The pandemic ruling our lives, began late last year, and our government largely ignored the impending health crisis.  During a time when we ought to have had the necessary disease testing and policy strategizing, our leaders  were preoccupied with their own political self interests. They weren’t worried about Americans.  Instead they were busy with Impeachment.   

The Impeachment Genocide

The latest in a series of “ any means necessary”  scams from the poor loser Democrats was the talk of the town. The news media was thrilled with its big event, and consequently  missed the biggest story of their careers. They should have emphasized a killer disease on a collision course with the country and the world,  sounding the clarion call. Unfortunately that’s not  the sort of reporting that interests them these days. They gave the spotlight to the Democrat impeachment charade.   Adam Schiff and Joe Biden’s talent pool were trying to evict the president, over a non-event phone conversation, a discussion entirely the prerogative of a United States President.     Trump  and his  entire administration later boasted  that hey weren’t overly distracted, but common sense belies such bombast.   Had Senate Republicans somehow chosen to give him the Julius Caesar, he would have been out of office.  Democrats were intent on prosecuting him on anything they might make  up. They promised to pursue him after he leaves office,  if they couldn’t  take him out first. They didn’t bother to legislate, because self-serving demagogues are not public servants.  They’re a plague upon the electorate. Basically, that was their approach to his entire term. They didn’t bother to legislate, because they aren’t public servants. They are a plague upon the electorate. 

Public health experts unanimously agree that the time period just after  the spread of CoViD was discovered, was a crucial juncture in the battle against the disease.  Valuable time was squandered by the Democrat Impeachment lawyers and other AdHominem activists. Many people blame the president on his early inaction against the pandemic , when they should accept that the HateTrump crusaders are the most responsible.  The AntiTrump, and NeverTrump, Impeachment team shenanigans effectively killed  thousands of Americans, and its not even close to over yet. 

Congress Proved They Are the Least Necessary Workers.

Derek Hunter

Thats what Derek Hunter called them, and with very good reasons. Congresspersons  negotiated to produce aid to the multitudes of people whose livelihoods were devastated.   Every politician wanted the moniker of guardian. Somehow,  urgency generated nothing.  

Democrats refused to work, on the basis of advice from epidemiologists. Only when the Senate enacted a risk-mitigation plan, did the House of Representatives feel the need to participate. Then, when a final  vote was in order they left town. 

What happened was a typical government failure. The  art of Gridlock was in the way.  The Democrats’ attitude was later summed up in a Hillary Clinton  summed up the Democrats’ attitude.statement.  Never let  a good crisis go to waste,” she said, and she really wasn’t  kidding. Democrats demanded wildly unrelated items bundled into any relief package. A provision  on Abortion rights  was among the most chafing to republicans.  Government proliferation of recreational drugs was wasteful and  reckless pandering.  Millions of dollars and  public healthcare benefits to illegal migrants should have been a  deal-ender.  Circumstances  though, readjusted the viable options. The fate of millions of newly unemployed, and soon to be jobless, Americans  was  worsening daily. The economy was in a death spiral. Congress had to act. So, Republicans caved to every extreme liberal demand.  

Two Republicans, Senator Josh Hawley, Iowa  and  Senator Robert Massey, KY,  requested a  little responsibility from their colleagues, to stop and make sure before they unleashed this snowball down the  Capitol hill. These two  adults among children,  sought accountability and responsibility. They expressed concern over two obvious issues: payments to individual employees recently laid-off, and the total price of the huge bill on a debt-ridden economy.  

Firstly, the bill  paid extra unemployment benefits over what the recipients would have earned.  Senator Hawley  felt this would discourage employees from returning when a lockdown ended. Although ridiculed as preposterous, his prediction came true in embarrassingly large numbers, proved with direct evidence.  

Secondly the spending bill was the largest amount in history. The economy was over the abyss of a calamity rivaling the Great Depression.   Congress generated the largest expenditure in the history of the nation.  Senator Massey called for an in-person vote, as was the standard procedure. This triggered Democrats. They had been violating truancy and were preparing their worst insult to their constituents.  Republicans were hiding in their homes too.  When lawyers warned a quorum was legally required, legislatures scrambled to gather a group. 

