The United States of America was founded with the best system where people could live together and thrive.  The ingenious principles the founding fathers formed the nation around have no equal among world governments.  The constitution and its amendments created a lawful society where everyone could pursue and attain “life, liberty, and happiness.” The vast natural resources within its boundaries afforded abundant food and raw materials for manufacturing. A bold, pioneering spirit brought innovation, while hard work built success in businesses.  Employees and business owners generally had enough opportunity to make a living wage—capitalism in essence. When tyranny threatened, eventually, Americans jumped into the World Wars and won.  America became the leader of the free world. Each generation endeavored to carry on the tradition of greatness and improve upon it while trying to remedy imperfections.  Generally, each generation was wealthier and healthier than their predecessors.  People had more money than their parents and lived longer.  There were many reasons to be optimistic.  We are told that the political, cultural, economic, and security climate is healthy.

Don’t tell me the country today lives up to its heritage., Optimism is a restricted commodity in the supply chain. 

Anti-capitalist Banks and Corporations

Corporations prioritize antisocial and unjust “social justice” policies over providing quality products and services.  The profit motive has been replaced with the “equity “agenda.  Big business leaders double down when customers rebuke them if they’re big enough to survive the hit to their profits or sacrifice their business to prove fealty to the agenda.  Banks seize personal assets when governments disapprove of political leanings or when bank executives are displeased with a social dissent.  Obama’s” too big to fail” grantees seem to have no appreciation of the general public that saved them from bankruptcy.  They instead rampage with impunity as shoplifters in liberal prosecutors’ jurisdictions.   It doesn’t occur to bankers that people need confidence in their never-ending access to their money, or the banking system will fail.  Congress hasn’t passed laws preventing the travesty of debanking because Democrats use this to pressure their opponents. 

Don’t tell me that whatever is good for Wall Street is good for America when activists run the corporations and banks and when only a few companies control every industry with illegal monopolistic and cabal behaviors.

Anarcho-tyranny and the Department of Injustice

The rule of law is essential to the pursuit of a good life.  There is only a pretense of law in modern America.   People are harassed and arrested with no due process.  The FBI, for example, routinely flouts legal requirements to attack opponents of Joe Biden and the Democratic Party.  People are still languishing in a horrendous prison awaiting trial on misdemeanor charges with no trial set for them, two years and counting.   The warrantless  FBI raids of homes intend to intimidate journalistic organizations such as Project Veritas, and individuals such as lawyers Rudy Giuliani, John Eastman, and others.  During the summer of “mostly peaceful” protests, rioters violated security perimeters of government buildings and vandalized public property, and prosecutors released them.  Supreme Court justices are harassed and threatened with assassination directly outside their homes.  Celebrities and government officials encourage and applaud these crimes.  State and city governments defund their police departments, and crime increases to record levels. Police departments are ordered to stand down or ignore calls for help when prosecutors promote equity policing, which means requiring selectively racist law enforcement, once taken as unacceptable in a fair and decent society.  (This is not a fair and decent society with its new leadership.) Meanwhile, frightened people are vilified when they want guns to protect themselves from the mayhem. 

Don’t tell me it’s just a few leaders and that most G-men and women are admirable.  They haven’t resigned. They are active participants complicit in immoral and illegal behavior.

Surrendering American Military Superiority

This is a country established through war—the revolutionary war— and which attained world leadership through military prowess in WW2.  The threat of American intervention was a powerful negotiating ploy through the years, despite not having won a war since the Second World War.  The Afghanistan debacle displayed what happens when wokeism infects a once-proud fighting force.    It also revealed the United States as the most unreliable of allies.  People feared when Trump demanded NATO nations contribute their fair share, that the alliance would falter.  Well, now it is a zero.  NATO’s only relevance in the post-cold war era is now to provoke a war with the country Reagan already defeated.  Liberals and neocons worried Trump’s aversion to interventionism and open-ended police action wars would end the United States’ leadership in the world, which it did not.  The Afghanistan disaster didn’t just embarrass the country. It emboldens our nation’s enemies and makes us vulnerable to attack.  China flies sorties over Taiwan, and North Korea resumes missile tests in blatant disrespect of Joe Biden. 

Don’t tell me they had no way to predict the outcome of the Afghanistan withdrawal.  There are too many experienced war strategists in the Pentagon to miss the consequences of their glitches. 

