Whenever Joe Biden’s caretakers let him out in public, his blunders and feebleness are commonly ridiculed. That belies the depth of the awful nature of the man throughout his political career. I talk back to his speeches every time with fact checks and intend to offer you a live-running comment if there is interest among you. In the meantime, I provide this reaction to another contemptible lie-filled moment in Biden politics.

Was the strange light from the marine guard on the president’s right side beaming the speech to him? Seriously, though, there are so many issues with that speech it’s hard to choose where to begin.  Let’s start with two actions common to every Biden event.  Why does he need his wife to help him walk? Is he too feeble? Would he wander away? Secondly, there is the lingering cough.  Is he dying?  Or is he hacking up because he is forcing preposterous lies out of his mouth?

Let’s move on to the latest Biden diatribe. It seems the president’s dementia has advanced.  He is now imagining threats and his paranoia manifests in rage.  That is a common symptom of the disease. A further reason to invoke the 25th amendment today but they have to prop him up until after the midterm elections.

Throughout this speech, it is striking how much projection and lack of self-awareness are displayed.  Sure it is familiar with the New Democrats these days, but it glared brighter than that Marine’s gloves and belt buckle.

  • He wants to differentiate MAGA Republicans from the rest, to elevate the RINO members of the Uniparty that gives the administration free reign. Claiming his RINO buddies represent the majority of reasonable republicans is as absurd as the claims against Trump supporters that he uttered later.
  • He claims MAGA wants to turn the country around—that’s true, but not to take it downhill, as Joe B. claims. They want to raise it back up to pre-Biden years’ values, opportunities, and successes.
  • “We can’t allow violence to be normalized in this country”

Democrats supported Antifa and race riots and bailed out violent defendants. The violence was endorsed among the media, medical organizations, business organizations, and most notably, every Democrat government official and politician.

  • “We can’t let the integrity of our elections be undermined, for that is a path to chaos. “

Is that why Election observers were blocked in several places, and why vote count audits were vigorously prevented? Is that why Voter Identification and proof of citizenship were vilified? Is that why private political activist organizations sewer allowed to run election infrastructure with Zuckerbucks? Just don’t even go there, Joseph.

  •  “You can’t love your country only when you win.”

Remember election night 2016, when Democrats didn’t win?  Rachel Maddow calling everyone to protest in the streets, the #Resist movement, Maxine Waters and others screaming wildly contesting state vote certifications, and later the final total verification when then vice-president Biden presiding had to shut the protesters down. Selective history there, eh Democrats?

  • “I ran for President because I believed we were in a battle for the soul of this nation.”

He is right on that, but for the wrong reasons. One might extend this religious analogy—from that “devout Catholic” supporting Abortion strictly forbidden in Catholicism.  Since the extreme liberal culture assault and the  Biden administration took the country, evil is killing the soul of America.  Since he is the front man of their cabal, you could call him the prince of darkness, although the most sinister forces refuse to reveal themselves.

  • He returned to his “America is an idea” theory since ideas don’t require borders and can be discarded expediently on any whim.

This speech touted the administration’s legislative successes, so it was a campaign event.  The tepid attempt to rile voters to save his flailing administration has alienated most of the public and worsened the expected comeuppance.  Keep talking, Joe. Non-extremists wish to pad the Republican landslide victory further in November and 2024 to send a message. We are not going to let people destroy this nation.

Featured Image: Joe Biden gives a primetime speech on ‘the continued battle for the soul of the nation’ in Philadelphia. Photograph: Jim Lo Scalzo/EPA/The Guardian


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