Trump Supporters and members of the America First movement, are accustomed to leftist bias and contempt from most media.  Fox News was created to give conservatives fair reporting  of events, and encouraging comments. In fact, Trump’s political rise in the Republican Party was launched when Bill O’Reilly, then the premier pundit on the political right, endorsed him after originally opposing him as an unproven, former De celebrity. Sean Hannity has a close relationship with Mr. Trump, so much so, that Hannity is often Trump T.V.  Many Fox hosts supported Mr. Trump. It is no wonder that many Trump-loyalists in the audience were dismayed, and angry, to watch their beloved stalwart  devolve into yet another DNC Media clone. 

Who were you then, who are you now?

Chrissy Hynde, The Pretenders, Talk of the Town, Pretenders 2, Sire Records, 1981

The affair threatening the long marriage of Fox News and its Followers, was revealed to most, in a few events surrounding the contested presidential election of 2020.

90 Minutes in September

“First of all, I guess I’m debating you, not him.” “But, that’s okay. I’m not surprised.”

Donald Trump to Chris Wallace, Presidential Debate, September 29, 2020

Chris Wallace is  liberal, although he chafes when called on it.   His liberalism was evident as moderator of the first Biden-Trump debate.  He dared top that with an expression of  adoration, praising Biden’s listless and disingenuous inauguration speech.  

Rush to Judgement

The Fox News Decision Desk deemed a Biden victory in a key battleground on election night, leading the way to a media avalanche toward endorsing Biden-Harris—just as the Transition Integrity Project had ordered. The conservative news network was a necessary collaborator, according to that democrat party playbook, and they fulfilled their assignment.

Arrogance and Ignorance, In One Package

Sandra Smith, Fox News:“What?What is happening?Trace, We’ve called it! We’ve called it”, Sandra Smith to Trace Gallagher, Fox News / AZ Infidel / YouTube

Sandra Smith , a  former CNN anchor hosts  daytime news on FNC.   While her co-host , Trace Gallagher, interviewed Cleta Mitchell, the guest proclaimed the fact that, until the electoral college votes, there is no  official “president-elect”. The winner on election night is only “projected” and” presumed”.  This upset Ms. Smith and her consternation was manifestly, evident  as she exclaimed, “But we called it!”  

Photograph: U.S. constitution 12th Ammendment, Election of the President snd Vice-president// U.S. National Archives / Wikipedia

“What is happening? Ms. Smith? Imagine that, nowhere is media projections mentioned in the constitution as determining election results.


 Laura Ingraham, host of The Ingraham Angle  and familiar CPAC rabble-rouser. She was privileged to be in the White House, reporting on election night 2020.  She was among the first to offer obituary, and implored him to concede.  

Judge Judy, er, Judge Jeanine Pirro, host of Justice with Judge Jeanine and feisty Saturday night virtual date of legions of loyal, desperate-and-dateless stuffed-shirts, enamored with her rancorous, invective-filled diatribes. Once disciplined after speaking to a Trump campaign rally with Mr. Hannity, Ms. Pirro had no sympathy to share with Trump supporters in the capitol.

Such betrayals were just too much to accept, and the horrified Fox “Newshounds” determined it must have been a sudden turnaround.  They were not paying attention to the obvious signs that evinced Never-Trump bias all along.

Let’s identify some earlier  signs of animosity toward President 45.

Establishment Executives

  • Founder Rupert Murdoch owns News Corp., the parent co. of Fox News, with his family. James Murdoch left  a leadership role, after promoting and donating to Joe Biden, and announcing he and his wife abhor Trump.  
  • Paul Ryan was placed on the board of directors after he left government. His dislike of Trump, and purposeful inaction in congress, were obvious and appalling to both Trump supporters and people expecting success from a republican trifecta of all three branches of government.

Not Neutral 

  • Harris Faulkner proclaimed during live coverage of the Summer of Riots, that “Systemic racism is real!” ,as the president struggled to contain the mayhem from misrepresented events.
  • Shepherd Smith displayed his open hostility, toward Trump, such that feuds developed with his colleagues.  
  • Neil Cavuto often didn’t hide his disdain.  He recently unilaterally decided to end coverage of a White House Press briefing , because he didn’t approve.

