Al Gore reinvented himself after his presidential defeat, as a college professor and an environment activist.  He offered “Global Warming” as a cause of to be reckoned with, claiming that pollution is increasing in the Earth’s temperature, wreaking exponentially raging  havoc.  While people listened, the government and business  establishment  ignored him.  Serious scientists helmed the discussion with the competing theory of “Climate Cycles”.  Some consensus has concluded that both are correlated.  

Has AOC Got a Deal for You!

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, better known as AOC (the acronym from her name’s initials), warned of an environmental “crisis”, that—she cries—will result in human extinction in twelve years. (!) Yes, it’s the end of the world, she told us, and it is the foremost issue.  We’re all going to die (!) if we do not take drastic action. Immediately. (!). …and she has just the plan, called “The Green New Deal”, to save all of humankind from this catastrophe. There’s a few small problems, though.  First, she has no scientific basis for the twelve year prediction. Serious scientists first ridiculed, then scoffed at her assertion.  Rest assured, the world is not ending in twelve years form the degradation of our environment.  Life as we know it would end, if her policies were enacted.  While she calls to eliminate fossil fuels, applying a huge carbon tax, she also demands basically to destroy almost every building, to make them compliant with strict guidelines.  She told us the buildings just need retrofitting, although it is not possible or feasible in almost every case.  Progressivist politicians, eager to have some of the AOC charisma for themselves, pander praise for these policies that they do not understand.  We are not sure they even knew what they were before gushing with adulation. Those serious scientists,  the ones mainstream media ignores while touting the latest fallacious doomsday scenarios, condemned the policies of The Green New Deal as ineffective,overkill, and economic destruction.  That in and of itself might be enough to oppose her draconian remake of buildings and lifestyles.   The trouble is hidden in the details.  Did you find it?  This is not a plan to save the environment, it is a plan to make this a Socialist country.

You doubt?  Funding “those choosing not to work”. Who pays for that person?  The working people, paying taxes would pay to support a person—not disabled, not down on their luck, not in between jobs—someone just not willing to support themself.  The ultimate entitlement program for the ultimate entitlement attitude!  When confronted on this, her media helpers reported a “leak” ( also known as disinformation provided by the politician’s staff to excuse lying to the people) that the supposedly carefully crafted policy had been released to the public with a rough draft and that does not diminish the  depth of her thoroughly researched and carefully considered treatise. When your laughter subsides,  we are going meet other activists.

Scared Children

Greta Thunberg is a child activist from Sweden.  She embarked upon a crusade to shame adults into saving the environment.  She has lectured to government leaders in her home country, and around the world, including the United Nations and the United States Congress.  She warns that she “will never forgive” the adults she claims “ruined her childhood”, if they do not take the necessary steps to cure climate ills.  She is quite stern in demanding severe measures. The scolding pleas, coming from such a young child, are striking and attention- getting.  Leftists adore her. She is deservedly praised for her initiative at such a young age, and succeeding despite suffering from illness. 

Surely, this ingenue only wants to save the environment to have the possibility of a future? Surely not.  So as to prevent being a child basher, let her incriminate herself.  This, from her recent editorial:

That action must be powerful and wide-ranging. After all, the climate crisis is not just about the environment. It is a crisis of human rights, of justice, and of political will. Colonial, racist, and patriarchal systems of oppression have created and fueled it. We need to dismantle them all. Our political leaders can no longer shirk their responsibilities.

Greta Thunberg

Young Ms. Thunberg isn’t the only terrified kid.  Schools worldwide are requiring that climate studies courses, even in the youngest years, include  the unproven theory of the effects of “Global Warming” on the environment, while excluding the “Climate Cycles” theory, with proclamations of a “crisis”.  This has frightened children, giving them the adult malady of anxiety, In Canada, for example, young children were shown a presentation featuring a speech from Ms. Thunberg and a doomsday countdown clock, reminiscent of the Cold War scenarios. Check it for yourself. It is frightening, and purports as authoritative, an impending carbon death of planet Earth and its inhabitants. Children cried and couldn’t let it go.  They live in fear, and their furious parents blamed the ignorant educators entrusted with their progeny.  Kids, in many aspects, are deprived of an honest education, in order to promote a political agenda.


This discussion is compatible with windmills.  The Windmill is a  renewable energy resource, converting wind propulsion into energy.  They are obviously, only common in areas with much land to spare, and where there is–you guessed it–much wind.  The fictional Don Quixote attacked them.  Rock music legend Pete Townshend’s arm swings  are the most famous  “windmills.” Mr. Townshend was prominent when the hippies came to the fore, culminating in the Woodstock concerts.  A person could  call the environment activism the last hurrah of the hippies.   Mr. Townshend disdains the typical depiction of hippiedom.  He is familiar with the  history of social change activism. He is also an astute, and frank, interpreter of youth culture and its effects upon society.  He discussed  young Ms. Thunberg. 

Teen activist Greta Thunberg had been making the rounds when we talked, and he was troubled: “I worry that little Greta — I don’t want to patronize her, because she’s so fucking great — will be pretty pissed off.”

Townshend relates her work to his involvement in the 1960s Ban the Bomb movement and how the Cuban missile crisis came and went and London was still there. It left Townshend wondering what the point was. “She says, ‘You stole my childhood.’ Actually, she’s stealing her childhood. That’s the thing, whether or not we steal our own childhoods by worrying too much about things that we can’t control.”

Pete Townshend

Space Tourism Escape Hatch

The enviro panic isn’t limited to children and young adults.  Some older, and ingenious  business leaders,  want to live in outer- space.  Richard Branson, amongst others,  has gambled astronomical sums of money, that people would take the inherent risks, to have a NASA-style vacation.  They have endeavored to make “space tourism”  an actual business.  Although it is a nascent industry, real space flights are soon to occur. That is not their goal however.  They fear the demise of the planet Earth, and are preparing to colonize outer-space.  Some people have watched too much Star Wars.  Although their ingenuity could help humankind, they have the right to go large in their folly.  If they want to go, let them go.  Just do not let them come back.  Earth is a better gamble.

The End of the World

It’s the end of the world as we know it. It’s the end of the world as we know it. It’s the end of the world as we know it. And I feel Fine.

R.E.M. “It’s the End of the World”; Document (1987); Universal Music Group

There have been many dire doomsday predictions. None have occurred yet. The environment is important, and eliminating fossil fuels is obviously necessary, eventually. When politicians take these legitimate concerns and combine them with separate political agendas , they makes people oppose new policy. They have put Ecology back several decades, just as momentum was in its favor. For this, we turn Ms. Thunberg’s sanctimonious scolds back on her and Ms. AOC, “We will not forgive you.”

Illustration: The MCC Carbon Clock; represents the time remaining until the environment absorbable CO2 Budget is expended, and theoretically, the end of life on planet Earth.

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