The conscientious  senators,Hawley and Massey,  were right.  Instead of deserved praise, they were chastised by their colleagues. Democrats resented anyone trying to wrest them from their vacation homes, while  RINO Republicans were the most abusive.  Commandant Trump, shamefully demanded them evicted from  his party, in the most grotesque moment of his reign.  The Swamp  Hunter  had become another D.C. shapeshifter, and morphed himself into the biggest, baddest Swamp Monster of them all, rivaling his worst enemies.  

Republicans had given-in on every item of contention, giving up on their most basic values, gifting leftists their wildest dreams wishlist. Mitch McConnell’s morons, promised,  after they surrendered to Pelosi and her posse, “The Squad,” that it was a first and last capitulation.   

The federal budget rioters didn’t stop there.  The next iterations of the budget busters included more throwaways.  The looters gave themselves carte Blanche with your paycheck and retirement fund. 

The thank-you note would be enclosed with your  misprinted,  and late , election ballot. 

Why is it that when congress finally breaks through their gridlock, they damage as much as they aid.?  Citizens  struggled and when Congress was best situated to act, Democrats let the situation deteriorate to harm Trump’s economy. While First Responders and employees  from the arbitrary “ necessary businesses” category, took the risk of viral exposure, the officials they elected, anointed themselves above them. As Dereck Hunter aptly summed it up. Congress proved they are the most “unnecessary employees” in America.    

Further, while people’s livelihoods and future were killed along with the other fatalities, the glad-handers from the last election, slapped voters down with the back of their hand.  Malfeasance and malevolence  combined to make a terrible government. 

Media Steering the Car

The news media should have brought needed clarity and reassurance to a frightening and frustrating period. They chose, instead, to continue their election quest.  While the administration lagged, the media got in front and created a narrative, from anecdotal evidence instead of scientific.  They terrified the public with worst cases, and told everyone those rare cases were common.  People wanted more details and those. news organizations were rewarded with traffic and viewership. The incentive was in heightening fear with worse stories.  and doubling  down despite evidence that opposed the narratives. A devolving cycle  entrenched itself. 

The media defends their Lockdown House from those more credible than they, with help from Democrat-media partners in crime, the lords of the social media kingdom.   Since dissent threatens narratives, opposing views are ridiculed, then banned, then disappeared. 

Try to  find the video of the California doctors discussing empirical data  from their medical practice and their professional analysis of the malignant effects of Gavin lockdown  policy.  Millions of views and then gone from every platform. 

Try to find the “ Frontline Doctors”  discussing their experience treating CoViD patients and their analysis of medical and public policy options. The video had millions of views and then it was gone from every platform. You might find the racist attack against one of the courageous physicians, because she earned her medical degree in Africa.  Perhaps you heard of the group leader Dr. Gold and how employer dropping her over the publicity, and her wrongful termination lawsuit.  How ironic it is when liberals make their only exception to their false Intersectionality credo, to denigrate people as inferior because they are a woman or an African-American, even when they are  medical professionals. 

Trump Administration

President Trump gathered a group of distinguished experts to lead a government response to the CoViD crisis.  The drivers of this car were Dr. Birx  and Dr. Fauci. Both of them had cred from their contributions to the fight against HIV and AIDS. While there has been much progress there, and it is lessened from a fatal disease to a chronic disease, in many cases, there is no cure and no vaccine over thirty years later.  Other members of the group  vary in reputation. 

The  government’s “ Coronavirus Response” was fraught with missteps and miscalculations. They didn’t know what they were dealing  with and chose to take drastic actions. They deployed last resort option first.  In short, they overplayed their hand in a very  high-stakes  card game. 


The Novel Coronavirus was just  that—Novel. Epidemiologists had a new disease and hardly  any data or history to guide their planning. We might have expected they would  start with the primary goal of medicine: “ first, do no harm,”  with prudence and deliberation. It appears epidemiologists forsake that tradition.  Instead of gathering observations, they rushed to judgement. They latched onto the first model they could find, despite glaringly obvious fatal flaws (pun intended).

