We have been told that everything is politics. A founding purpose of the Black Live Matter (BLM) organization was to force discussions of racial issues in an effort to promote changes in society. Two recent celebrity events demonstrate what that amounts to in practicum. Both involved celebrity couples and talk -show hosts arguing over them.

Blowing Up the Palace

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were a paparazzi sensation from the start, as are all members of the royal family.  When they chose to leave, their  decision was immediately termed  Megxit, an analogy to Brexit.  Sometimes it appears  the population was more concerned with Megxit than Brexit, as  useless celebrity culture distracts people.  Their final official visits  in America, for example where fawning media events.  Quite frankly it was sickening, with the media gushing in obsequious approvals and pandering.  The young royals made waves with their allegations of racism in the royal family and the British tabloid media, during their interview with Megastar Oprah Winfrey.  The most privileged pair spoke of being “trapped” in the luxury of royalty. They then proceeded to discuss differences in how her statements and actions were reported less favorably than other family members.  The two biggest claims  were of racism from their family and the organization of the modern English monarchy. Princess Meghan told an aghast Ms. Winfrey, and the world, that an unspecified family member asked Prince Harry about the skin color of the baby, expected this summer.  Prince Harry’s answer was not mentioned, and perhaps irrelevant to the discussion of this egregious  affront.  The newest royal member would not have lineage to the Kingship or Queenship, and therefore didn’t qualify to have security, they were told. They also expressed their dismay and worry over themselves having their security rescinded.

Princess Meghan’s claims were credible as presented.  The actress seemed sincere.  She expressed suicidal impulses.  We easily condemn those afforded a seemingly extravagant life when they complain, but we shouldn’t.  Only the person themself feels what they feel, and what bothers one might not bother another.  A lot of folks criticize others, believing themselves more resilient than they are.  Expressing struggle is not weakness, and stoicism is for losers.  Now, that is not to excuse whining or laziness.  We all have to get through whatever it is that life throws toward us. 

They respected the people they discussed, keeping details private. She explained that racial minorities need to have people similar looking to them, in prominent places, to feel part of everything. She touched on  all of the touchy-feely talking list boxes. Was she truthful or just playing the race card to improve her public relations? After the interview,  the debate ensued. Prejudiced and racist actions  occur, even to the rich and famous, and are—it should go without saying— amoral whenever they are aimed toward  anyone. the claimed differences in media coverage  were apparent. However, that’s a tumultuous venue, and none of them are unscathed.  The royal couple  were careful to exclude the beloved Queen from their accusations, either in fairness or to prevent a backlash against themselves.  The inquiry regarding the baby’s appearance, as discussed on a Good Morning Britain segment the next day, was either innocent or disdainful, and only Prince Harry and the unmentioned family member are the only people privy to that detail.  The royal lineage issue was apparently a misunderstanding or something else, according to the same Good Morning Britain discussion.  Ultimately it is a they said vs. no-one else said, and the public judges in the court of public opinion.  

We Americans do not appreciate the value of the vestige of the English monarchy.  Perhaps it remains  to evoke the nation’s once longtime dominance of world affairs, when the British empire ruled. Perhaps it’s the inexplicable  allure of high society to the masses, or the grandeur of  pomp and circumstance.  Regardless, we wonder if that justifies the extraordinary expenses that the commoners pay to keep the family in their level of luxury.   Gossip though, is common everywhere.  Piers Morgan, a former tabloid editor, CNN interview show host, and co-host of ITV Good Morning Britain, recently triggered the Woke Mob,  in defending the institution of the monarchy while maintaining his longstanding criticism of the young princess some call “Princess Pushy”.  He claimed the accusations from someone he calls a consistent liar,  harmed the status of the monarchy, that the lineage issue was  misrepresented, and that perhaps  some of the issues were of  perception or paranoia. An argument with Alex Beresford, the show’s  weatherman, or presenter of the outdoor conditions to those unwilling to open a window—to the gender-neutrality censors— erupted into a walkout from the host. 

