This week, Christians celebrate  Easter to honor their savior Jesus Christ and his resurrection, while Jews celebrate Passover to honor their ancestors and their exodus to escape from slavery. The anti-religious  have been honoring their savior over the last year, the enslaver of Americans. His name is Dr. Anthony Fauci.  Frankly, Fauci is the opposite of a savior in the CoViD pandemic.  He, in many ways created it., along with his malevolent cohort Dr. Birx. It is the height of falsity, that these  two  public health quacks are revered as pandemic saviors. Dr. Fauci snd Dr. Birx are actually the worst villains of the epidemic. 

Last week, Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx gave interviews during a CNN feature.  They both complained about their old boss, then-president Donald Trump, and credited themselves with the national and world pandemic response.  Trump issued a rebuttal to their statements. 

Dr. Fauci is the face of the “pandemic response.”  He was publicly perceived as a leader among the Trump Coronavirus Task Force, because the media promoted him to that level. He was the star of the Trump team press briefings–theCoViD show.   The nation, and the world, hung on Dr. Fauci’s every utterance. He was glorified to a godlike status. He was extolled as believable, trustworthy, straight -talking, and reassuring.    Unfortunately the credulous media failed the public with their reverence.

Mad Scientists

The legendary Dr. Fauci, as director of the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAD) division of the National Institute of Health (NIH), sponsored “ Gain of Function” research, in which a virus is engineered to enhance its  infectiousness and lethality. Theoretically,  scientists make an antidote to kill the previously nonexistent variant of the disease.  That practice of creating super-pathogens is, in itself unethical and illogical.  That’s why the Obama administration  halted “Gain of Function” research.   That did not deter Dr. Fauci. He went rogue and sponsored that research anyway. He funded a now famous lab.  Can you guess it’s name and where it is?  The Wuhan Institute of Virology, in Wuhan, China.  

Dr. Fauci and the World Health Organization  (W.H.O..) have been quite busy with their own self-preservation (C.Y.A.). Despite the obfuscations of the perpetrators and their media accomplices, the evidence from ethical scientists, is thoroughly convincing.   

  • The virus was first found in the area near the lab. Claims that the virus was from a “ wet market” have been refuted.
  • The structure of the virus’ genome is  very similar to those produced in the Fauci funded research in that Wuhan, China lab. It is also consistent with the structure and traits of biological weapons (Viruses created to kill soldiers snd civilians in Biological Warfare and Bio-terrorism).  
  • Contrary to media claims , the Dr. Fauci was anything but apolitical. He was, and is, an avid Democrat,  speaking to Democratic Party fundraiser events, in violation of ethical standards. Government employees, among whom he is the highest paid, and in his office, are supposed to shun public partisanship.  

Scarfing Down Stats and Shoving Lies Down People’s Throats

Let’s talk of his veiled cohort, Dr. Birx.   She was officially the leader of the task force,  yet  the Woke, fake-feminist, media had no problem ignoring her and emphasizing Dr. Fauci.   Whenever she refused to chastise Trump, the  irrelevant press team ridiculed her fashion and threw aspersions on her credentials.  They told you to disbelieve the task force director and to  believe a subordinate member, even when the two of them did agree.  The media was desperate to create  a schism where there was none, to make it Trump v.s. the saviors they had created, and therefore an “our friends’ enemy is our enemy” situation.  This was similar to the glorification of Never-Trumpers that Republicans rightfully ignored.   Dr. Birx’s golden parachute as a fellow of the George W. Bush Institute, proves that she was also a sympathizer to Trump’s enemies all along, within Trump’s task force.  Although her  false loyalty had yet to be manifested, she was useful to the media and Democrats, in their narrative of fear necessary to enforce national agoraphobia. 

Official Announcement: Dr. Birx and the feds classifying ALL Coronavirus deaths as CoViD deaths, regardless of the cause/.NYPost; Via Zy Marquiez

Dr. Birx’s day of pandemic infamy occurred on April 7, 2020.  It was on that day she announced what I call The Birx Over-count.  Henceforth, she declared, every death was to be deemed a final symptom of CoViD, even when —and this is the key aspect— the decedent had no symptoms and was never Covid tested.  The official death statistics now conclude that  Dr. Birx miraculously cured every disease, prevented every accident, and incredibly ended all deaths , except that pesky CoViD.   Somehow the media and the gullible just allowed that.  

@SalsaPrice / Twitter

The significance of that institutional lie was enormous. 

  • It was the impetus of  the murderous  lockdowns  in this country.  
  • Many people died from preventable illnesses as hospitals prioritized  patients that never appeared.  
  • It will be no surprise when death totals increase during the next years, as people deprived of medical help, and didn’t die immediately, soon die. Many formerly healthy people’s quality of life will remain as poor as lockdown level, or deteriorate over their newly lessened lives. 
  • Schools stayed closed so long that schoolteachers became too comfortable to teach in person, although their students were proven to get nothing from their home classrooms, except  falling behind during crucial stages, and suicidal and self destructive tendencies.   
  • Hundreds of thousands of businesses  were forced to downsize , and most of them failed to survive. 
  • The employees of those businesses had their lives disrupted or destroyed, if the stresses didn’t take them first.  
  • Masks have probably harmed everyone’s health.  Consider the criteria of effective CoViD Personal Protective Equipment (P.P.E.) is that it must prevent airflow. That was once called asphyxiation.  Nowadays it’s called responsible behavior. 