The government scientists, as many of their peers around the world, hurriedly grasped onto anchor-less theories. The Imperial College of London Model was a horrendously weak extrapolation of speciously related  data points.  Other models fared nearly as poorly. Meanwhile, Trump and his team disparaged the Herd Immunity plans, despite their success in Sweden, only to finally admit that is the end -game goal of any pandemic response. they didn’t admit that they delayed it with the lockdowns. Their impunity from their bold-faced lies is astounding.

Panicked scientists in leadership didn’t feel they had the time or the obligation to act professionally. When reasonable dissenters warned of a deadly catastrophe from a wild goose chase, and implored common sense to prevail, these serious scientists were shunned and then banned.  The air of Fauciian authority gave credibility to dead-end models, before they were vetted and Garbage in-Garbage out ( G.I.G.O.) public policy ensued. 

Lockdown Folly

The US doesn’t just need to flatten the curve. It needs to “raise the line.”
How everybody can do their part to help doctors fight coronavirus, in one chart.
By Eliza BarclayDylan Scott, and Christina Animashaun  Updated Apr 7, 2020, 3:45pm EDT

The pandemic models claimed hospitals would quickly  become overrun with CoViD patients, and many fatalities were preventable if the country took “ two weeks to stop the spread” of the virus.  Two weeks seemed drastic but worth the costs to the economy. Charts illustrating the difference between a two week lockdown and no lockdown were distributed everywhere. Media and Big Tech tyrants summarily dismissed any and all dissenters before banning them.  Two weeks became just a little longer, and became months with no end planned. 

Data and anecdotes have not been kind to the Coronabros. Well, unless you’re relying on MSM.  They are culpable and don’t want you aware.  Various real science, with empirical rather than obfuscated evidence, has proven the lockdowns made the situation much worse. Trapping people together made infections increase instead of decrease, while deaths of despair are already increasing in large totals. Missed medical treatments will cost many lives in wellbeing and longevity in addition to those dying directly. Over the years, many, fatalities will be the final judgement of dismally, flawed  government policy. 

They Overplayed Their  Hand 

The most basic strategy of any game, or even a war, is quite simple. Do not expend your most powerful and short-lived  option on the first move of the game. Obviously, the pandemic czars of the federal.  stare and city governments, are reckless and irresponsible gamblers. They dropped the nuclear option early and it blew a hole in the society and the economy that might never be filled.  

‘We May or May Not Flatten the Curve but We’ve Certainly Flattened the Economy’

Brit Hume; Fox News; Carlson Tonight; April 7, 2020.

The Birx Over-count 

People inevitably become increasingly restless with lockdowns,  until they just refuse to take  them any longer. The authorities are well aware of this, and weren’t surprised when people ventured out. The government czars  had overplayed their hand and the people rebelled. So, how might they convince people to continue government imposed  self-harm?  Doctor the stats, of course. 

Official Announcement: Dr. Birx and the feds classifying ALL Coronavirus deaths as CoViD deaths, regardless of the cause/.NYPost; Via Zy Marquiez

Dr. Birx announced that the government would embark on a new case counting scheme.  Fatalities would be arbitrarily counted as CoViD, without any test results or any empirical evidence. They would be assumed stricken, because all other causes of death had been officially outlawed.  

Found dead in their home? CoViD! 

Heart Attack— assumed they were so worried over the virus that their panic  caused the coronary —CoViD!

Chronic Organ Disease—CoViD!


This deceitful absurdity worsened to blaming vehicular fatalities on the virus. When the virus was present, the victim was assumed to survive injuries that had almost always killed people. When the virus was not present, it was still assumed present and the cause of their death.  

Case counts and fatality tallies, not surprisingly,  skyrocketed.  Oh, how the Czars and the media celebrated! The rapid increase in CoViD cases and deaths justified the panic and severe  lockdown edicts, while vindicating the policy makers and the pimps of the fear Porn.   Dr. Birx had created a  self-fulfilling prophesy of statistics.  This deceit has only worsened. The plan was obvious to me immediately when she announced it, and you might have guessed it too. it went mostly unnoticed.  The media tries not to reveal itself or it’s allies. 