Mr.  Beresford somewhat reasonably mentioned that as a biracial person, he couldn’t just ignore any accusations of racism, then veered into accusing his friend of harboring jealousy after Ms. Markle dropped him from her talking list. Bizarrely, OfCom the country’s media oversight board—quite a fascist construct in a government with socialist components (Nationalized BBC and  a socialized Health care system), received 57,000 complaints in a week, against Piers Morgan and none announced against Alex Beresford .  There was nothing racist in any of the statements during the melee, and even Mr. Beresford admitted as much.  Still, a woke tribunal in the ITV offices, resulted in Piers Morgan refusing to accept the tyranny and exiting peacefully.  Piers Morgan is no stranger to controversy, and his career surviveds controversies, including accusations of distinctly unscrupulous behavior in tabloid reporting scandals. He is a talented interviewer and pleasant celebrity.  He has much experience, and perhaps an American show is in his future.  The controversy spread across the pond, as Sharon Osbourne is facing an inquisition from a similar woke tribunal, after defending his comments as not racially motivated.  

Begging Forgiveness Before the Guillotine: Three Desperate Apologies

Over in the USA, another tempest in a teapot spilled over.  The Bachelor is a long time American franchise, featuring a wealthy suitor and women vying to win a romantic relationship.  The series, its female-lead version the Bachelorette, and various adjunct competitions, have enthralled viewers over a decade and twenty-five seasons. Everyone loves a good love story.  Although many scenes from this “reality” series appear staged, and several contestants have committed suicide, the series remains a ratings leader and gossip juggernaut. The producer, Michael Fleiss, tries to make it as wrenching as he can on the wannabes, to heighten the drama and public interest. He is entirely unapologetic concerning the destruction it wreaks on some young players, as many are attention-seekers and live out luxury vacations. 

Chris Harrison and Rachel Lindsay Talk Bachelor Contestant Rachael Kirkconnell
Extra / YouTube
Chris Harrison Apology 1 / Chris Harrison (@chrisbharrison ) / Twitter
Chris Harrison apology 3 /Chris Harrison @chrisbharrison / Instagram
Chris Harrison Apology 3 Chris Harrison Speaks Out in 1st Interview Since Stepping Away from ‘The Bachelor‘ / GMA
Good Morning America / YouTube

The 2021 season featured the first African-American  Bachelor.  A front-runner to be chosen his girlfriend, had previously attended an old-south themed party years prior, and this discovery outraged the social media brawlers.  The producers dispatched congenial host Chris Harrison, the face of the franchise you might call him, to dampen the anger.  He pleaded to former, and first African-American Bachelorette, Rachel Lyndsay, and to the audience, to give the young lady some time to address the issue herself. (She eventually did.) Then he proceeded to criticize the Wokeworld weapon of choice—Cancel Culture.  Unfortunately, common sense is not allowed  in public discussions, and he faced woke tribunals.   Mr. Harrison prostrated himself in apology, three times, to no avail.  He was taken off of the concluding episode of the season (The other episodes had  already been completed).  He is fired from the Bachelorette, and soon surely will be fired from the Bachelor.   He was metaphorically treated as a corpse that uncivilized cretans dragged through the streets in war conquest.

Whadda Want From Me?

William H. Squier (Billy Squier),“Whadda Want From Me?”, Just Say No, Capitol Records, 1981

Chris Harrison  expressed the astute observation of the cancel culture trap.   He elaborated  on the principle that  in the Cancel Culture paradigm people are expected to have comported to standards that didn’t exist when they did or said what later offended some people. It is striking to a disinterested bystander, the disdain from Ms. Lyndsay and the usually affable Michael Strahan. Piers Morgan expressed an honest criticism of Princess Meghan while promoting the public health concerns of the princess, and opposing racism. Both hosts’ honesty was rejected. Intersectionality leaders claim they want an open and honest “conversation”, but they inevitably “cancel” those willing to play along.  Never apologize to the Woke Mob.  You will accomplish nothing and only lose your dignity.

Illustration: Royal wedding AlexLM / Shutterstock

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