The United States is the international superpower.  The American way of life is the envy of the world. The plentiful resources and rich heritage of its culture, position this country to succeed where  other nations are  lacking.  Economic and military might vaulted the USA quickly into preeminent leadership in the world of nations. The reaction of the runners-up, to  success and power spawned jealousy.  The United States has many enemies, and anti-American antagonists have been frustrated throughout.  The enemies of the United States, and what it represents, were frustrated and flummoxed.  They could not defeat it from the outside through military attacks, or economic cabals, because the USA was overwhelming them in every arena.

Breaking It Down

 The only avenue available, then, was to go inside, to destabilize the behemoth.  Wreck the supporting structures of a building, and it falls easily.  Whether it is age or brute force, any structure can succumb to enough pressure.  A nation is supported by a series of non-physical structures relating to  Its culture, and the institutions created and developed to further the purposes of the society.  The people trying to destroy the country, kept hidden and  did lay their groundwork;  The  SARS2CoVi  pandemic afforded them an opportunity.  Here then, is the diabolical plan It has been incredibly successful.

Learned Helplessness 

The American spirit is resolute, resilient and  free.  People immigrated here to live in liberty, and  they will fight to preserve it.  The primary Coronavirus Response Model is designed and executed to suck the life from them, and  then the country falls soon after them.  The Government and media amplify disinformation to persuade people to doubt their most intrinsic beliefs, and unravel their defenses. 

  • You probably were washing your hands , confident in your effectiveness, since before you remember when.  Suddenly, you’re told you’ve been doing it wrong through your entire life.  You aren’t even able to take care of yourself in a most basic way.  That’s disconcerting, isn’t it?
  • You’re told  the air you breathe will kill you,  and always had assassin germs in it.  Why didn’t you protect yourself from it before,  you careless idiot?  You can go to the grocery if you stand six feet away from other humans, because that’s how far the droplets of virus could reach out  to you. Oops, it turns out that distance should be three yards—three times the six feet guidelines—because the droplets carry farther than previously discovered.  Don’t worry, a cloud forms wherever an infected person has been, and lingers a few days in the airspace there.  You’ll be spared, although the mask you’re wearing is too porous to catch the virus droplets.  
  • Don’t wear a mask though, because they aren’t effective ; The virus particles are smaller than the porous areas of the available masks. Oh, now wear a mask, but not the better masks, because medical personnel and other first responders need them. You should wear a mask, but only to protect other people. It won’t help you.  Wear a mask, even though  you increase your exposure to the virus with one; You handle the mask with your hands , and your hands come into contact with surfaces where the virus might have been, so you expose yourself to the virus when you put the mask on, and when you take the mask off.   Oh, now  you are required to wear the mask whenever you’re  in a public place indoors, because you can’t stay six feet apart from other people in enclosed spaces.  Oops, almost every peer reviewed study  since the earliest use of masks to prevent the spread of infectious diseases, has shown only slight to no benefit.  
  • The virus lives on surfaces several days, and even gets into the food you eat.  Oops,  the virus doesn’t live on surfaces  very long at all.
  • Some businesses are necessary to the functioning of society, and others aren’t.  The designations are rarely based on science, but you’ll be arrested if you dare leave your home—other than to buy food and supplies to stay home.  The rules apply to you, but the government leaders and morality dictators of the media, can go and do whatever they want, because obviously they’re better  and more important than you.  They don’t have to explain that, because they’ve already taken your constitutional rights, including your right to disagree.  Protesting extended lockdowns when case levels could never warrant the extension, is a  vigorously prosecuted crime, whereas violently, protesting among a large group is encouraged.
  • Stay away from every person you know, and those you don’t, because they could accidentally kill you.  How could you have ever touched other people, their hands or a slap on the back?  It could. be fatal!  Don’t go near your family, or you could accidentally kill them, you selfish clod.
  • “Lockdowns save  lives!”  You’re told. Meanwhile more people are infected and die in places with strict lockdowns, than in places with no lockdowns.  Don’t dare mention it, or you’ll be harassed and banned everywhere.  

