Karine Jean-Pierre, is the latest diversity hire in the” Biden” administration, and wears that badge proudly. The Biden team made it a feature of her introduction to the public.   Republicans were expecting a dismal performance from the activist turned spokesperson, but even they were surprised by how feeble her press conferences were.  Her first week was awkward.

She did NOT improve.

There are countless reels of Ms. Jean-Pierre appearing hopelessly unprepared.  The high schooler bluffing their way through every assignment on their way to being left back instead of advancing to the next grade level or graduating (when achievement was a metric in schools) can take heart that they aren’t the least prepared speaker in the world.   KJP fumbles through non-answers.  She admits she wasn’t told or has no access to any details.  She frantically turns through her binder to say she has nothing to share with the press.  She doesn’t play the Jen Psaki “circle back” charade because that’s been replaced with “we were not aware” or that she has “nothing to share with you.”  

More often than not, she equivocates in the style of Larry Hovis on the 1978 version of the “Liars Club” game show, where the panelists were handed an object or artwork for which they proffered explanations for what the thing was; the contestants bet on which one of the panelists was telling the truth. The poor high school flunky suffers embarrassment and misses a year due to their incompetence., but the press secretary gets paid handsomely and is feted everywhere she goes by fawning national(liberal) media. The press secretary’s job is ostensibly to address issues the press raises.  She avoids that and gets away with not doing her job . .. or is she?

Video: New Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre ‘struggles to answer a question coherently’ like Biden, May 21, 2022/Sky News Australia/YouTube

Try to put yourself in her place for a moment.  How do you excuse the inexcusable?  How do you tell people that their elected—whether they believe it or not —leaders are prioritizing criminal migrants over them?   Would you be able to say the American border is unimportant seriously, but  America must ensure Ukraine’s sovereign borders?  Defend Joe Biden’s acuity?  How might a person live with their conscience while making such statements as Ms. Jean-Pierre?  

Video: VIRAL MOMENT: Karine Jean-Pierre’s Long Pause Before Being Unable To Answer Baby Formula Question, June 14, 2022/Forbes/YouTube

While many mock Jean-Pierres’s behaviors, I’ve concluded that she is excelling.  It’s a purposeful affront.  

It Pays To Be Ignorant

It pays to be ignorant,
It’s smart to play dumb,
It’s great when you show the world,
You’re ridiculous as they come,
It’s fun when you demonstrate,
How much you don’t know,
They’ll think you’re a featherweight,
What a wonderful way to go,
If you’re ignorant, your’s a threat to no one,
If you’re a dummy, you’ll get by,
If you’re not equipped with all your marbles,
Pretty soon you’ll know why,
It pays to be ignorant,
It’s smart to play dumb,
It’s great when you show the world,
You’re ridiculous as they come.

It Pays To Be Ignorant– Stan Worth, Sheldon Allman, Marilyn Doreen HallIt, Title Theme song from the1973 Game Show

Ambiguity, Obfuscation, Plausible Deniability, and Lies

 When pundits continue to ridicule the apparent unpreparedness and talking while saying nothing, they misunderstand the role she was hired to perform because most people misunderstand the fundamental role of the White House press secretary in any administration, Democrat or Republican.  Their part is not to alert the public or to increase public access to the inner workings of the government’s actions that affect citizens’ lives. No, their job is the opposite.  The press secretary is up behind that podium to appear forthcoming while hiding what is happening behind the curtain.  Sure they’ll tout actual and fabricated successes to persuade the public to support the president and, when election time reappears, to reelect them or their heir apparent. The Spokespersons spend much of their time making excuses when administration policy failures become too obvious to ignore.

They’re Not Going to Tell You

The presidential press secretary has a stressful job.  The president sets the table, and the press secretary has to explain why there is no food. You have heard so many obfuscations, misrepresentations, and lies from press secretaries in the White House and every government agency that you have become numb to them. That’s why you overlook the nonstop nondisclosure.  The manipulation is as predictable as it is ubiquitous. Take a few glaring examples to smack yourself out of the malaise.

  • Did Ron Ziegler reveal the Watergate scandal? 
  • Did Joe Lockhart tell you a list of Bill Clinton’s extramarital affairs or why Monica Lewinsky spent so much time on her knees with the president? 
  • Saddam Hussein’s  Weapons of mass destruction, anyone? The Benghazi siege was provoked by a mean video?—NOT. 
  • The “big, beautiful wall “ that wasn’t built.? 
  • The American “success” in  Afghanistan, courtesy of the President and the Pentagon? Oh please. Stop laughing, or stop crying, or stop laughing and crying. 

The untold fact of government communications is that the public is a nuisance to the politicians’ agendas.  They keep the public on a need-to-know basis and have decided that the public doesn’t need to know what the government doesn’t want them to know.  That’s citizenship in the world of self-perpetuating governments. 

FEATURED IMAGE: WH’s Karine Jean-Pierre Flips Through Binder for 20 Seconds After Baby Formula Question.: I” Don’t Have Anything New.”, Real Clear Politics, June 13, 2022

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