American weapons will kill Americans, thanks to the Department of Defense(DOD).  A military invasion of the United States might very well result in surrender.  After abandoning the nation’s sovereignty, we have millions of invaders stealthily integrated into American cities through secretive flights and busses. A billiards analogy is that this country is “behind the eight ball.”   Is the woke military going to stop aggressors on American geography? The novelty Magic eight ball says: Doubtful.

Globalist America

The United States has never had a dearth of immigrants.  It is a country primarily defined by its diversity.  Most of us have ancestors from another country. Despite woke complainers, this is the most ethnically diverse nation, with the most equality of opportunity in the world.  Legal immigration doesn’t suit the Dmocrat’s political machine, so illegal economic migrants are ushered into the homeland unrestricted and unvetted.  A country without borders is not a country at all.  The state of the borderless USA is the embodiment of Globalism.

Livelihoods Are Collateral Damage in an Activist Economy

The success and global leadership of the United States are as much from its capitalist economic model and culture as from the freedom its legal framework allows. One might argue that money might make the global superpower.  Capitalism works best, many economists advise, when government stays out of the way. It certainly butted in during the pandemic forcing unnecessary and detrimental closures that ended multi-generational businesses and entire industries while throwing employees out of the workforce. The government compounded the problem with payments larger than employers paid.  The government should’ve butted out after the first round of checks.  Government regulation is to be applied only when necessary to prevent the misdirection of economic forces.  The new leftist leaders of American financial policy instead wish to redirect economic forces toward social engineering objectives. 

Don’t tell me that the best economists approve the policies of the Fed. Rampant inflation threatens economic collapse, and the national debt compounds fiscal instability. Somehow our adversary China was allowed to buy and owns most of the humongous national debt, and a foreclosure is a foreign-controlled kill switch threat.

Don’t tell me economists approve of the inflation and debt balloons.  The economy is going to crash.

 Fossil fuels are illogically blamed for fueling racial inequity, so the leaders cannot wait for viable and practical renewable energy technology. You have to sacrifice your budget to appease the enviro ethos that harms the environment.   With all its oil, Texas has blackouts because its leaders require unreliable windmills to replace fossil fuels.  California has been dealing with blackouts the last few years and yet doubles down on its renewable energy policy.  Nationally the managers of the energy grid warn that blackouts will happen in many areas of the country…  Reliable energy Wass was never a concern unless a natural disaster disrupted the supply.  Enviro- fascists don’t care that people die when blackouts occur from the increased demand during extreme weather, when heat and air-conditioning are life and death necessities for the elderly and infirmed. The demand from the electric car stations they are building along thoroughfares for vehicles the vast majority of people cannot afford, even with government rebates, tops off the overwhelm of the grid.

Don’t tell me the fuel crisis is just from incompetent mismanagement when John Kerry jaunts willy-nilly on his gas-guzzling private jet along with the energy reformers of the moneybags crowd.  This is a coordinated plan to force a new energy system to power the country’s energy needs before its capable, if ever, and make everyone dependent on public transportation. 

The Abusive and Unapologetic Indoctrination Stations

Americans are educated in schools to give them the skills they need to succeed.  Kids traditionally studied subjects that would enrich their existence and help them get a good job.  Today’s schools are indoctrination factories, where kids are told their country is awful.  “Teachers” sexualize young children and try to convince them that boys are girls and girls are boys because those trusted with the precious youngsters aren’t sure themselves. They tell kids that their parents are the kids’ most significant problem in life, and school boards spend their efforts on shutting parents out of their kids’ development.  When parents assert their rights, the Department of Injustice classifies them as domestic terrorists.   The new schools don’t help kids understand and make sense of the world; they confuse them on the deepest of levels to break their common sense. 

Don’t tell me it’s just a few teachers.  Most of them haven’t resigned. They’re active participants or complicit in the amoral and evil behavior., harming kids. Teachers once cared, but this new generation of “educators” found nonexistent excuses to avoid teaching kids during and after the pandemic. These louts are offended that parents can hear the indoctrination during their “remote” non-education forced upon millions of kids.  No one is surprised that many kids suffered educationally and socially from lockdowns, and the resultant teen suicides are the fault of the teachers’ unions and the government.  

Diseased Healthcare System Harms Everyone Eventually

Everyone needs good doctors and quality healthcare.   The United States is a destination for those requiring advanced medical treatments.  Medical organizations have now compromised healthcare with the same nonsense infecting the school systems.  Medical licenses are routinely threatened over any dissent from big Pharma and ill-advised government mandates.  Public health agencies subjected the public to the largest and most invasive medical experiment in world history, and its horrendous damages will manifest over decades and generations.  Those responsible cannot be sued, and any scrutiny gets critics banned from social media or revoked medical licenses.  