All of these turntable edicts make no sense to you?  Well, there must be something wrong with you, then.  That’s what they want you to believe.  Its almost enough to make people question their most basic beliefs and assumptions.  Bereft of those,  many people just give up and quit fighting back against the assaults. That is the purpose of f it all.

Governors against God and Religion

Religion  is the ultimate rulebook of life to most God respecting people.  Laws from people are secondary.  Religion is the source of optimism and resilience in the  best and the most difficult times.   Many people consistently attend religious services in honor and respect, and benefit from the reinforcement of the behaviors of a good and just life, while enjoying fellowship.  This is in contrast to people living depraved or non-religious lives, equally a product of those with whom they  spend their time. Frightened people look forward to worshiping together as a respite and  to buoy their spirit.   Godless governors cannot allow such healthy behaviors. A country overseas had a virus outbreak from a church group, and that’s the excuse to close them down here.  The many Governor sanctioned, non-social distanced events are approved, and religion is not, because religious doctrines often counter liberal agendas.   The result is the opponents of liberal amorality are deprived of a sustenance, to try and weaken them.  


Older people are called seniors or elders for good reason.  Many have wisdom and perspective from their life experiences.  Their efforts are why we have so much today. They appreciate the history of our nation, and what it tells us about preparing for the future.  They fought to protect “The American Way,”  and are proud Americans.  Many of them oppose the liberal agenda intended to eliminate their accomplishments.  Attitudes and mores have sure changed over the years.  Combine these attitudes with the ageism of youth, and the result is the ever increasing isolation of older people in this society.  The young homewreckers  cannot abide them.  They never tried to kill them off though…until the Corona insurrection sought to eliminate its obstacles.  

A group of governors failed their older constituents and their families and friends. It is worth mentioning that they are all Democrats. I’ll try to make the significance of this distinction obvious in the plan. Governors Andrew Cuomo (D-N.Y.), Gretchen Whitmer (D-Mich.), Gavin Newsom (D-Calif.), Tom Wolf (D-Pa.), and Phil Murphy (D-N.J.) all ordered nursing homes in their states to accept patients infected with CoViD, into their populations. Nursing homes have always been notorious in the spread of infections, because the older residents often have compromised immune systems, are often frail, and live in close proximity to each other. When administrators warned their state health departments that their facilities were not prepared with supplies or personnel qualified to provide appropriate care and prevention, they were rebuked. Many people died , and it is a shameful scandal. The Deaths from CoViD,in their nursing homes combined to a total of over 21,000 people. Those governors killed those people.

New York has suffered 6,360 nursing home coronavirus deaths, a number that represents more than 25 percent of the state’s coronavirus deaths and more than 4 percent of the state’s nursing home population.

Michigan has suffered 2,297 nursing home coronavirus deaths, a number that represents more than 41 percent of the state’s coronavirus deaths and more than 3 percent of the state’s nursing home population. Whitmer has yet to rescind the order.

California has suffered 2,560 nursing home coronavirus deaths, a number that represents more than 50 percent of the state’s coronavirus deaths and 1 percent of its nursing home population.

Pennsylvania has suffered 4,268 nursing home coronavirus deaths, a number that represents more than 68 percent of the state’s coronavirus deaths and more than 3 percent of its nursing home population.

New Jersey has suffered 6,432 nursing home coronavirus deaths, a number that represents more than 50 percent of the state’s coronavirus deaths and more than 10 percent of its nursing home population.

It may be impossible to parse out exactly how many elderly Americans in each of these five states suffered exposure and death due to these deadly orders, but the nursing home policies of Cuomo, Whitmer, Newsom, Wolf, and Murphy certainly contributed to these horrific death tolls.