Contortionists Trying to Contain Their Disgust

National Review Never Trump Issue National Review, February 15, 2016 / National Review
  • National Review is often credited with coining the term “Never-Trump”.  Many of their Trump hating staff are Fox contributors.  You’ll find a few in the list from the magazine’s  infamous  “Against Trump” issue.
  • Carl Rove, Known as “the Architect” of Bush Jr. ’s victory.   The Bush family, and the neocons from their orbit, have reason to hate Trump, after he called out their failures and insulted– and defeated–Jeb, their last iteration of the “Bush Dynasty” of Disaster.

No Longer Welcome 

  • Pro-Trump contributors were unceremoniously dropped. Sebastian Gorka was a common guest on Fox News.  That is, until he was  deemed too supportive of his former White House boss.  If you are wondering where some of the familiar faces had gone during the last few years, then you’ll find most had  similar fates.

“Isn’t That Special?” Report

  • Bret Baer, host and editor of Special Report,  embarrassed himself with his take on the national anthem  controversy that involved Trump, promoting the nonsensical proposition of an L.A. Times columnist Old Bret  seriously considered replacing the national anthem as worthwhile debate. Anyone willing consider such folly seriously, and to Kowtow to extreme liberal orthodoxy is no friend of the opponents of anthem protests. That obviously includes most of the Fox audience, along with Trump, the combative culture warrior.
  • Matthew Continetti is a regular contributor to the Special Report “all-star panel.” You might not be aware of his organization or his extremist beliefs.  Mr. Continetti is the co-founder of the Washington Free Beacon. “Dossier”.   That’s right, the original sponsor leading to the Steele Dossier, is a Fox News contributor, called an “all-star” in the Fox News world.  Mr. Continetti has never apologized or expressed the slightest regret of his  chicanery.    He has doubled-down.  He expressed his anger in National Review with such impeachment TDS ravings as “Trump Must Pay” and “Try Him Now“.   The executives of Fox News surely vetted this man. In fact, their own reporters identified his involvement in the scheme. He remains on Fox News with tacit, if not explicit approval, of his unscrupulous, conniving behaviors.
  • Kat Timpf, a National Review columnist, is often amusing when in character on Saturday evenings. She’s conflicted when she gets serious. She claimed that the illegal setup of Michael Flynn in the FBI Russia investigation, didn’t excuse him, and he deserved prosecution. That’s inexcusable of her.

Rewarding Criminals

  • Crowd Strike advertises on Fox News. The same Crowd Strike that refused to allow the F.B.I. access to the Democratic National Committee computer servers during the investigation of the hacked emails, allegedly perpetrated from the Russian government.  Crowd Strike was a primary participant in the false narrative spawning the Mueller special-counsel report, harassment of numerous innocent people, and the undermining of the Trump Administration, as well as the disastrous  impeachment fiasco that resulted in a late pandemic response.  Fox News doesn’t beg for advertisers.   Allowing this  sponsor is criminal.   It demonstrates never-Trump bias in the business of the network.

You’ve changed your place in this world

You’ve changed your place in this world

Chrissy Hynde, The Pretenders, Talk of the Town, Pretenders 2, Sire Records, 1981

Desperate to Save their Marriage

People have relied upon Fox News as their champion.  Many hosts and contributors continue to stay true to the ideals of their audience. Many Trump loyalists remain on Fox News and former administration officials Larry Kudlow and Kayleigh McEnanany were hired. There will be a variety of ideologies there. However, Never-Trumpism is the noticeable part of  a  shift in Fox News.  The republican establishment behind Fox News was never really  comfortable with Trump and what he represented. They took the first exit. Fox abandoned their audience, also, in pursuit of an elusive goal.  They want to be considered legitimate among news organizations.  Unfortunately, those organizations have been trying to eliminate the conservative station, and are never going to stop.   An example of the futility occurred when Fox joined in condemning the ban on Jim Acosta from White House news conferences, but that didn’t prevent many from calling to prevent Fox from appearing in Wikipedia,, or from being blamed whenever liberal values were thwarted.   Competitors are growing in viewership, and it’s a “new normal” in cable news.

Photographic Montage: Sandra Smith, Fox News / Junkee

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