Why does the media keep using the terms “Coronavirus” and “CoViD”interchangeably, as if they’re the same?  They are  not the same, and the difference is the crux of the pandemic.   It’s distressing that people spew vitriol and panic when  they don’t understand the basics  behind our “’new normal.” Dr. Fauci is not available so I’ll explain this key aspect of pandemic policy. 

Common Coronaviruses, and the “Novel Coronavirus”

The “Novel Coronavirus”  is called “Novel,” because it hadn’t been identified before. It is an infectious disease in the category called “Coronaviruses.”   These coronaviruses vary in their ferocity. For example, the common cold  is also a “ Coronavirus.”  Most  people have had the common cold and survived with no complications.  They have survived manny of them with no issues. 

The Novel Coronavirus is actually clinically identified as SARS-CoV-2, although the World Health Organization named it “the disease responsible for CoViD” to avoid frightening people after the devastation of the original SARS outbreak. Importantly, this virus manifests differently, in different people.  A person can have it, with no symptoms, and we call those cases “Asymptomatic”, or without symptoms.  They are not aware that “‘the invisible enemy“ has invaded their inner space.  These patients might remain symptom-free throughout their overcoming the virus, while their immune system fights it off.  Other patients might have symptoms resembling the common cold or influenza–“the  flu.”  These people’s immune system fights off the virus. It’s horrible. However, it’s also not fatal, in the vast majority of cases.

Some cases of the Novel Coronavirus, approximately  fifteen  percent of all Novel Coronavirus cases, are severe. Those are identified as Coronavirus Disease (CoViD).  Doctors believe inflammation causes lung damage, resulting in a sort of drowning effect.  When the condition progresses much, the patient cannot breathe, similar to a drowning victim.  Many require hospital care.  A percentage of these victims die a horrible death.  No one is disputing that.

In summary, a positive coronavirus diagnosis is not a CoViD diagnosis. The problem is in cases when it develops into CoViD. Doctors predict risk factors of increased chance of it becoming CoViD, although there are many variables. People get sick and die from many illnesses, including the flu, every day. Whenever you’re sick, you and your doctor have to keep track of your recovery. That’s no different in a pandemic. You needn’t panic over coronavirus, you just need to take care to prevent any infections, and in getting over any of them.

The Uncommon, Ubiquitous, CoronaVirus Disease (CoViD)

All of this is common sense, but it needs to be stated, because people are trying to frighten you unnecessarily. This explanation is not intended to insult. Instead it is an appeal to your better judgement, to live your life independently and less fearfully. A very important issue with this media misinformation, is how so many people, supposedly studying and reporting on something so vital, every day, could–all of them– be so far off from the facts. This is no accident. The same media that has weaponized their formerly, trusted position as your informers, are trying desperately to maintain the appearance that they’re essential, while promoting policies a-betting their political allies, toward their long term goals. That is, quite frankly, evil of them.

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  1. Sam, I really enjoyed you accurate take on this President Fauci’s fiasco. Very cleaver and on point commentary. We may never recover from the Fauci/Brix Show, but hopefully we do from the Virus.

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  2. Excellent. A thorough and easy to understand explanation. Something the media and frauds like Fauci have repeatedly proven unable to do.

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