During lockdown world, it became too obvious to ignore, that those making the rules themselves: Governors, . Congresspersons, media, celebs, blatantly flouted those rules. Perhaps they were jealous of the task force. King and Queen. When Dr. Fauci was maskless,  only conservatives criticized him publicly.  Dr. Birx ordered everyone to cancel their thanksgiving holiday—among the most cherished of American family events, because of claimed CoViD risks, and anyone dissenting was deemed  too selfish to live.  When her own visit, via airplane with her own family, was revealed, she didn’t even apologize. She didn’t believe she had done anything inappropriate. Thus is the paradigm of the elite ruling the world. Unfortunately in her situation , the egregiousness  of her latest insult forced her resignation.  

Taking Credit

Trump touts his vaccines R and D, and their disbursement,  as a modern miracle. The circumstances of making effective vaccines during an ongoing and widespread pandemic had never been done,  and the obstacles from government limitations and  procedures were enormous. It was only through the force of nature that  is the Trump Effect, that the vaccines exist and are available to most people. Generally,  regulation would have delayed them over many years.  It is a major accomplishment, provable, if not from itself, than from the Biden-Harris-Harris-Biden administration shamelessly claiming it is theirs.

You Better Be Careful What You Wish For, You Just Might Get It

The vaccines that Trump and his enemies agree upon, are a disaster. 

The reason vaccines generally take so long to R and D, and distribute, is because they’re complex. Previous vaccines saved many lives and prevented much suffering.  Most  of us are glad we had them and would insist on kids having them.  It happens that some people react awfully to different vaccines, suffering awful injuries or death.  The U.S. government National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, and its large payout totals ($4.5 Billion in 33 Years) prove that these are less anomalous than people might expect.  Anti-vaxxers, far from irrational, are most often reasonable  people refusing to trust obliviously with their health, or that  of their families. The censors are not helping anyone with closed debate.  The CoViD miracle vaccines deserve scrutiny as with anything you ingest, or the government demands that you ingest. 

The “New Approach to Vaccines”

mRNA vaccines are a new type of vaccine to protect against infectious diseases. To trigger an immune response, many vaccines put a weakened or inactivated germ into our bodies. Not mRNA vaccines.

“mRNA CoViD Vaccines”, U.S. C.D.C., March 4, 2021

The nature of mRNA vaccines, the new CoViD vaccines, is different than  old inoculations.   Previous  vaccines contained a small amount of the virus, already killed. It is therefore innocuous,  hence the term inoculation. The body’s immune system identifies the dangerous intruder and creates antibodies to kill it. These antibodies remain and the recipient is ready to fight off any  infection  from exposure  to that disease.  When this is completed, the  body’s immune system goes to other concerns or takes a vacation.

The mRNA vaccines inject an amount of the virus still alive, into the body, where the virus infects specific cells in the immune system, with the incongruous purpose of making the virus in the body, expecting the immune response of creating antibodies to kill the virus.  Also, very significantly, this battle never ends. The body is in a sort of hyper-immune response, indefinitely.  The body of any organism  is not designed to keep such a pace very long. A prolonged immune response wears down the overall organism. Inflammation is one result of immune overreaction, and coincidently, inflammation has been identified as the symptom that actually causes many severe CoVid illnesses and deaths from them. When a person is always fighting an illness,  it’s called chronic illness. These chronic illnesses wear down the body over time, eventually fatally. 

 Trump, very much opposed regulations in every industry, and those were an obstacle that the bull-in-a-china-shop president  was determined to knockdown, to make the vaccines that might end lockdowns from what he  incessantly called “ the China Virus.”  (Perhaps there is an analogy with China dishes and the “China Virus.” The virus originated in, and spread from, the nation of China, and the  pandemic  shattered  the  lifestyle, and economy, of every country.) 

The Trump Effect is why there are any Covid Vaccines. Unfortunately many Adverse Reactions have occurred, enough that some countries ended distribution of s different vaccines.  Is it any surprise when the hurried vaccines have health dangers that normally would have been prevented before their distribution? The “trust the vaccines” people care as much for facts  as the “ trust the women”  crusaders.  Often media narratives die when exposed. That’s why they censor skeptics.  Find the Frontline Doctors  press conference anyone?   Why are healthcare workers rejecting  the vaccines when offered? Why does the media ignore them now? They hinder the narrative.  What else hinders the narrative?  

When the End Never Ends

The epidemiologists, including Dr. Fauci admit that the vaccines, are far from entirely effective.  That’s why they  want you to wear a mask after you have been vaccinated, because you are still vulnerable to the disease, or could be a carrier of CoViD to other people.  

Many Viruses mutate, they evolve or change, as they spread through populations, creating variants—new versions of the disease.  CoViD  had  over thirty  identified variants last year.  The epidemiologists admit that there is no evidence that the CoViD  vaccines are effective on the its’ variants. Every year there will be new variants until the virus is eliminated entirely from the world population. Since eradication of the virus is indefinite, then much as the flu, there will be new vaccines to vaccinate new variants–every year or more often. The flu shot is s guess every year, and most years they guess wrong. That’s one reason many people shun the often ineffective, flu shot.  Immunologists will add an ineffective CoViD vaccine to the ineffective Flu immunization. Some people  might react poorly to the combination, and thus, new illnesses will appear that would not have occurred.

Official statistics, even with the manipulation of Dr. Birx  still in effect, are that  herd immunity might be sooner than expected.   That is the end goal of vaccination. Will millions of people have taken ill from an unnecessary vaccine?  

None of this is to insist you decide either way on vaccines.  This is just warning you what the government and media refuse to mention.  The pandemic is as much a political issue as it is a health concern. The Bureaucrats  will just coldly  walk away, stepping over your dead body, so you have to to make your own choices.  

Finally, enough with Fauci already. He is no saint and deserves to go to the other place. He should take Birx with him. They are the villains of the pandemic  in the U.S.A.   They deserve your revulsion, not respect, and certainly not veneration. The sycophant media props up a false god and he should be knocked off that pedestal of deceit.

Illustration: Dr. Anthony Fauci / Terroir-Tribeca

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