There are many fields of endeavor where it mattes if people are qualified. Sometimes the difference in people’s qualifications and skill, is a matter of life and death. Educational systems worldwide were once based on the simple premise that students had to prove their level of mastery in order to advance. Later in their lives, professionals had to prove they actually had the skills to perform the job. Then, Woke orthodoxy and Critical Race theorists overran society. The universities, the sciences, the military, the economy, the performing arts, and most every other aspect of the world’s arenas now reject competence and merit. There’s many examples of this derailment of functional tradition. Most of this self-destruction originated in the universities and spread throughout the culture. Requirements were shunned, and degradation ensued. Those people seem to have gone over the edge of reality. There is an analogy in that, to the fictional series Land of the Lost, where a family on a rafting trip goes over the edge into a prehistoric world. Critical Race Theory demands put world advancement back centuries. People dealing with the effects of social justice quotas suffer in a bizarre, unreal world. Lets take a tour of the new Land of the Lost

New Rules

  • Colleges

College professors and administrators deemed that traits of successful people were “racist”, because not enough minority folks were successful. Effort and self-discipline are not considered in the woke analysis. Students now are judged according to “Diversity Scores“, an attempt to quantify racial differences and blame those when minority students do not perform as well as their Caucasian peers.

 Chart from The Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture / ViaThe American Conservative

Diversity quotas invalidate professional achievements.  College degrees  no longer indicate qualifications and self-discipline, much less competence, ability, and talent. The respect many minority professionals  earned through merit becomes doubted.  If anything , college degrees in the “ Diversity Score” era  are reserved,—not deserved.  In many areas, they represent planned ignorance, where even Ivy League  graduates advanced with low quality education along with their indoctrination. 

  • Military 

The military is the most integrated part of society. Those entrusted with protecting us  from existential threats from determined enemies, have had social experiments foisted upon them, and  survived. These warriors could depend upon the one next to them to be prepared, ready, and able, to sufficiently help them in life-and-death  battles.   That’s why their tests were so rigorous.  When it was decided that women must be added to  combat teams, there was an issue. Many simply  weren’t  able to perform  physically as well as the men, so the famously strict military…lowered the test requirements such that women could pass the tests. An established biological fact is that men tend to be stronger and women tend to have more endurance. Biology is unacceptable to Social Justice Warriors, and our new military leaders. After all, the U.S. military now pays the surgical fees of Gender Dysphorics, regardless of the obvious instability of such members. While there surely are many women quite capable of fulfilling the requirements, forcing incapable folks into combat roles, to appease societal molding initiatives, puts warfighters in unnecessary risk.

  • Economics

Racial quotas are often demanded in business these days, regardless of people’s merit. Hiring  quotas  never improve  product quality.   Diverse staffs naturally result from the  competition of capitalism.  Every customer matters. Arbitrary quotas could only come from  academia, where  people go to teach what they cannot succeed in, themselves. They  offer and impose impractical  constraints  that hinder the success of any business.  They ought to keep their demands in their  “safe spaces”, and let  reality create  economic  opportunity for everyone. 

  • Science

Science is free.  Imposing critical race theory kills the inquiry and objectivity  that makes science the study of the real world around us.  It is under siege daily. Even the numerical system  and Geometry were bizarrely attacked as some “ racist”, “patriarchal “ construct.  This controversy was  appropriately shunned.  Nowadays, we have to argue  the most obvious of facts.  Math is not racist. Theories ought to be judged on their own merits, not on who offered them. Much of Science has devolved into   meaningless social debate.  Scientists are taking their field toward oblivion.   Academicians cannot be trusted  with the stewardship of their own endeavors, much less  the society. 

  • The Performing Arts 

Racial quotas are now required in most entertainment productions. The Movie academy awards are the most glaring victim. New quotas there determine the movies of the next decades. Race over art is the new policy.

Art  has a similarity to science in that what it produces exists on its own merits.   Art differs from science because  the merits of its results,  are interpretive.  Still though, art needs standards.  The art-world consists largely of those existing outside the center of society.   Their alternative view gives them the ability to  present a different version of the world , often entertaining and evocative.   If the content , and visceral qualities,  of films —and other art forms—are made irrelevant to satisfy underachievers,  then no one will care about them .  

Consider the Sources

Perhaps the first place to find the  source of the diversity standards crusade,  is  among the people promoting it. 

  • Colleges 

The same people trying to change the basis and basics of  all human teachings since the  beginning of humankind , are the same people denying  the indisputable and essential facts of human history and the physical world , in a futile ploy to  replace them with a false, revisionist version,  more agreeable to their imaginations. 

The same people  enforcing diversity score college admission , are the same people overgeneralizing  and despising the heritage  that made their  universities  desirable to the minorities they try to aid. 

Colleges spawn lower level educators, and they are a worse problem. Those people responsible to help parents prepare kids in society, ought to care. generations of them did care.. Modern unions have disgraced the profession. Schoolteachers unions now demand social justice initiatives in their communities before they’ll return to classrooms.  They refuse to do their job of teaching the children of their cities, proving they don’t care about the kids. They ought to be fired en masse.  Instead local governments ponder the utopian wishes, while the children  are  not considered. 

  • Military

The same people imposing decreased military readiness, are the same people denouncing  an “organization of war”, preventing  some fictional globalist utopia. 

  • Economics

The same people demanding quotas on businesses, are the same people  decrying disparities between  the wealthy and the poor, while  opposing  middle class  citizens.   They disparage the values and behaviors  that encourage success, as somehow racist, although those same values and behaviors  vaulted  many minority individuals  to success and wealth. 

  • The Performing Arts

The same people trying to impose racial strictures, upon movies and other performing and  non -performing arts,  that hinder the  freedom at the heart of creating them, are the same people  deeming their classics invalid  and  their  industry fatally racist.   As an example, Comedian Chris  Rock became  newly vested in his country upon the election of the first African-American  president, Barack Obama.   He abandoned his allegiance while hosting the movie awards, when he attacked reasonable  comments from actress Charlotte Rampling. She expressed the  necessity of merit in movie awards.  She refused to join the gang taking down cinema.  Her expression was met with ridicule from the  host, himself responsible for the failure of every one of his movies.   That is the night Chris Rock cancelled himself to many people.

Reasonable People and  Common Sense 

Lessening standards,  to accommodate diversity virtue signalers, is a destructive folly.  It makes people unprepared for the most  important and dangerous roles in society. Errors  in those  professions have  catastrophic consequences.  Prerequisites in fields  are required to prevent serious injury or death.; promote product quality and worldwide industry leadership;  and the military superiority necessary to ensure national security. 

The same people  complaining that  the free world is not free, because  opportunities  are not  outcomes,  insist on  replacing  what they claim is irredeemably  racist and therefore invalid.   When they’re not promoting remaking the country, they’re promoting  ending it. Their endgame is predetermined in their plan.  Destruction is their goal. Reasonable people  must prevent the assassins from murdering common sense.  We will miss it when it’s gone. 

Photograph: Land of the Lost (1974) / Land of the Lost–Marshall,Will and Holly .

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