Don’t tell me that medical organizations are dedicated to patient health when they make political declarations such as no one should go outside because of a contagious disease, but social justice riots are a necessary exception to lockdowns, and when they pervert basic biology to appease social agendas.

Credulous Attack Squad of the Fourth Estate

Journalists were once the people’s advocates and held the government accountable.  Their self-congratulatory references to the Watergate scandal highlight how far the profession has fallen.  The credulous posers of the modern news media gave us the Russia hoax among a litany of others and incessantly try to gaslight a gullible public.   When they’re caught lying, they claim justification.  When they’re sued for defamation in the form of libel or slander, they demand nondisclosure agreements as part of the judicial settlements.  They rarely print retractions,  even though lies remain, and most people are unaware of the dilatory admission.  They are just branch offices of the government press office, the security and bureaucratic state known as the Deep State from which there’s a revolving door to the news organizations ,and often the Democratic National Committee (DNC). 

Don’t tell me the old journalistic organizations are honest, factual journalists. Everyone knows they are not.  It is much too obvious to ignore.

The Unrepresentation of the Undemocratic Republic

Representative government is the mechanism that makes a society free.  People often misrepresent the American form of government as a Democracy, whereas it is a Democratic-Republic.   Citizens don’t make the decisions of government; citizens choose people to represent them and make those decisions as they would.  It is a proxy system that works when elected leaders promote “the will of the people.”   Conservatives are appalled as the Republicans they elected to counter liberal, mostly leftist Democrat policies vote with their former opponents.  Democrat voters occasionally suffer a similar fate when corporate political donors get their objectives over constituents.   We could discuss the clueless frontman of the Biden Administration.  Conservatives laugh when he fumbles. One might suspect that president Biden misspeaks only because Susan Rice or Obama stopped to have a drink of water during his speech. I am done laughing over his antics.  The deceit and utter power lust of any group that would install anyone with the corruption and senility of Joe Biden are beyond the pale.

Dr. Jill is not a supportive wife assisting her ailing husband in his lifeling career ambition.; she is the worst spouse in America to allow her husband to suffer the daily abuse and embarrassment of a fake president.  He has the most vacation days of any president because the team wants him out of the way as much as possible because he is always at risk of complicating their plans with his errant unpredictable statements and behaviors.  

Don’t tell me the next elections in November and 2024 will resolve the problems. One should start with the 2020 election results themselves when officials are so desperate to hide the last election’s shenanigans; If there were no reason for suspicion, they would welcome investigations to prove the legitimacy of the results. The desperate maneuvering to suppress inquiry tells you what you need to know about election integrity.  

Stacked Deck

Let us suppose that the polling is accurate and that liberal Americans and independents are fed up with the destructiveness of leftist Democrat policies. However, why trust polls after the severe failure to predict Trump’s victory?  Just for the sake of argument though, let us imagine the overwhelming electoral victory does occur. Move to the Uniparty, whose same leadership that stymied Trump’s policies and eventually forced him out remains in control; most of what is destroying the country can never get better.  Mitch McConnell and Lyndsey Graham on one side, and Kevin McCarthy on the other.  This leads to a scenario similar to the Republican trifecta of a Rpublican president and Republican control of the House of Representatives and the Senate.  How did that pan out with Paul Ryan’s congress? Top off the journey to despair with Trump, who hasn’t even helped pay the devastating legal bills of the people imprisoned over supporting him, after he and the Republicans National Committee (RNC) fundraised on the election controversy.   He won’t even promise pardons of misdemeanor offenses after some killed themselves in prison. How many of his policies did he follow through on?  Has he learned not to trust the swamp creatures when he remains loyal to and endorses “I would tell him to resign” Kevin McCarthy? Trump achieved a lot, and his unpredictability is a great wildcard, but will he be Trump enough this time; He wasn’t last time.  

Trump promised to “Make America Great Again” in his first run, and to “Keep America Great” in his second run. Now he is is on his apropo “Save America” Tour, and I wish he or someone else could pull it off.  Unfortunately, the battle is to resurrect The United States of yore because today, the American Dream is dead.

Illustration: Grunge crumpled American flag background with dirt and blood Credit: Nick Merkulov/Shutterstock

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