Secretary of Commerce Trump

The arrival of the pandemic is obviously not President Trump’s fault. A virus spread worldwide from another country in another continent. Our government was not prepared for any pandemic, despite prescient warnings. The lauded Obama pandemic plan was embarrassingly  meager, a theoretical discussion lacking any specific, or practical actions, and deficient in dealing with the inherently,variable factors of   biological crises.  The aforementioned distractions  from the E.O.T. (Enemies of Trump)  cost him the chance to  mitigate the pandemic early.  They keep calling the situation “ unprecedented, “ because it was. The farcical media’s lame attempts to  blame Trump, as usual, are worse than malfeasance.  

Trump has significant blame. The buck stops with him.  He misjudged public fear of a deadly disease, and his administration tried to project understanding of a virus, when scientists  didn’t have enough cases to understand it , much less to attack it. He missed large scale early stage testing, even after the crisis was apparent to him.  His Task force lied to the public on the masks issue, and proved not trustworthy.  They often reversed their advice, almost daily, as research and whims dictated.   The government Pandemic Task Force, and consequently its boss, earned our distrust. Trump adroitly adjusted his approach, but the snowball had become an avalanche by then. 

President Fauci 

Trump’s worst mistake of the crisis was elevating  Dr. Fauci above the president himself. The media  was enamored with him,  from his role in battling HIV.   They considered Dr. Birx, the director of the task force and therefore Faucci’s  supervisor, as lower in authority, despite her similar credentials.  Liberal feminists might blame that on what they call   “the patriarchy.”  A better explanation is Dr. Faucci’s liberal personal politics appeals to them more than her public neutrality. 

The media gave him the most attention, and his every utterance was deemed a  revelation.  Omnipresent  accolades  established him as legend and national hero.  His errors were  never discussed. Even Trump dared not  doubt him, and had to  demur to Dr. Fauci. Soon, the President accepted the ascendance of the king and gave him the presidency. President Fauci. The Fauci administration, closely allied with the party he has supported and voted, proceeded freely, to dismantle the Trump economy, just as Trump had promised to dismantle Obama policies. 

The Dog and Pony Show

People wanted the latest  on the pandemic taking their daily lives from them. Presidents speak to the public during times of crisis, and president Faucci was there for them.  He put-on quite a show.  And  it was quite a “put-on.”  Every day, Secretary of Commerce Trump introduces The  Coronavirus Task Force.  The panel then proceeds with a bland presentation of statistics and graphs. Unreliable data, and contextless or misleading interpretations thereof,  are offered up as dogma. They drone on, until the media blame-Trump portion of the festivities.   No camera- time  is ever squandered on legitimate inquiry, in press briefings, and  the  maniacs reveled  lots of free self-promotion opportunities. 

Trump was proud of the task force ratings

Trump cites the NY Times as referring to his ratings as “Bachelor finale, Monday Night Football type numbers,” and says the “Lamestream Media” is going nuts about the fact he’s reaching so many people. He ends his tweet with a promise to return … “See you at 5:00 PM!”



Corona Tonight was very much overrated. In fact it was more of a High school event than an expert exposition. It was a student(the government epidemiologists and bureaucrats )  giving a report to the class on an assignment that the student blew off. He or she tries to talk around the topic, hitting  only superficial aspects, with  elaborate charts full of irrelevant minutiae. The other students (the media) blew off the assignment as well. The classmates,  united in their purpose of lowering the grading curve, criticize the speaker from their own  of ignorance.  The teacher of the class (American citizens) observe the  desperate and pathetic demonstration. There is only one fair and. appropriate.  grade.  “F” as in Failure, or Faucci, or what you want them to go attempt on themselves.  

Featured Image: Coronavirus Task Force Leaders / The White House

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  1. On point! Congress, the Senate, Pelosi and Schiff wasted our time and money. Definitely distracted the WH and slowed down the response time. Meanwhile the so called experts were confused from the start and giving out conflicting misinformation daily.

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