Death Sentence’: Why Did Dem. Governors Place COVID-Positive Patients Back in Nursing Homes?, Tyler O’Neil, P.J. Media, June 17, 2020

Arrested Development and Throwing the School Children Under the Bus

The same research demonstrating the severe risk to the elderly from the virus, also shows young people have an inverse risk.  The youngest have the least risk.  The exceptions are extremely rare,.  Health issues including suicides result from the lockdowns, while students are regressing in their studies.  Those demanding schools to close, or demanding “distance learning” ( discovered to be a contradiction in terms as it failed in every school) are literally destroying the life and future of their children. That is reprehensible, and any teacher supporting school lockdowns should have their certificate revoked. Striking teacher unions proved they don’t care about the children they teach—those kids are the purpose of their profession and deserve care.  It is just another useful destruction in the plan, to create incompetent adults requiring government assistance throughout their lives.  Their happiness and success is irrelevant to the elitist ruling echelon.

National House Arrest

State governments, with encouragement from the federal Coronavirus Task Force, deemed it necessary to require mandatory lockdowns.  The government officials arbitrarily determined two categories of businesses.  Businesses providing necessary services were allowed to carryon, while all others were required to close.  These schemes were supposedly based on science, but we later discovered them to be frauds.  Early on, incisive scientists, epidemiologists and  medical doctors applied empirical evidence, theoretical evaluation, and honesty, to warn of the fallacies inherent in the common models and the plans of the pompous politicians. The studious  analyses identified fatal errors in the core of the models.  They scolded their colleagues that the draconian policies violated the  primary rule of medicine,” do no harm,”   and that the alleged benefits  were at best, oversold.  

The development of science is the result of scholarly debate.  Someone develops a postulate, tries to prove it empirically, and then others try to replicate the results or refute them, through empirical or theoretical means.  When a majority of reputable scientists agree on a theory, it becomes accepted as scientific fact, although it can be reevaluated with reasonable doubts.   We have always called this process “ the Scientific Method.”  It is  how every widespread, accepted belief concerning the physical world has occurred.  The new science of liberal academia disavows all traditions.  The new elites of Academic Science are now allowed to decide and then dictate with unproven facts and spurious theorization.  Dissent in this realm is treated with  the same disdain as it is in much of society today.  Ad hominem  attacks from their peers, and online bans, either disparaging or hiding such  blasphemy  against the orthodoxy, are the new normal in the former home of intellectual pursuit.  

What of the people trapped in their home prisons? People gladly submitted to House Arrest, and beg the wardens, the government politicians they elected, to grant them their rights, and the possibility of future parole.  They’re never getting released from that jail.  

Poor health

CoViD attacks inflammation most severely, and lung health is key to fighting it off. The imposition of various busywork preventatives is causing more harm than good, to people’s health. Breathing through masks is more difficult than breathing freely, decreasing oxygen, although slightly, similarly to men’s neckties. People are being exposed to increased levels of toxins from the desperate prevention rituals imposed on them in and away from their homes.  What kills biological viruses, also kills humans when ingested in large enough amounts.  Although individuals are not usually exposed to fatal doses, accumulation of the small doses causes significant harm over the long term.  It was only fairly recently that scientists realized the correlations among continual minimal exposures and dysfunctions and diseases.  No one cares now, when they could die tomorrow from a pathogen in their surroundings.  

People’s physical defenses are also down.  Lockdowns holding people in their homes, prevent exposure to the SARS2Coronavirus—and to everything else.  Immune systems fail without at least occasional fresh air outdoors, and public immunity requires people to come into contact with one another, to stimulate each individual’s immune system to create antibodies to illnesses. SARS2CoVi is a coronavirus. You know what else is a coronavirus, in the same category?…The Common Cold!  That’s right, the Common Cold! There are many coronaviruses.  There are many contagious diseases and illnesses.   Healthy immune systems and the general group protection called Herd Immunity prevent extinction from weak illnesses.  Lockdown victims, with weakened immune systems, and lacking the assist of Herd Immunity will get sick more, and have a worse time fighting off colds and flu. The prolonged lockdowns were unnecessary, and not only didn’t make the population healthier, their result is a weaker population in the years afterward.  

People feel better about themselves when they are well groomed,  Since salons were closed, sloppiness  in appearance spread to sloppiness in attitudes.  Gyms were closed and many healthy, strong people suffered having their hard won fitness levels fall.  Their physical energy and  ease of function in their everyday lives decreased, as emotional stress increased.  Unless a person was sufficiently able to overcome the stress and fear of the situation, and improvised well enough, their  exercise  routines were halted.  Routines help many people keep a healthy attitude. The synergy of healthy routines gave way from some people. Some will find it difficult to return, and some might stay in their new sloth. It is another sacrifice to the egos of academic and government elites.  

Stress levels increase with  any change in a person’s everyday routine.  A person becomes irritable when trapped.  It’s one thing to choose to stay home; it’s quite another to be required by law to stay put.  The euphemisms:  starting with “Shelter in place,” and it’s variations “Safer at home” and “Stop the Spread,” mitigated the aggravation perhaps  half of one day—then the reality of long-term isolation settled in to torment every person in locked down cities.  A person worries when they dwell on their  own mortality.  Anxiety exacerbates a person’s lack of control over their situation. Stress levels skyrocket when all of these factors are combined in an open-ended quagmire.  


Lockdown Isolation is difficult on the most adaptable of people with healthy attitudes and behaviors.  People with dysfunctional attitudes and behaviors have a deep struggle in the home jail, and those around them suffer.  Levels of depression are considered to have increased extremely, both the average version and the clinical version.   

Substance abuse was already an epidemic, and many addicts descended further.  Others had conquered their disease, only to relapse under the deluge.   Overdoses  were another grim failure.  The malevolent government leaders responsible, doubled-down, allowing liquor and other recreational drug businesses  in their “necessary business” proclamations. 

Some people  are not able to endure calamity at all.  When the first reported lockdown induced suicide occurred in the UK,  it was obvious it would be a harbinger of a disaster.  The sociable young person in the case could not realize that her isolation was  not permanent, and she took the permanent ending.  Too many lives will have ended that way, during lockdowns, or afterward, from the economic collapse that governments hath wreaked. Although full official statistics aren’t compiled yet, anecdotal evidence is tragic.   

CoViD is not the only illness or disease in the world. People were dealing with diseases, many fatal, long before the Virus Of The Day.  Suddenly the establishment couldn’t care less that more people were dying from those diseases, or—worse—that many preventable deaths occur from the lockdown policies.  Hospitals were Coronavirus reserved, and other medical care was closed down.  People avoided going to the hospital, even when some services were available.   People suffering from acute or severe  chronic  conditions, were not going to the hospital.  Cancer and Cardiac screenings were missed.  Severely ill, chronic disease patients were not getting the care that keeps them alive.  Many surviving thus far, are expected to die early, from missed preventative and early stage care.  In effect, state governors murdered them with lockdown policies.    

Social Isolation

If you are old enough to have had a landline phone, then you have surely contrasted your own abilities with  the incredible lack of social skills among many  millennials and younger people.  You also have found their antisocial behaviors relate to their disconnected existence. Meanwhile, suicides and  addictions, attributable to loneliness, abound  in a record tragedy.   Various research studies have proven the benefits of  physical touch to human well being.  Physical presence is a phenomenon affecting personal interactions in ways we don’t notice,  and is very significantly different from the cloistered meetups of Corona World.  Hugs, backslaps , etc., were  the first to go, and then physical proximity.  No one is saying unwanted touching is acceptable.  However,  in an extended quarantine environment,  people aren’t ever really “there for you .”   Humans are social beings.  This isn’t just an issue interesting extroverts; introverts require social contact occasionally as well. Only socially deprived youngsters would  dispute that.  Enjoy your new reality kids. 


Most discussions of Corona Catastrophes lists the economic hardship first, and democrats often chafe on them.  They call those concerned with the destruction of businesses and livelihoods: money obsessed.  So it’s mentioned after other disasters here.  The Democrat argument is a byproduct of their welfare state paradigm.  The fact is, the personal devastation from the economic collapse is epic and an immense tragedy.   Millions of Americans had self-sufficiency and the ability to pay their debts, one day, and the next day they were denigrated to accepting government assistance.  Some might never return to their previous success.   This is effecting many individual lives, as well as the overall economy. Twenty percent of the formerly employed totals  to fifty-million unemployed people dependent upon the government to provide their livelihood.  Saving the new generation, the largest in history, of the welfare state, will  pull the entire economy down with them, through no fault of their own. The national debt, mostly owed to, ironically, CoViD supplier China, quadrupled; and exponential increases are  expected with each new legislative  bail out.   Democrats make sure to compound the problem, insisting that these people receive  more money in government payments, than from returning to their job.  When it’s better pay to stay home, employers can’t even beg them to help revive their dying businesses.   Perhaps those should be counted as CoViD deaths along with the  other non-infection deaths.


Democrats have been trying to encourage lazy people to vote, for decades.  A national Election Day holiday might have some benefit, since working people have a time conflict.  They have to vote when they’re not working.  Of course they could vote early, but common sense and simplicity have never been a Democrat strong suit.  They, instead, want people to vote by mail. Since they convinced people it’s too dangerous to go to a public place and vote, the theory has some temporary support from the ignorant.  Democrats  demanded it bundled with economic relief legislation. Fortunately, that maneuver has failed thus far.  Despite what liberal mainstream media claims, voter fraud is not only possible, it is inherent, in mail-in voting.  Previous elections are rife with such abuses.  These are well documented.  People voting for others; people voting in the name of deceased people; people voting multiple times,; ballots not delivered to the voters; ballots not delivered to be counted; ballots not counted; and ballots over-counted.  It happens in every election with a mail-in option. There are also the occasional cases of a mail carrier tossing a day’s mail in a dumpster, or delivering other people’s mail to the mail carrier’s home and never delivered where it was addressed.

Perhaps Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez  and  “the Squad” are too young to have watched the “hanging chads” of the 2000 election.  The spectacle of ballot recounters, each with a magnifying glass, determining if a partially poked-through hole in a ballot was meant as a vote or was an accident from the voter, provided excruciating tedium during endless live coverage.  The election was decided when the Supreme Court ended the recount, considering the tally delay a threat to national security.  Some even trace current political gridlock to that infamous moment in election history.  Democrats screamed over that then, yet are determined to lead us into another chaotic election result.

Googling the Vote: Giving Russia the Decisive Ballot in Every Election

Internet voting is the new mail-in scheme.  After all, email has largely replaced postal mail, and many people have access.  What could go wrong there?  A lot could go wrong there.  Let’s start with the recent failures of voting apps in primaries. The DNC struggled with their app plan after the first primary of this election, when they couldn’t tally results after several days, and the results they finally obtained  weren’t reliable.  This fiasco reoccurred  when it was tried later.  Then there’s online security, the biggest contradiction in terms of the twenty-first century.  Have you had your personal details breached or your credit card numbers taken? It has happened to many people. You are threatened with the theft of your personal data with every transaction online.  Since businesses store the details  we give them or they obtain from other sources, your identifiables are available even if you are a technophobe avoiding e-commerce. Of course, Silicon Valley hubris gave the tech titans unwarranted smugness that their  Blockchain is  the “unhackable” supercode.  Sorry,  your Blockchain has been hacked, you Blockheads.  There is no guaranteed unhackable online transaction, and the internet is not secure enough to hold an election there.  Gee, maybe the Russians and other countries might exploit that someday.  Oh, didn’t the Democrats tell us the Russians hacked the DNC servers?  Although that claim has been factually and empirically debunked, the Democrats swear to it.  Most of the major tech companies mentioned as the epitome of security, have all been hacked on a large and embarrassing  scale. Apple, Google, Facebook, and Twitter to name just a few. So why would the next election be secure online?  Also, let’s consider that all of the major  online tech companies, the advisors and providers of the proposed election conduit, have publicly espoused their desire to influence the election, and acted accordingly.  Their preference would become a digital coup.   


The pandemic has made people more dependent on Big Tech than they already were.  People seek news often amidst disruptions, and coronavirus  research and policy change daily.   Most of us get news online, where the social media and search engine content curators are the gatekeepers of  the world’s information.  They’ve taken sides on the major issues of the day and utilized their control over the  devices (computers and phones) accessing the conduit (the WWW) through which it is s delivered.  When Googlers  and Social Media kings censor narrative-contrary facts and discourse, people cannot discern what is actually happening in the world.   People isolated from their friends and family, and those working from home while their offices are closed, depend on messaging, email and videoconferencing.  Entertainment is only available in the home when theaters and sports arenas are closed.  People are living in a modern version of the  Lifehouse project. The fictional world has become reality. 

The ever-increasing  shift away from the physical world, and into the virtual, online world, gives tech corporations  further control of your private details. It gives them further  gatekeeping authority to shape the perceptions that, to many people, become reality.  When people believe the unreal is real, then they are easily manipulated. A dystopian ending is in that algorithm.    

No Expectation of Privacy

Years of activism had finally protected the personal health data in patients’ medical records.  Previously non-existent privacy rights became the irrevocable standard.  Since the Coronavirus takeover took effect, our privacy rights became irrelevant.  Suddenly, governments have access to records of your medical history from providers, and  your biological functions from your phone and connected timepiece.  Government offices, businesses, and  employers can scan you anywhere you go, to monitor your temperature and whatever else.   They spy on your whereabouts at all times, even more than they already had.   Most people accepted these invasions of their privacy, because they were told they had no choice and that the incursions ostensibly protected them from infection.  We were fighting  “the invisible enemy,” as the president called the virus.  This was touted as a temporary inconvenience.  Governments rule through control of the public.  The more control they have over people’s lives, the happier the politicians.  They  rarely give that back, and only when the people  demand to reclaim it.   

Jail Break

When everyone is afraid of each other, distrust and paranoia are inevitable.  It should not surprise anyone when public violence becomes accepted as an emotional release, in such a paradigm. People breaking free from long imposed restraints, ignore their own self-control as they seek breathing room—pun intended— from draconian lockdowns.  They’re certainly not willing to accept government authorities reigning them in, when they’re acting out.  The governments that imposed restrictions have a difficult challenge with them, and put police in a no win situation.  Riots?  Well, sure,  liberal fascist lockdowns create another impetus to anarchy.

Martial Law

People were persuaded that the only way to keep the death totals low, and to have government permission to have some of their life, is to allow privacy invasions.   Governments take your smartphone G. P. S.  tracking data, knowing where you go, and when.  They also know who you’ve been around.  Ostensibly they want to warn you of virus exposure, and to require people to isolate themselves after exposure, long enough to avoid spreading the infection to other people.  They claim that they don’t keep the data, and will stop watching you when the crisis ends.   Everyone knows that once given up, rights are basically gone forever. 

The Citizens Are the Enemy of the Liberal Fascists

Some cities and states are deploying drones to enforce Social Distancing.  The flying saucers warn people when they’re not six feet apart from each other.  Are they going to start taking people out the way military drones assassinate terrorists such as Baghdadi? Are  your phone  and wearable devices going to become Dog Fences, giving you  not-subtle warnings when you dare violate lockdown edicts? They already  have lockdown violators  in jails with virus cases, where they released the  criminals.  Selective prosecutions are the standard of the insurrection supporting judiciary. 

Scared New World

Our new normal over the next years is exemplified in the photographs  of  young Chinese school kids, sitting behind their desks, wearing masks.  Our kids aren’t allowed as much freedom as in those in totalitarian  Communist  societies.  We are already accustomed to that. Masked  Antifa fashion, and social anxiety, are the future.   The new antisocial world  will be the least friendly humankind has ever experienced.  It will not be a  wonderful world. 

Illustration: Down graph on a USA map background. Waving textile flag of USA fills country map. The concept of deterioration, reduction, decline. A. Kisel / Shutterstock


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